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The Australian Awards for Outstanding Teaching and School Leadership
2012 Awards promotional video

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Recognising and celebrating the outstanding contribution teachers and school leaders make in
schools across Australia.

David Hamlett
We’ve generated a whole culture of innovation,

and unleashing people’s potential to make a difference.

Jo Sherrin
If you create this environment where the children want to come, they see they have success, they feel
proud of themselves, you will get them coming, engaged,
Student focussed

and then the impact of that is they will learn, the results will be there.

Rob Knight
Every student having the same opportunity in life, and equity to us is not about every student having
the same it’s about purpose and putting in place the right needs for the right student.

Colleague of Lee Musumeci
She has that expectation of herself, she drives herself hard, she works hard.
High expectations

But she also has it of the kids, of the staff, the parents, the community, other agencies.

Leila Bothams
He’s involved his colleagues and himself of course,
Research and knowledge based

in research about classroom environments, quality teaching and learning.

Colleague of Stephen Harris
He walks the talk.
Collaborates and mentors

He actually teaches us in the same way he would expect us to operate with the students.

Student of Karen Ryce
She’s brilliant, really, as a teacher, she just comes to school and every class is different with her.
Exceptional teaching

Classes are always fun. We come to school and we sing and dance in a maths class, which is
definitely something different.

Graham Blackley
I have never yet met a single family who won’t look you in the eye and tell you that they want their
kids to be educated and want their kids to get a job.
Community and professional leader

The school needs to stand for the fact that we’ve got to proudly be that school that educates these
kids and makes it work.

David Henderson
We’re uniquely positioned

to help young people to find a pathway in life and to enjoy, not just their work, but to enjoy everything.
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