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									Dear Parents/Guardians:

        I have a very fun filled year planned with lots of hands-on science experiments.
However, in order to do some of the experiments, we are in need of some materials. I
would appreciate any donations but please do not think you have to buy anything on
the list, or even feel like you need to buy everything on the list. Every little bit helps!

      Lemon Juice
      Bottled Grape Juice
      Small, clear, plastic cups
      Straws
      Water color paint brushes
      Tooth picks
      Paper Towels
      Two Medium sized clay pots
      Salt
      Cotton Balls
      Spray air freshener
      Big jug of water
      Craft sticks
      Plastic pitcher
      Puffed cereal (rice crispies)
      Ping pong ball
      Balloons
      Vegetable oil
      White corn syrup
      Rice

                               Thanks so much for your help in making this year great!!!

                                                                                Deana Price

                                                                  4th grade Science Teacher

                                                                       Anahuac Elementary

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