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					                 The Superb
          Six Traits of Writing Book

        This project is worth 300 points. You will have some class time to work on it.
However, a lot of work will have to be done outside of school in order to complete it.
We will cover each of the six traits of writing (idea, organization, voice, word choice,
sentence fluency, and conventions) in class. We will do daily writing assignments to
practice our knowledge of each trait. Then, you will receive directions for creating a
page in your book for each trait. Additional pages will be on the cover, the dedication
page, the glossary, the proofreading marks, and the “about the author” page.
        Since this assignment was made far in advance of the due date, it is due for
everyone, without exception, on________________. If you are unavoidably absent on
the due date, it should be turned in the first day you are back in class. If you already
know you will be gone that day, make arrangements to turn it in before you leave.
Otherwise, no late projects will be accepted.

1.) The Cover:
       a. The Title: My Superb Six Traits of Writing Book about________________!
       b. The Author: By____________
       c. Illustration: Have at least one picture related to your topic.

2.) The Dedication Page (First, inside right page):
* One to two well-written paragraphs that answer the following questions:
       a. What is the Six Traits of Writing Book about?
       b. Why did you choose this topic?
       c. To whom would you like to dedicate your book?
       d. Why have you decided to dedicate your book to this person?

** Do NOT write the questions above. Come up with answers for them and fashion
those answers in paragraph form… like a real book-dedication is sometimes written.

         This Awesome Six Traits of Writing Book is about Irving Middle School. I have
chosen to write about Irving Middle School, because I think it is the best middle school in
Norman. I have gone to Irving since the sixth grade, and I am glad I go there. Many nice
teachers and students are at Irving. There are many activities to participate in, too.
         I am dedicating my book to my parents, because they are my role models. My
dad attended Irving, too, so it is like a family tradition. Also, my parents support me in
all I do, including school. They take me to many activities and practices, and they let me
do fun things with my friends. I hope they enjoy reading my book.
3.) Traits of Writing Pages:
        In a prominent location-
                a. Title (Whatever trait the page is about- ideas, voice, etc.)
        On the left-hand side of the page-
                b. Definition for the trait of writing featured on the pages (definitions
                    will be given in class)
                c. Practice examples of the trait of writing for that particular page (the
                    details about this will be given in class).
        On the right-hand side of the page-
                d. One well-written, correctly punctuated paragraph about the topic.
                   No run-ons or fragments, please. Remember to indent!

                                                               Teachers            Students
      Ideas: This is the content or main theme. It
      can be looked at as the heart of the message.

      Ways to develop ideas are--                     Sports              Irving          Lunch &
          Spider webbing                                                                 Recess

          Outlining
          Columns
          Lists                                                Explos

4.) About the Author Page (back of the book):
       One well-written, correctly punctuated paragraph that explains the following.
               a. Your name
               b. Your age
               c. Where you were born
               d. Where you live now
               e. Your hobbies and interests
               f. Your family
               g. A picture of you

        Carol Wahpepah wrote this Awesome Six Traits of Writing Book about Irving
Middle School. She is 47-years old. Ms. Wahpepah was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma,
and she has been a resident of Norman, Oklahoma ever since 1984. She graduated from
the University of Notre Dame in 1984, and received her Master’s from the University of
Oklahoma. Carol enjoys reading, writing, running, watching TV, and hanging out with
family and friends in her spare time. She especially loves to watch her children play
sports. Carol currently teaches seventh grade at Irving Middle School.
                                   IN CONCLUSION…

        Here are a few more words of advice. Please be creative with your book. Choose
a topic that is appropriate for school and one that you know well. If you are interested in
what you are writing about, the project will be that much easier to complete… and that
much more wonderful to read!

Some popular topics in the past:   Pets or Other Animals
                                   Singers or Bands

Once you have selected your topic, have it approved by your teacher.

        Neatness does count on your book. So, come up with a creative plan and put it
into action. Do not procrastinate. Use class time allotted for book work wisely. It is
very obvious who took time and who rushed the final project. Also, you might want to
have a trusted friend or family member check your final product for any errors.

       Feel free to use any type of illustrations from freehand drawing and original
artwork to computer clipart and magazine cutouts.

       Remember, it is worth 300 points and no late work will be accepted. You will not
be presenting the books in class, but superior books will receive the best grades and,
perhaps, some bonus prizes, too.

        Please have your parent(s)/ guardian(s) read and sign the bottom of this page. I
will check for signatures in 2-3 days.

I am aware that The Superb Six Traits of Writing Book Project is ongoing in the
seventh grade language arts classes. I have read the expectations for the project. I
understand the requirements, and I know when the project is due.

Student’s Signature__________________________________________________

Parent’s/ Guardian’s

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