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					                            Community will empower students with the knowledge that will enable them to be
                                  Competent, Productive and Responsible citizens in our society.

                                                          “WORD OF THE WEEK”
                                             Word: jurisdiction (jur ‘ is dik shən)
                                             Part of Speech: noun
                                             Meaning: authority; power; control
                                             Sentence: The principal has jurisdiction over the teachers in a school.
                                             Gi fino’ Chamorro: aturidad
Attention Everyone:
E-rate surveys were sent out to 1st Per. Students last week. They are due this Thurs., Dec. 7. The number of completed and returned surveys
determines the amount of funding for our school’s internet services. As an incentive, the first 1st period class to get 100% return on or before
Thurs., Dec. 7 will get a team t-shirt dress down and a pizza treat on Fri. Dec. 15, 2006. So help your class win by making sure your survey is
completed. Your teacher also needs to attach the Classroom Tracking forms and a signed Assurance of Confidentiality form to qualify for the
100% return. Turn in surveys to the counseling office (Ms. Morina) by Dec. 7. ( If you reach 100% return before Dec. 7, you may turn them in
sooner to possibly qualify for the prize). Thank you,                                                      ADMIN.

Attention Students:
All drink and snack sales may be SUSPENDED. We have more trash cans placed throughout the campus, but we still have a big trash problem.
Starting today, if there is no marked improvement in the amount of trash on the ground, we may have to instruct the cafeteria to sell only the tray
lunches, have the vending machines be off-limits or unplugged, and suspend all after-school sales this week. We need everyone’s cooperation in
LEADER AND PICK UP TRASH WHEN YOU SEE IT.                                                    Mrs. Taitingfong

Attention Everyone:
Congratulations to Alana Topales, 7th grader, who was the 2nd place winner of the Peace poster contest. This year’s theme was “Celebrating Peace”
and was sponsored by the Guam Mariana’s Lions Club. She won $25 for her winning entry.
                                     Mrs. Rose Depakakibo (facilitator) and Mrs. Mary Diaz ( art teacher)

Attention Book Lovers:
We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Battle of the Books is ready to begin. This year’s reading selection is the Newberry Award
winning book, Maniac McGee by Jerry Spinelli., a funny and touching story of a homeless boy. To participate, see Mrs. Fejeran in Rm. 18 or Ms.
Waltz in Rm. 26 for a registration form. All students registered by Dec. 13, 2006 will receive further information and a brand new book to read
and enjoy over the Christmas break. In Jan. 2007, students will get together for a fun-filled day of activities all centered around the book. So don’t
miss out! Enjoy reading a great book, sharpen your reading skills over the Christmas break, and participate in the great Battle of the Books in Jan.
2007. Registration is limited; so first come first served. See Mrs. Fejeran or Ms. Waltz today!
                                                                                      Ms. Waltz and Mrs. Fejeran, coordinators

Attention Everyone:
Dec. 8 is a legal Govt. of Guam Holiday. There will be no classes on Fri., Dec. 8, 2006. ADMIN.

Attention: 7th Grade Students and Teachers
7th Grade Team Building Training is December 7 (7B Team), December 14 (7C Team). Special populations are being assigned to a team. Please
refer to your 1st period class list and remind students when and where to go. Thank you.
                                                                                                  E. LANGAS, 7th GRADE COUNSELOR
Attention All faculty and staff:
The Social Committee will be holding two emergency fund raisers next week. We really need everyone’s participation and Wildcat support to
meet our obligation. A special bulletin will be placed in your box explaining in more detail about our Fri. and Sat. Dec. 15, and 16 events.
                                                                   Carol Arriola, Social Committee
Attention: Faculty and Staff
The Business Office will be closed from 1:06 to 2:39 every day to meet their deadlines. You can still place your supply requisition folder in the
bin in the outer office and pick up your supplies 24 hours later. Also, return all borrowed keys promptly at the end of the day. We are having
problems with too many teachers coming in to borrow the spare key and then not returning it promptly. Should that spare key get lost, we may
have to re-key all the locks of the school. Please comply and be responsible.
Attention : Reading Teachers
The reading teachers will be in charge of selecting our spelling-bee candidates for this year’s school-wide spelling bee. The winner will then
represent UMS at the island-wide spelling-bee in April 2007. Please submit the names to me by Dec. 7. See me if you need any ideas for
selecting your top spellers.                                                            Heather Waltz, Spelling Bee Coordinator

                            Community will empower students with the knowledge that will enable them to be
                                  Competent, Productive and Responsible citizens in our society.

Attention: Teachers
 Return student cum folders back in the correct alphabetical order. We are still finding student folders not properly placed back in the file cabinets.
Mark the place with a sheet of paper and place it back where you found it. It is extremely difficult to find folders if they are misfiled. Thank you to
those who have been following these simple directions.

Attention: Teachers
If you received a teacher written input form for an IEP, you are required to attend the meeting and submit the teacher written input prior to the
meeting. If you have any questions, pleas see me.                                                        MR. DAVE BORJA

                                              A NOTE FROM THE LIBRARY
                                                By: Mr. L.G.

                                       WHY DECEMBER 8 IS A GUAM HOLIDAY

    December 8 is our Lady of Camarin Day. This is the day set aside by the Roman Catholics of Guam to honor Guam’s patron saint, Santa
Marian Kamelen.

    It was believed that the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary came to Guam floating on a golden crab a few centuries ago. A fisherman in
Male’sso was thought to have captured the human-haired, ironwood statue with his fishing net.

     The fisherman took the statue to the village priest who placed it on the altar at the church in Hagatna. After many years, the priest sent the
statue to Rome to have it cleaned. Each time the workers tried to clean the statue, it bled. The miraculous statue was returned to Guam not cleaned.

    Santa Marian Kamalen, patron saint of Guam and the Marianas, can be seen today on a niche above the alter at the Hagatna Basilica. A
procession in her honor is held every year on Dec. 8 in Hagatna, Guam’s capital. That is why Dec. 8 is a Guam holiday.


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