Ten Top Tips for Science by 55q3aEg


									Ten Top Tips for Science
    Ask your son/daughter questions
        about their environment

•    Where are the light sources in this room?
•    What kind of creatures live in a forest habitat?
•    How are shadows formed?
•    When cooking ask if the changes are
•    reversible or not
•    Ask them to name the bones in the body
Do not be afraid of getting it wrong.
1. Science is all about trial and error until
   we get to the acceptable solution
2. Having a go – a discussion, talking about
   what could happen and what should
   happen is all part of the learning process
     Learn to work as a team
• Together we can solve any solution and if
  not have fun learning the processes of
  how to get there.
    Listen to the news – keep a
   scrapbook of scientific articles
• There is a lot of scientific work going on in
  our world today – watch relevant news
  clips to help with understanding how
  science is important outside the
          Keeping Healthy
• A healthy diet and plenty of water is as
  important to learning as much as reading,
  writing and taking part in a learning
• Encourage your child to eat healthily and
  take part in exercise
                 Enjoy it
• The learning process is not just for school
  time and should not be made a chore.
• There are many experiments you can do
  at home and these are fun as well as a
  valuable learning experience.
• Take time to visit museums, parks, the
  beach and nature trails.

• There is a lot of fun to be had here too as
  well as a wealth of learning experiences.
              The internet
• There are many good sites on the internet
  which will help with revision. Some of
  these will be on the handout others will be
  passed on to the pupils at different stages
  during the year.
• BBC Revisewise has a lot of good,
  interactive games which will help to
  consolidate learning.
       Television programs
• There are many revision programs on the
• Watch selected documentaries
             Revise Wisely
• Remember – you can only eat an elephant
  one spoonful at a time.
• A little and often is always the best way to
  learn and to help you remember

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