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									                Deanwood Science Club
Dear Parent/Guardian,

This year KS2 will have the opportunity to participate in a
science club. Children will be able to participate in a range of
science experiments and discussions. We will cover a range of
topics and conduct lots of fun experiments. For example, how
to make a volcano and how to pick up an ice cube without using
your hands.

This club is open to KS2 only. The club will take place on
Thursday’s after school from 3:15 – 4:30pm. We request that
all children be picked up by an adult from the school office at
4:30pm, especially as the afternoons are now, sadly, getting

The first club will be run on Thursday 29th September and
continue every Thursday up to half term unless notified.
I look forward to seeing lots of budding young scientists who
will regularly attend.

Miss Currier

                Deanwood Science Club – KS2

I ________________ give permission for my child
_________________________ in __________________ class
to participate in Science Club. Should the need arise I give
permission for my child to be given emergency medical
Signed________________________ Date________________
Contact Number ________________________________

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