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					                                              Rolling Ridge

                                                                           March 2009

                               Principally Speaking
          From the Desk of Mrs. Zajac

FROM THE DESK OF MRS. ZAJAC                          PSSA Dates to Remember
Dear Rolling Ridge Families,                        Please be aware of the dates below
                                                    if you are scheduling any family
I just wanted to thank everyone for the warm        vacations. Several grade levels
welcome as principal of Rolling Ridge. I am         participate in the state assessments.
lucky to have had a chance to meet many of
you. Please feel free to stop in the office if            PSSA Reading and Math
we have not yet had a chance to meet.                              th          th
                                                           March 16 - March 20
                                                            Grades 3 through 6
Mrs. Zajac                                                            PSSA Science
                                                                     April 27 - April 30
                                                                          Grade 4
     Be a Reading Rockstar

Our Family Reading Night is set for                         Upcoming Events
Thursday, March 5 . We are looking                              nd    th
forward to a Hill’s Brother’s Concert, Ice          March 2 -6               Book Fair
                                                    March 5                  Family Reading Night
Cream Social, and Book Fair. The concert                       th
                                                    March 11                 PTO Meeting
begins at 6:30pm in the gymnasium. Hope             March 13                 No School
to see you there.                                              th
                                                    March 16 -20
                                                                             PSSA (3-6)
                                                    March 27                 Spring Carnival
                                                               st                    rd
 Morning Transportation/Absence                     March 31                 End of 3 Quarter
                                                    April 7                  Spring Pictures
Just a reminder that students should be                    th
                                                    April 7                  Report Card Day
dropped off in the lower parking lot in the         April 8
                                                                             Skating Party
morning. Students will enter through the                   th
                                                    April 8 - 13
                                                                             Easter Vacation
main lobby by using the outside stairs.
Students that are tardy should be escorted
to the office with their parents. If your child
misses a ½ day or full day for an                         After School Events
appointment, don’t forget to bring the               There are many events that take
Doctor’s excuse.                                    place after school at Rolling Ridge.
                                                    Thanks, in advance, for maintaining
                                                           a clean environment.

Family Reading Night featuring the Hills Brothers is March
5th. We hope to see everyone there for a great night of books, music and food. A
great combination!! If you are able to help out for a half-hour or an hour of the event,
please let Emily Rocco know. Just send a note to Emily through your child’s teacher that
you are available to help. Also – do not forget to get your tickets to the   Ice Cream
Social being held the same evening as Family Reading Night. Always a great treat!

Thank you to Jenn Rhodes and Shelly Hamilton for all of their great work on organizing
the Book Fair. The   Book Fair runs this entire week so be sure to stop by sometime
and find the perfect book.

                                                     Spring Carnival
Spring! I know it is hard to believe it is almost here … our annual
will be held on Friday, March 27th from 6:00 till 9:00pm. Please watch
for flyers being sent home. There are so many activities and fun things to do at the
event but also lots of planning ahead of time. We appreciate all of the donations for the
Bake Walk, the bottles of soft drink and especially those helping out. Cheryl, Sarah and
Rebecca are working hard, so be sure to stop by.

A very special Thanks to all of the volunteers at all of the events. Once again, we cannot
do these events without the help and support of the Rolling Ridge families! We
understand, we all lead busy lives but that small amount of time that the parents and
6th graders help out, really makes a difference. Thank you!

I also want to thank Antonella Khalilollahi and Michelle Grabowski for their work on the
Ice Cream Social.

Melanie Ford
PTO President

Dear Parents,
On behalf of the Rolling Ridge PTO, I would like to thank all the wonderful individuals
who served as room parents this year. Your help was greatly appreciated. Thank you
again for your time and energy with those wonderful parties!

Stacy Loncher
Room Parent Representative


How the Program Works:

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will earn points for your school — points your school saves and redeems for great
educational tools. But unlike collecting receipts that can be forgotten or misplaced, the
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Rolling Ridge Elementary currently has 412 supporters for this program. So far, in the
3 periods of enrollment, we have earned 948 points.
        Period 1 - 325
        Period 2 - 335
        Period 3 - 288
If you have not registered your card, you can go to and enter our
school code 0922. You only have to do this one time.

Thank you,
Stacy Loncher
Room Parent Representative
Giant Eagle Coordinator


Hello Rolling Ridge Shoppers!
I just want to thank everyone for purchasing scrip orders this year. It has gone very well
and I will be sending them out just once a month now till the end of the school year.
Dory Mazur
SCRIP Coordinator
The January meeting of Project You covered the topic of trustworthiness. Although
many situations can fall into this category, our focus was on internet safety. The
Internet is an amazing and valuable tool to adults and children alike. Our children are
living in a technological age, experiencing things that we as parents are just beginning
to understand. Even with young children, it is important to discuss with them safe and
unsafe places to go when using the internet. Sad to say, even in our own community,
there was a recent arrest of a person trying to lure a child into a meeting place. We
need to make our children aware that people online may or may not be who they claim
to be. Monitor your family’s use of the computer. Know what sites they are visiting.
It’s not an invasion of their privacy. It’s for their safety. Establish rules about how your
computer (or cell phones, if your children have them too) are to be used. We live in a
world full of possibilities. Let’s make sure our kids experience the best of these
possibilities, not the worst.

Thank you to the parent volunteers who have been kind enough to help out at our past
meetings. Feel free to come lend a hand by signing up with your child at a
future Project You meeting.

Gretchen Hunter, Project You coordinator (gr. 1-3)
Carrie Jaskiewicz, Project You Too coordinator (gr. 4-6)


Mark your calendars because Spring Carnival is right around the corner!
This year it will be held on Friday, March 27th from 6-9 PM
There’s something for everyone – carnival games and prizes, Chinese auction, raffles,
bake walk, snack bar with pizza, nachos and hot dogs and lots of fun!

We will need donations of pop for the pop raffle and baked goods for the bake walk.
Please look for the flyers that will be sent home with your child for the dates to bring
donations in.

Thank you in advance for your support. We hope you can join us!

If you have any questions about the Carnival, please feel free to contact us.
Cheryl Henry and Sarah Percy Carnival Co-Chairs
Rebecca Peterson - Kitchen
                               HONOR ROLL
                      SECOND QUARTER 2008-2009
Grade Four               Grade Five
                                                   Grade Six
Trenton Abbate
Lauren Alfieri           Kaitlyn Askins
Alix Allred              Kimberly Barone           Jennifer Angelo
Jillian Amann-Ross
                         Danielle Bartlett         Hayley Boyd
Amelia Beaumont                                    Caroline Bremner
Matthew Belfiore         Chelsey Bielanin
Julia Benim              Rachel Biroscak           Lindsey Bresee
Ryan Blakney
                         Luke Brooks               Shawna Britton
Paul Bowers                                        Alex Burnett
Riley Boyd               Tyler Carr
Michael Brown            Anna Chimera              Megan Carlson
Julia Burke
                         Brian Faipler             Vincent Cross
Nathan Carlson                                     Pedro Cubero
Gregory Concilla         Taylur Fuller-Masi
Tim Corey                Jacob Gonda               Daniel Fitzgerald
Justin Tilor Fuller
                         Alex Gorski               Alexander Ford
Zachary Gaydos                                     Raymond Galeza
Matthew Gray             Meghan Green
Kathryn Hamilton         Olivia Gula               Nicholas Harayda
Joshua Herrera
                         Ashley Harayda            Ellen Jaskiewicz
Lindsey Homchenko                                  Ryan Kaschalk
Joseph Kaschalk          Mitchell Hillhouse
Alexander Kehl           Issac Hodapp              Jaiden Lacey
Saaman Khalilollahi
                         Rebecca Horetsky          Daniel Macaluso
Eric Krysiak                                       Ian Mandel
Troy Martin              William Kalie
Benjamin Meyer           Dylan King                Noah Mandel
Tyler Miller
                         Daniel Kuhn               Benjamin Nowak
Steven Mooradian
                         Emily Learn               Charlene O’Neal
Jared Nelson
Derek Nowakowski         Taylor Lewis              Gabriella Ostermann
Ryleigh Oldach
                         Collin Mazur              Cornell Pearson
Dieter Ostermann                                   Olivia Purpura
Tyler Passmore           Connor Needham
Jenna Pearson            Erica Olsen               Jacob Raymond
Everett Peterson
                         Kristen Pound             Abigail Sallot
Morgan Rennie                                      Jacob Sanders
Michael Rocco            Timothy Romanski
Allison Royer            Jordan Seroka             Kaylee Schwenk
Adam Salgado
                         Joseph Shotts             Rachael Sinnott
Brendan Seibert                                    Tiffany Taccone
Erin Sheridan            Tessa Sidelinger
Kaitlyn Simmons          Tyra Tate                 Meghan Uht
Nicole Snyder
                         Ruthie Warren             Nathan Vogel
Alex Stafford                                      Logan Wenzel
Amanda Stenger           Michael Winiarczyk, III
Mila Sypin               Megan Young               Jackson Zaunegger
Katelyn Szewczyk
Julia Wagner             Samuel Zdunski
Madison Wainwright       Lauren Zemanek
Sydney Williamson
                                    CLASSROOM NEWS

Kindergarten – Mrs. Farantzos, Mrs. Akin, Mrs. Moffet, Mrs. Bond

We have been reading and writing and doing arithmetic! After reviewing the letters and
their sounds, we focused on reading vocabulary and sounding out words. We are trying
to get our thoughts on paper the best we can. We have learned about main ideas and
adding details.

In math we have been learning about one hundred. On Feb 5, we celebrated the 100 th
Day of school. We made sets of 100, brought in collections from home of 100 things.
We measured the distance of 100 cubes, 100 steps and 100 paperclips. We had snacks
of 100. Some of us made crowns with 100 and others found 100 balloons hidden in the
room. It was a fun day that really counted! We have also been learning about our coins
in math and recognizing the presidents on them.

Speaking of Presidents, we learned about a few of our presidents and how life has
changed from then to now. Transportation and conveniences are much different today
than when George Washington was elected.

Our room parents showed us love on Valentine’s Day with all the games and treats they
brought to share with us.

Two classes had student teachers; Ms. Herring (KA) & Ms. Polakowski (KB). They were
here for 7 weeks and helped us learn a lot. I think we showed them a lot about
Kindergarten as well! We will miss them and wish them well in their next placements.

St Patrick’s Day and Easter are the last ‘art-filled’ holidays, though we will ALWAYS find
something to draw and learn about!

We are looking forward to becoming authors. We hope you will enjoy the stories and
illustrations we bring home. We will continue to work on these skills.
Grade 1 – Mrs. Testi, Mrs. Nowakowski, Mrs. Chimera, Mrs. McIntyre

We can't believe how much we are learning and growing in First Grade.
Thanks to our room parents and helpers for making the Valentines Day parties
so sweet!

We wish the following students a "Happy Birthday!"
March- Tyler C.
April- Meagan S., Kevin C., Damaris M., Morgan F., Hannah T., Camryn V.,
Makenna W.
May-Riley J., Zoey S., Anthony R., Alex R., Faith S., Ryan H., Blake S.
Michael N.

We are Reading and Writing everyday! In Math we’re learning to tell
time, count money, measure, and place value. Keep practicing those math
facts!! Science is all about discovery and learning about the world around
us! Time in Social studies/Health has been spent learning about Presidents,
healthy habits, map skills and Earth's resources. We sure our looking
forward to some spring weather!!

Grade 2 – Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Rodemoyer, Mr. Young, Mrs. Pearson

The students have been very busy this quarter learning many new things. They have
learned how to count money and tell time. It is important to keep practicing these life
skills at home. In Math, the students are learning how to regroup in both addition and

We just finished celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading several Dr. Seuss books.
The students’ created big books based upon the book Green Eggs and Ham and shared
these with the first grade. They also enjoyed a breakfast of orange eggs and Spam to
culminate the week of celebrating.

The students continue to learn new letter formations in cursive. Soon we will all be
writing our Spelling words in cursive. The more we practice the better we will get.

In Science we have been working on force, friction, and motion using magnets and have
also been learning about how the Earth changes by erosion and different types of
movements. The five senses are the top priority during Health as well as healthy living
(eating a healthy diet and exercise). In Social Studies, we have been learning about the
We would like to thank our room parents and volunteers for the wonderful parties
throughout the school year. You have been so good to us. We enjoyed all the treats
and activities that made the days so special.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to all students who will celebrate their birthdays in March,
April and May.

Grade 3 – Mrs. Pero, Mrs. DeVore, Mrs. Janiuk, Ms. Emling

Congratulations to all the students that made his or her second quarter AR goals! We
celebrated this accomplishment with a Snow Day! The sledding was fast and fun! The
weather was cold, but a few runs up the hill warmed us right up!
It was fantastic! Kids, don’t miss out on the next celebration! READ, READ, and READ
some more to make your AR goal this quarter!

In Math we have covered both subtraction and addition with renaming. We have finally
approached the question they have been asking since September, “When are we going to
do MULTIPLICATION?” Well, we are there! Parents, please help them practice the
multiplication facts at home! They need to be memorized! Our next concepts to tackle
will be geometry, fractions and measurement!!

We had fun celebrating the 101st Day of School! It sure is going fast! We
looked forward to celebrating Mardi Gras! We made beaded necklaces,
maracas, masks, and Fat Tuesday pancakes!

PSSA will soon be here. Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat “good” food so you can do
your best.


GRADE 4 – Ms. Blose, Mr. Ziroli, Mrs. Doverspike, Mr. Bookhamer

WOW! The school year is certainly flying by very quickly! We have accomplished so
much and, yet, have so much more to do.
Those eligible students who were fortunate to enjoy the Husky Homework Reward at
Splash Lagoon had a BLAST!!! We hope more of our friends can join us for the next
reward at the end of the third quarter. A number of students also reached their AR goal
at the end of this semester and enjoyed a fun afternoon sled riding, followed by a
warming cup of hot cocoa. Even a few teachers were spotted flying down the hill with
smiles as big as their students!
Our whole school was treated with a special Bells Holiday Concert recently. As always, it
was very moving and inspirational.

At Christmas time, many of the Reading groups presented Reader’s Theater for our
parents. It was enjoyable to watch and perform. Thanks to all for coming!

Ms. Blose’s class has been reading the book Rules by Cynthia Lord. Students also
participated in Literature Circles. In which they were able to get together and talk
about the book. This quarter we also had ten students meet their AR goal.
Congratulations to: Jordan, Adam, Greg, Katelyn, Brooke, Matthew, Brandon, Cassie,
Michael R, and Timothy!

Mr. Ziroli’s reading class just completed Unit 3 and took the test on this unit. We are
now beginning Unit 4 entitled “Just Curious”. We continue to work on our reading skills
of predicting, cause and effect, context clues, author’s point of view, and vocabulary
development in preparation for the PSSA tests in March. Many more students reached
their AR goal this past quarter. Congratulations and keep Reading !!

Mrs. Doverspike’s class recently finished four novels with a literature circle format.
Students seemed to really enjoy this style of sharing and discussing literature and have
asked to do more literature circles later this year. Nearly every student in 4D Reading
has met or surpassed their AR reading goal each quarter. That’s good news for our
turtles (not real, of course) that have been adopted each time a student meets their goal.
Our “Wall of Famers” (30 pts. or more) so far include Saaman, Dieter, Julia W., Katie H.,
and Amelia. Congratulations to those students who met their goal and were in the
drawing for a signed gym, book bag. Keep reading!

Mr. Bookhamer’s class continues to work through different guided reading books. We
have really enjoyed spending some time with our kindergarten reading buddies. Ms.
Behringer has been into our room several times this month to help us prepare for PSSA
questions that we will see in March. She has provided us with many great strategies for
attacking those questions.

We are learning more about our planet Earth. Recently, students have been illustrating
the water cycle, cloud types, and usual weather that can be associated with these types
of cloud. We are very excited to have Tom DiVecchio join us next week to discuss more
weather related issues. Watch for your child’s weather picture on the 6:00 am newscast.
Our next unit of study will include properties of matter and changes in matter. Then we
will investigate forms of energy.
We discussed the road to Independence for our Nation. We witnessed the change of a
new nation and the struggles that it produced. We studied about Benjamin Franklin,
George Washington, and many other famous Americans who helped shape our country.
Our next chapter will discuss the Civil War. After we study Pennsylvania’s history, we
will be looking at the different regions in the United States.

We have been working with our basic multiplication facts and applying these facts to
multiplying larger numbers. It is easy when you have memorized the facts. Keep
studying!! We have begun our chapter on Geometry and will be working with various
solids, triangles, perimeter, and area concepts. Mr. Zajac continues to teach our classes
once a week on fractions in preparing us to perform well on the PSSA math test.

Miss Blose’s math classes have been exploring Solids, Triangles, and other Polygons.
Students have also been exploring congruent figures, and line segments. The students
are brushing up on their multiplication tables by completing Rocket Ship Math. Each day
the students take a timed test of fifty multiplication problems. If they pass their level
they get to move their Rocket Ship to the next level. The students are having a BLAST
brushing up on their multiplication tables!

We have been working on Writer’s Workshop activities and also studying about linking
verbs used in our daily language. We have shown great improvement in our Daily
Language Review sentences. We are creating advertisements in English to persuade our
readers to buy something that we may be trying to sell or locating a lost pet using vivid
word choices in our descriptions. We also go to Writing Lab to refine those writing skills
that we learned in class and to be able to apply them.

We just finished learning to write Friendly Letters. Each student was given a pen pal in
the class to write. Students really had a great time learning to format their friendly
letters. After the students completed writing their friendly letter they addressed and
mailed their letters in the mail. The students were excited to find out who their pen pal

Derek N. – 2/8, Julia B. – 2/15, Madison W. – 2/16, Justin Tilor F. – 2/18, Mila S. – 2/21,
Destiny C. – 2/26, Karlee P. – 3/1, Erin S. – 3/1, Shad I. – 3/3, Joey K. – 3/10, Nicole S. –
3/11, Sydney W. – 3/15, Alexis M. – 3/20, Ben M. – 3/23, Alex S. – 3/23, Paul B. – 3/30
GRADE 5 – Ms. Bool, Mr. Richards, Mrs. Renne

5B-Mrs. Bool

We are extremely proud of the 5th grade for giving up their exchange gifts at the
Christmas party and, instead, pooling the money they would have spent to help families
who would have had very little this year. They even gave up allowance money and did
odd jobs to earn extra money. There was much more joy in giving than receiving.

This quarter has been very fun so far. Our homework reward trip to Splash Lagoon was
awesome! All the Reading classes have been reading “up a storm”! New IR/AR books
keep appearing in our classroom, and we are now reading like crazy to make our 3rd
quarter and monthly Book-It goals. We are looking forward to making the “whole year”
goal to be able to participate in the Field Day fun. Congratulations to Katrina Amann-
Ross who won the 2nd Quarter Independent Reading Stars chair. There are 2 more to be
raffled off. Everyone who makes their quarter goal gets to sign the chair and a ticket to
win it.

Everyone did a super job on their “Biography in a Box/Bag” project. We learned about
everyone from George Washington to the Beatles to Mia Hamm. The creativity was

Our Writing PSSA’s are over, and we are so proud of how hard the fifth graders worked
preparing and taking the assessment. We are working on all the skills we will need to
take our Reading PSSA’s in March. Above all, reading at least 1/2 hour every night is the
best preparation we can do.

          Happy Birthday in April to Ashley Harayda on the 1st and CJ Mazur on the 12th.

We’d like to send a great big THANKS to Mrs. Brooks for the wonderful Valentine party!
It was a Chinese themed party complete with Chinese food, a lesson on the use of
chopsticks, fortune cookies, and Chinese character writing. Happy Spring!

5C-Mr. Richards
The snow is falling and the students have enjoyed sled riding when the temperatures are
not too cold.

Mrs. Zdunski & Mrs. Faipler threw a great Christmas party for us. There was lots to eat
and plenty of games to play. They also planned a super Valentine¹s Day party for us.
The students are becoming experts at the limbo. 5C says thanks for the terrific parties
this year.
We have been working hard getting ready for the PSSA. This year we are taking them in
Writing, Reading, and Math. We just finished the Writing test, and we all survived!

In Science class we have been studying Mixtures & Solutions, Chemical & Physical
Changes, and Acids & Bases. In Social Studies we have been learning about the early

Those students that made their Huskie Homework Heroes goal had a fantastic day at
Splash Lagoon. It was cold outside but 85 degrees inside. Our friends from Clark School
were there too. We would like to thank the PTO and our parents for helping to make
this fun filled day possible...THINK SPRING!!!!!

5-D Mrs. Renne

I am incredibly excited to be the new member of the Fifth Grade team this year. The
children are a wonderful group of kids, and I feel honored to have the privilege to work
with them.

In the next few weeks, we will be working on math skills that will prepare the students
for the PSSA. Above all, practicing basic Math Facts with flash cards a few minutes each
evening will prepare the children for their test.

In English, we are working on our writer’s workshop skills, and we finished our writing
PSSA! I am so proud of how hard the children worked on these!

In Social Studies, we are learning about the 13 Colonies, and we will be moving into the
Revolutionary War very soon. I have found many useful videos, which the children will
enjoy while they study these topics.

We would also like to send out a special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn, as well as Mrs.
Manna, for their help with the Christmas and Valentines parties! We all had a wonderful

I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming months! If you have any questions, or
would like to set up a meeting, please feel free to call me at 814-897-2100 X3354 or
you may e-mail me at

Mrs. Renne
Grade 6: Mrs. Meyer, Ms. Sheffer, Mr. Janiuk

Winter is almost behind us and we are looking forward to all that springtime has in store
for us. We are very busy with our academics right now in preparation for the PSSA in

In our English classes, we are working on our 6th grade required research report. We
have chosen a career of interest, and we are busy researching the skills and education
needed to work in that career/job.

In Math, we are adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions! We have also
been practicing open-ended responses similar to those found on the PSSA, strategies
for multiple-choice questions, and brushing up on our calculator skills. We are enjoying
our weekly visits from Mr. Zajac and learning a lot. Thank you Mr. Z.!

In Social Studies, we are finishing our unit on immigration and how immigrants from
Europe helped the United States become great. We are currently studying Great
American Inventors and their contributions to America and the World. We are also
studying Great American business leaders like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller
and their importance on modern society.

In Science, we are beginning to look at Heat Energy relating to temperature, how heat
affects matter, and sources of energy. Students will learn about solar cells, biomass
conversion, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, and hydroelectricity. Students will explore
radiation, convection, and conduction, as well as global warming and the greenhouse
effect. Next, students will be looking at Electricity and Magnetism. Students will learn
about static electricity, many types of circuits, electromagnets, and generators. We will
look at how electricity is used in their homes and the cost.

We want to congratulate those who earned Honor Roll for 2nd quarter!!! They are:
All A’s-
6A: Caroline B., Ben N.,
6B: Jenny A., Alexander F., Ray G., Jacob R., Meghan U.
6C: Dan F., Olivia P., Nathan V.
A’s and B’s-
6A: Lindsey B., Shawna B., Ellen J., Ryan K., Jake S., Kaylee S., Tiffany T., Logan W.
6B: Megan C., Vince C., Pedro C., Daniel M., Cornell P., Abby S.
6C: Hayley B., Alex B., Nick H., Jaiden L., Ian M., Noah M., Charlene O., Gabi O., Rachael
S., Jackson Z.
We had an awesome time at Splash Lagoon for our Second Quarter Homework Reward!!!
We have a fun-filled day planned for the 3rd quarter reward, so don’t miss out!!!! Please
continue to write your homework assignments in your agenda book, and complete all
daily assignments!!!

Finally, we would like to send out Birthday Wishes to students who celebrate birthdays in
the spring. They are:

        March: Mrs. Meyer, Meghan Uht, Jessica Spiegel, Michael Hess, Jacob Raymond
        and Alex Burnett.
        April: Shawna Britton, Ben Nowak, Dan Fitzgerald, Nick Pearson, Megan Carlson,
        Cameron Morgan and Tiffany Rieger.
        May: Ray Galeza, Sam McGill, Olivia Purpura, Matt Bruno, Sean Rutkosky, Patrick
        Carson, Daniel Macaluso and Jackson Zaunegger.

L. S. - Mrs. Nicolia

Greetings from Mrs. Nicolia’s room!

In the younger grades, we’ve been working very hard on our phonics and Reading skills.
We’re trying a new program this year called the Sonday system. This system diagnoses
areas of difficulty and then gives a systematic way to strengthen that area for a better
reading foundation. We’ve also been practicing and learning new math skills.

In third grade, we’ve been honing our skills too. We’ve been practicing for the PSSA
using our coach books for Reading and Mathematics. We’re using the books to practice,
teach, and reteach areas of weakness. It also gives us practice in answering questions
and reading in PSSA format. We’re working on using our sounding out techniques on
harder words and rereading to find the answer. We’re also now joining Ms. Emling’s
class for a short while daily to work on Reading PSSA with Ms. Berringer to further hone
our skills.

I want to thank those of you who have been so diligent in sending your students to
school because the more they’re here; the more they learn. I also want to thank you for
the support with homework and behavior. This further helps our students learn and
grow in all areas.
Take Care,
Mrs. Nicolia
LSSI - Mrs. Romines

Written by Aleece, Carl, Danielle, and Dorian

We had a Valentine’s Day Party. We made Valentine Jigglers and decorated them. We are
going to a Bayhawk’s Basketball game in March. We loved our Splash Lagoon Homework
Reward. It was so much fun shooting the basketball in the water. We went to the sixth
grade reading reward. We liked the movie and playing games.

LSSP – Mr. Lutz

From the last report we visited the Dollar Zone, the Millcreek Mall and had lunch out at
Ponderosa for our before Christmas trip. The kids all had a great time as well as the
adults in both Mrs. Romine’s LSSI class and my LSSP class. Some upcoming Community
trips include watching the Bayhawks Basketball game, possibly the Seawolves in May and
a talent show in Edinboro. As for the class room activities, the third nine weeks is in full
swing. The kids are working hard and are really doing well. The 100th day was a blast.
The kids enjoyed counting the different things to 100. With the weather “slowly”
changing for the better, the end of the school year just around the corner the class is
moving along nicely. Think Spring!!

Title 1 Reading

Title 1 reading students are working hard on phonics, comprehension skills and fluency.
Thank you, parents for taking the time to read with you child every night! Your child’s
decoding skills have improved tremendously this last quarter. Here are some more
ideas on how you can increase your child’s reading and comprehension skills at home:

      After watching a movie or show on TV: ask your child what the show was about,
       who the characters were, where did the story take place, and what happened.
      While reading a story ask your child to go on a word hunt. Your child could look
       for short a, long o words, compound words, contractions, or even just a letter.

Short activities like the two above will make a difference in your child’s comprehension and
reading abilities!
Math News – Mrs. Meehl & Mr. Zajac

The primary students at Rolling Ridge have been working hard in their math classes. They are
really doing well. Please continue working with your 1st and 2nd grader on their basic addition
and subtraction facts. The quicker your students memorize these facts, the more successful
they’ll be in math!

Third grade has been preparing for the PSSA test (March 16-27). The students are working
especially hard on open-ended questions. These are multi-part story problems that require the
students to show each step of their work AND/OR explain WHY they solved the problem the way
they did! This is quite difficult in the beginning, but the students are trying their best. You can
assist your third graders by asking them to explain how they figured something out at home.

Our fourth, fifth and sixth grade students have been focusing on the Pennsylvania eligible
content for mathematics. We have been spending a lot of time on measuring, fractions,
decimals, geometry and probability. Keep up the good work, and good luck on the PSSA.

You can also visit the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education website to see sample questions
( Click on the PreK-12 Schools tab, then on the left, click on Assessment,
then click on Resource Materials. Also, drilling those basic math facts (addition, subtraction,
and multiplication) will help them solve those multi-step problems without making simple
calculation mistakes.

Here are some fun math websites you can check out: This    site has a variety of fun math games that help students practice a
variety of skills. This site has a problem of the week that can help students
improve their problem solving abilities.

Math Facts: Thanks for your help at home. It is extremely important that your child
practice and memorize his/her math facts. Take time each night to work on those math
facts – it’s worth it.
Quest Report

The Quest students have been busy studying consumer products and advertising
techniques for the past two months. We studied advertising techniques, learned about
slogans and logos, and viewed popular TV commercials.

The children were required to develop a print advertisement for the Smencil, a scented
pencil. The students were very clever in developing slogans for this new and unusual
school tool. The students also had to work as a group to develop a 30-60 second TV
commercial for a consumer product of their choice. The student found it very
challenging to include all of the necessary information in such a short time block. I
think they have found a new respect for those in the advertising field.

We will take our newfound knowledge about advertising and apply it in the next Quest
course, Let’s Get Down to Business. The students will become the CEO’s of a company
of their choice, and must write a business plan for their endeavor. Look out Donald
Trump! Here come the Quest kids!

Elaine LaFuria
Quest Teacher


Winter just keeps coming and going. I guess it can’t make up its mind! Parents, please
remind your children to look in the lost and found. We have a lot of winter items piling
up. If you happen to come in for breakfast with your child, stop by the lost and found
and see if anything belongs to you.

In regards to the bad peanut butter, Harborcreek School District doesn’t buy from that
company and never has. So all our peanut butter is safe and sticky.

Students: When you come down for lunch please welcome the newest member to our
cafeteria staff. Her name is Gracie the Goose. Check out her outfits when you go
through the lunch line.

February 5th was the 100th day of school. The cafeteria had its own celebration.
Everyone who bought breakfast that morning got a little surprise, we also had a few
surprises at lunch. It was a great success!
Parents: With all the economical hardships, please remember you can apply for free and
reduced lunches anytime during the school year. If your child qualifies, their breakfast
and lunch are free, and it is strictly confidential as everything is done through the
computer system. Stop in the office or drop me a note, and I can send an application
Parents that drive their children to school: Our breakfast starts at 8:30. If your child is
buying breakfast, they can be dropped off at the lower level door by the cafeteria at
8:30, and eat their breakfast at school. Please join them if you have the time.

Dining Room Events: To all the after school activities held in the dining room, please
keep an eye on your group and leave the area as clean as when you came in. We have
found a lot of tables left with glue, glitter and messes on the floor. Also, we have
noticed that some students have been in areas they shouldn’t have been. Thank you.

Relay for Life: The Harborcreek elementary schools Relay for Life will be having a
spaghetti dinner with the proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society. The Relay
for Life team “Glo’s Groupies” will be hosting this dinner which will be held at Rolling
Ridge cafeteria April 26th 2009, from 12:00 noon –5:00 pm. Further information will be
sent home in the near future. Hope you can come!

Mrs.Hollenbeck and the Dining Room Staff

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