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					                                                    Volume 9-Number 1 September 2009

                   IACT Action Report
                      Indiana Alliance of Chemistry Teachers
               2009 Fall Meeting at Purdue University on October 10th

The IACT officers have planned a great fall meeting. This year’s program will be on Saturday,
October 10th. Put it on your calendar now! We look forward to seeing you there.
                                      Program Schedule
The fall IACT meeting will be at Purdue University in Brown 1124 and will look like this.

8:30-9:30           Glassware swap or lab equipment. We will start out with a glassware swap in
                    the Grant Street parking garage. Bring any glassware you want/need to get
                    rid of and you may be able to get something you absolutely need in return!

9:30-10:00          Continental breakfast
10:00-12:00         Presentation about electrochemical fuel cells
                    Tour of Nuclear Reactor
12:00-1:00          Lunch and Meeting
1:00-1:30           Presentation about electrochemical fuel cells
1:30-2:00           Mole Day presented by Paulette Berger
2:00-3:00           Halloween presentations by Jessica Berger and Linda Monroe

Email Bill Bayley if you are going to attend at wbayley@purdue.edu

            Halloween Demonstration Show at the IACT Fall Meeting

Are you a chemistry teacher that loves to do demonstrations? Do you have secret longings
to be a mad scientist as Halloween nears? Are there rumors floating around school that you
may secretly be a witch? Do you just need something to grab your students’ attention as
Fall Break and Halloween near? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you
should join us at the IACT fall meeting on Saturday, October 10. Demonstrations will
include concepts from refraction and phase change up to acid/base chemistry and
combustion. You will receive instructions on how to do all these demonstrations and what
concepts are addressed, have opportunities to participate in the demo show, and time to ask
questions to the presenters – just in time for you to incorporate a little Halloween fun into
your classroom and give your students something to talk about at lunch besides the square-
ness of the pizza.
                                       IACT ACTION Report—August 2008

Cheryl McLean
                                        18th Annual High School Chemistry Competition
Westfield High School

President Elect                        Dear Colleagues:
Becky Creech                           We would like to invite your schools to participate the 18th Annual High School
Harrison High School                   Chemistry Competition, sponsored by the Indiana Section of the American
bcreech@tsc.k12.in.us                  Chemical Society. The competition will be coordinated with the National
                                       Chemistry Week (NCW) event held at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis on
Past President                         Saturday, November 7, 2009.
Paulette Berger
Zionsville High School
                                       This year’s theme is “Chemistry—It’s Elemental!” The elements are the basis of
                                       the entire universe and of life on Earth. They compose the graphite in pencils, the
Treasurer                              tungsten in light bulbs, copper for cooling applications, the sodium in table salt—
Heather Heinig                         the list never ends! The year 2009 is the 140th anniversary of Mendeleev’s
Rensselaer HS.                         Periodic Table of the Elements, and is a wonderful opportunity to investigate and
hheinig@rcsc.k12.in.us                 appreciate the discovery and use of the elements in every aspect of our lives. For
                                       more information, please go to www.acs.org/ncw.
Cathy Huss                             In light of last year’s success, we recommend to use a Flip video camera
Twin Lakes High School
                                       (www.theflip.com) for this year’s competition. First year participating teams will be
                                       provided a Flip video camera. All accepted teams will be given $200 to design
Newsletter editor                      and document their projects. The video submissions (minimum 5 minutes-
Membership Chair                       maximum 15 minutes) will be judged according to the following criteria: display of
Bill Bayley, Purdue University         the theme “Chemistry—It’s Elemental”, innovation, hands-on activities, and
wbayley@purdue.edu                     teamwork efforts. The team earning the most points will be deemed the top
                                       scorer. The video will be presented at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
Vice Presidents                        during NCW. A short awards ceremony will occur at The Children's Museum of
Region 1                               Indianapolis on the morning of Saturday, November 7, 2009 in the Lilly Theatre.
Jessica Berger
                                       The exact time will be communicated later.
On Sabbatical
                                       Awards per Team:
Region 2                               First Place - Trophy and $500
Alicia Hostetler                       Second Place - Trophy and $300
Bishop Luers High School               Third Place - Trophy and $150
                                       All student participants will receive a free t-shirt and certificate of participation. We
Region 3                               ask that you send us your application forms by September 25 if you plan on
Annette Maier
                                       entering a team for this event. The competition will be limited to the first twelve
North Putnam High School
                                       teams who enter. A $200 check and a Flip video camera will be distributed to all
                                       qualified teams upon receiving enrollment forms. The video submission deadline
Region 4                               is October 30. If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to
Vicki Pietz                            contact us.
Monroe Central High School
Region 5                               Jingdan Hu, Ph.D.
J. Merle Callahan
                                       Discovery Chemistry Research & Technology
Daviess High School
                                       Lilly Research Laboratories
                                       Mail Code 0548
Region 6                               Indianapolis, IN 46285
Gene Crabill                           Hu_Jingdan@lilly.com
East Central High School

Region 7
Allison Helmuth & Rachael Martindale
Franklin Central high School

                            IACT ACTION Report—August 2008

                  2009 High School Chemistry Competition
                     Indiana Section of the American Chemical Society
                                     Enrollment Form
                            Celebrate National Chemistry Week

                                                                           First time participating?
High school
                                                                           Yes / No
City, Zip Code

Teacher’s Names
                                              Which teacher is the main contact?

                                              Phone #:

First Name, Last Name           Telephone #                        Graduation Year

The enrollment form must be received by September 25, 2009.
Email this form to Hu_Jingdan@lilly.com. Or fax this form to Dr. Jingdan Hu at 317-433-1685.

Direct any mail correspondence to:
Dr. Jiangdan Hu
Discovery Chemistry Research & Technology
Mail Code 0548
Indianapolis, IN 46285

The project submission deadline is October 30, 2009.
For more information, go to www.acs.org/ncw.

                            IACT ACTION Report—August 2008

        A Note from the President:                                   Cheryl McLean

   1. Please think of ways you would be willing to be involved.
              a.     It may be attending the fall meeting only.
              b.     You may want to present at the fall meeting. We all do fabulous things with our
                     kids, but we often take ourselves for granted.
              c.     Perhaps you are willing to mentor a young teacher via e-mail or phone.
              d.     Hopefully some of you are willing to become an officer.
              e.     Maybe you would be willing to plan a regional meeting.
              f.     You could help us plan the spring meeting.
              g.     You could present at HASTI. (If you do presentation on your own at HASTI,
                     please put IACT member next to your name on your proposal) In other words,
                     promote IACT whenever possible.
   2. Check out the following website:
   3. In January, read through the proposed changes to the constitution and by-laws and bring any
      questions you have to the IACT meeting at HASTI
   4. Come to the IACT meeting at HASTI.
   5. Become an active member of IACT. If you are not a member, become a member.
   6. Invite friends and colleagues to attend IACT activities with you.

                                Treasure Request
I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things. Please consider paying your dues
for the upcoming year! IACT is working on preparing for the Fall Meeting, HASTI and others
ventures for the year. Your support helps us maintain current programs and plan for the
future of the organization. You may send dues to me at anytime, or bring them to the fall
meeting or HASTI.
Hope to see everyone at the Fall Meeting!

Heather Heinig

 Please pay your dues if you have not paid. There is a
 sheet to fill out on the next page. Help our organization
 keep moving forward. Thank you.
                              IACT ACTION Report—August 2008

                              Glassware Swap at Fall Meeting

Is your storeroom full of clutter—glassware you don’t use and is just taking up space? Are
there boxes of stuff left by the previous six teachers in your classroom, stuff you’ll never use?
Do you have dozens of 250 mL flasks, but not one 125 mL—the size that you need? Do you
have 27 desiccators taking up shelf space and you only need one? Or maybe you always
wanted to do that one cool lab, but you don’t have the glassware to do it. Well, the I-ACT
Fall Meeting may be your lucky day. We’ll be having a glassware swap at the beginning of
the fall meeting. Bring any glassware or equipment that you want or need to get rid of and
you may be able to get something you absolutely need in return! We’ll meet in the Grant
Street Parking Garage at 8:30am. Look for the Purdue Express truck/van that will be
parkedBy the gates.

One chemistry teacher’s junk is another teacher’s treasure!






                                  IACT ACTION Report—August 2008

                                   Join I-ACT for only $5.00 per year!!
Send checks and the information below to the IACT Treasurer or bring it to HASTI:
                                              Heather Heinig
                                           530 Countryside Circle
                                           Rensselaer, IN 47978

      $5 for 1 year

      $10 for 2 years

      other ________ for _______ years.

Name (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.)

Home Address:                                  City and Zip Code

Region of Residence (see below)        Home phone:       (       )

School Name

School Address:

City and Zip Code

School phone: (          )              school e-mail address:

Home e-mail address:

      Region 1        Region 2      Region 3     Region 4            Region 5     Region 6    Region 7

    Benton          Adams         Boone        Blackford     Crawford           Bartholomew Marion
    Carroll         Allen         Clay         Delaware      Daviess            Brown
    Cass            DeKalb        Fountain     Fayette       Dubois             Clark
    Clinton         Elkhart       Greene       Grant         Gibson             Dearborn
    Fulton          Huntington    Hendricks    Hamilton      Knox               Decatur
    Jasper          Kosciusko     Monroe       Hancock       Lawrence           Floyd
    Lake            LaGrange      Montgomery   Henry         Martin             Franklin
    LaPorte         Miami         Morgan       Howard        Orange             Harrison
    Marshall        Noble         Owen         Jay           Perry              Jackson
    Newton          Steuben       Parke        Johnson       Pike               Jefferson
    Porter          Wabash        Putnam       Madison       Posey              Jennings
    Pulaski         Wells         Sullivan     Randolph      Spencer            Ohio
    Starke          Whitley       Vermillion   Rush          Vanderburg         Ripley
    St. Joseph                    Vigo         Shelby        Warrick            Scott
    Tippecanoe                                 Tipton                           Switzerland
    Warren                                     Union                            Washington
    White                                      Wayne

         Come to the IACT meeting on
         Thursday, Feb. 4th during the
         HASTI convention! There will be
         door prizes

Bill Bayley
Chemistry Outreach Coordinator
Department of Chemistry
Purdue University
560 Oval Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2084


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