Welcome to 7th Grade Science by PUHLP0J7


									                                        Welcome to 7th Grade Science!
This year will be exciting and fun. You will have many new experiences helping you discover the world around you and
 Materials:                                                    Tutorials are Monday – Thursday from 2:40-3:10.
       Blue or Black Pen & pencils                            A student also may come in during their lunch time for
       red grading pen                                        extra help, but must ask the teacher ahead of time.
       Colored pencils and/or markers
       Calculator (pocket size)                               Conference: 7th period 1:05-1:50
       Paper- notebook                                        Please email or call to set up a conference
       Ruler (Metric)                                         Jennifer Page jenniferkpagel@katyisd.org 281-237-
       Mead 3 or 5 subject spiral (make sure the              8042
         dividers have pockets)                                Catherine Wright catherinebwright@katyisd.org281-237-8058
                                                               Lewis Woodard lewiswoodard@katyisd.org281-237-8092
       Glue Sticks or tape
                                                                Class Rules:
 Grading Scale Academic:
                                                                   1. Be on time with needed supplies/homework
 45% Test and Major Projects
                                                                   2. Be respectful
 40% Quizzes, Labs, and Small Projects
                                                                   3. Follow directions first time given
 15% Daily and Homework
                                                                   4. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself
 Grading Scale Pre-AP:                                             5. Talk only when given permission
 50% Test and Major Projects                                       6. Follow all lab safety rules
 35% Quizzes, Labs, and Small Projects
 15% Daily and Homework
                                                                   1. Verbal warning
 Late Homework:                                                    2. Teacher/student conference/Parent contact
 The day’s activities should be written each day in the            3. 30 minute detention and Parent contact
 student’s time tracker. Students who fail to turn in their        4. 50 minute detention and Parent contact
 assignment may turn it in the next day for a grade no             5. Office referral
 higher than 70%. Students who fail to turn in their
                                                                Scope and Sequence
 work after the second day will receive a grade of a
                                                                **We have new science TEKS as of this year.
 50% and will be required to attend a tutorial session.
                                                                First Semester:
 Students who fail to show will receive a 1 hour
 detention.                                                         Safety
                                                                    Chemistry of Life
 Make-up Work:                                                      Cells
 It is the student’s responsibility to receive make-up              Body Systems
 work. The make-up work will be due according to                    Space Exploration
 teacher directions and the Katy ISD handbook. Each             Second Semester:
 student is given 2 days per each day that is missed to             Genetics
 make-up work. Tests will be given according to
                                                                    Ecology
 teacher discretion.
                                                                    Weathering/erosion/deposition
 Test/Quiz Days:                                                    Succession
 Science test days are on even days of the month.                   Catastrophic events
 Quizzes are given any day of the week                              Groundwater

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