Teasing and Harassment are no joke! by Yr6TT4a


									Teasing and
Harassment are NO
Autrey Mill Middle School
wants to put an end to
7th graders know the definitions:

   Teasing or                 Teasing or
    harassment is any           harassment is
    mean or harmful             behavior that
    behavior that is done       continues EVEN after
    on purpose.                 the instigator has
                                been asked to stop.
What are the types of teasing and
harassment ?
 Verbal Abuse: teasing,name-
  calling,mocking,taunting,and put downs.
 Ex. “You’re stupid.”
Emotional bullying…….
 Isolation, rejection, ignoring, spreading
  rumors, and manipulating others.
 Ex. “Did you hear what happened at the
  party Saturday night?”
Physical harassment……..
   Hitting, tripping, kicking, pushing, slapping,
    spitting, choking, taking or defacing
    another’s property, slamming lockers,
    stealing food, “play fighting”, and physical
    acts that demean and humiliate.
Other types of teasing/harassment:

   Harassment: making threats, extortion, coercion,
    and ethnic, racial, and religious taunting.
   Electronic harassment: Behaviors that occur via
    the Internet or on cell phones.
   Ex. “Did you see his Facebook page?
    Whoa…those pictures…and those comments.”
Sexual harassment:
 This is a specific form of harassment
  directed toward someone’s gender or
  behavior. This type of harassment can be
  verbal, emotional, or physical.
 Ex: “That’s so gay.”
 “He fights like a girl.”
What if you are being harassed??

 Ignore it.
 Be funny.
 Walk away.
 Stand up for yourself.
 Get help from friends.
 Get help from an adult.
 DO NOT tease or make remarks back.
What if you see someone being
   Don’t encourage the behavior.
   Help the person stand up for himself.
   Make sure the instigator knows what he/she is
    doing is NOT funny and NOT o.k.
   Talk to the victim about reporting the
   Report the problem yourself.
Reasons NOT to tease/harass…

 It is NEVER okay.
 How would you feel if you were the target?
 You don’t have the right to hurt others.
 You will stay out of trouble
 People will like you because you are nice!
 Teasing/harassment is against the law in
  the state of Georgia.
How AMMS handles teasing and
 1st offense = discussion and possible
  consequences with teacher.
 2nd offense = Counseling referral.
 3rd offense and any problems thereafter =
  office referral with consequences that go
  on your permanent record.
Do you have any questions?
   IF you have any questions after this
    presentation, please see Mrs. Shiver, Mr.
    Shearer, or one of your teachers.
   YOU are now responsible for remembering
    this material and following the school related
   Reminders can be found in your student agenda
    and in the Fulton County discipline handbook.
    Teasing and Harassment ARE
    serious concerns at Autrey Mill
    Middle School!

 Presentation to 7th grade students
 By: Lyn Shiver, Counselor
 Guidance Program 2009-2010.

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