Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions                        Loan for First Building Application
P.O. Box 11870, Montgomery, AL 36111-0878                      Date:
Phone 1-800-264-1225 Web                                                                             
New Congregation Information

    Church Name
    Date Organized
    Physical Address
    Mailing Address
    Church Phone
    Treasurer’s Name
    Treasurer’s Address
    Treasurer’s Phone
    Treasurer’s E-mail

    Category          Anglo        Black          Language/Ethnic

New Congregation Pastor Information

    Pastor’s Name
    Mailing Address
    Home Phone
    Work Phone
    Cell Phone

    Immigration Status            US Citizen        or Visa#          /Type

    Church Status         Full-time         Part-time /If part-time, other work    Secular     Student     Retired

Sponsoring Church Information
    Church Name
    Mailing Address
    Church Phone
    Church E-mail

Association Information

  Association Name
  New Church Relationship Member                        Watchcare      Petition       None
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New Congregation Statistics at Application

    Members                                                                       Worship Attendance
    Bible Study Enrollment                                                        Bible Study Attendance
    List Outreach Ministries                                                      Number of Baptisms
    Annual Budget
    Cooperative Program Gifts                 $                                   CP % of Budget
    Associational Missions Gifts              $                                   AM % of Budget

    Note: CP & AM gifts are expected to total at least 10% of budget

    Meeting Place  Owned or  Leased Monthly amount $
    Land Purchased  No or   Yes Monthly amount $
                                                 Loan for First Building Application
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New Congregation Annual Statistics

                                     1st Year 20            2nd
                                                            __ Year 20              3rd Year 20              4th Year 20
 Worship Attendance
 Bible Study Enrollment
 Bible Study Attendance
 Cooperative Program
 Associational Missions

Loan for First Building

Has Church Building Services, Associational Missions & Church Planting Office reviewed your plans?                         Yes   No

What is the total estimated cost of the first unit building? $
How much assistance from other sources? $
How much assistance are you requesting from the State Board of Missions? $
   (Guidelines for your request are amounts up to $50,000 @ 4% interest on a 10 year monthly payback schedule)

Loan for First Building
Amount requested: $       . The new congregation in business meeting made this request
on (date)       20      . Signature of clerk or pastor

Sponsoring Church Concurrence
The sponsoring church affirmed the starting of the new congregation, will guide it in its formative beginning,
and concurred with the assistance request. The sponsoring church in business meeting concurred with
this request on (date)        20      .
Signature of clerk or pastor     .

Association Review
The association affirmed the starting of this new congregation, will assist with its development, and
concurred with the need for this assistance request. The associational missionary will write a letter
summarizing the need and opportunities for the new congregation. The association in the appropriate
meeting concurred with this request on (date)          20       .
Signature of clerk or associational missionary       .

SBOM Staff New Work Task Force Review Recommendation
The Staff Task Force reviewed all the information, affirmed the starting of the new congregation
and determined the loan should be $        . The staff task force in business meeting recommended
this amount on (date)         20        .
Signature of coordinator     .

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