JOB DESCRIPTION

Post title:            School Business Leader
Responsible to:        The Headteacher & the Chair of Governors
Grade:                 PO12
Status:                Permanent, full time

This is an all year round post and the postholder will be expected to work a core 36 hour week, although
it is acknowledged that the actual working hours will extend beyond this. The core hours are 8.30am –
4.15pm Monday – Thursday and 8.30am – 4.00pm Friday. The postholder will be expected to take their
annual leave entitlement during the school holidays.

It is expected that the postholder will carry out her/his responsibilities within this framework.

Job descriptions are subject to review and amendment.


The School Business Leader (SBL) is the leading support staff professional.

The post holder is a member of the Leadership Team and is seen as a non teaching Deputy Headteacher
and is therefore key to the school’s success. The postholder plays a key role in School Improvement
Planning, working collaboratively with the other members of the Leadership Team to achieve the
school’s aims.

The SBL is the School’s lead financial professional, ensuring financial planning, controls compliance;
record keeping and reporting are co-ordinated and delivered to the highest standards. The SBL also has
specific responsibilities for Human Resources and Payroll, Administration, Catering, IT Services, Health &
Safety and Property.

The SBL provides strategic vision and leadership for support functions so that the school runs smoothly,
efficiently and effectively and can deliver its aims and priorities. The SBL provides the professional
leadership and management of non-classroom based support staff.

The SBL provides clear information, advice and recommendations to the Headteacher and Governors
regarding the strategic development of support services giving due consideration for Value for Money
and Best Value.

The responsibilities of this post are:

1. Specific contributions to the leadership of the school and to the development and implementation
   of the School Improvement Plan.

2. Leadership and management of non-classroom based support staff (hereafter referred to as support

3. Leadership of the on-going strategic development and service delivery of:
    Financial management
    Human resources management
    Whole school administration
    Facilities and premises management including Health & Safety
    ICT Service Delivery
    Catering

4. Company Secretary to the Haggerston School Charitable Trust Company


1. To support the Headteacher in developing and communicating a clear strategic vision for the
   school’s improvement.

2. In collaboration with other Leadership Team members, to develop, sustain and model the school’s
   ethos and values and communicate high expectations of students and staff.

3. To work collaboratively with Leadership Team members to take forward the school’s priorities and
   proactively take forward agreed areas of the school’s agenda to raise achievement.

4. To contribute to the development of the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and lead on, write and
   monitor identified SIP action plans. Currently the SIP action plans this post leads on are:

      Best Value
      Catering
      Facilities Management

5. To review whole school, faculty and year SIP Action Plans with the Headteacher and agree funding to
   support initiatives.

6. To contribute to the writing of the school Self-Evaluation Form in preparation for Ofsted and SIP (or
   equivalent) visits.

7. To contribute to the school’s self evaluation processes, collecting and evaluating evidence for
   identified aspects of the school’s provision and impact and implementing subsequent actions.

8. To develop, review and ensure full implementation of the school’s policies. Currently the policies
   this post is responsible for are:
             Health & Safety
             Staff Induction (support staff)
             Lettings
             Pay Policy
             Return to Work
             Fire Safety
             Food Policy
             Emergency Management Plan
             Telephone & Walkie-Talkie Procedures
             Whistle Blowing Policy
             Financial Procedures

9. To develop, review and ensure full implementation of the school’s systems and procedures for
   support services, ensuring that they adhere to relevant legislation and regulations.

10. To promote the full implementation of legislation and guidance in relation to the protection and
    safeguarding of children and young people.

11. To support the Headteacher in managing the school effectively and ensuring the successful
    implementation of change.

12. To take an active role in Senior Leadership Team meetings.

13. To act as the Leader for the Finance and Resources Group and ensure appropriate agenda items are
    set and discussed.

14. To take a leading role in the setting of the Governors’ Finance & Premises Committee agendas,

15. To support Governors in monitoring the School Improvement Plans that are assigned to the Finance
    & Premises Committee.

16. To undertake the shared duties of the Leadership Team including Senior Staff on Duty, briefing, gate
    duties, parent evening duties, Saturday duties, school events.


17. Lead and motivate support staff, maximise their contribution to the school’s aims through effective
    development planning and performance management, and create and sustain effective working
    relationships amongst the school’s workforce.

18. Sustain an effective communication system that includes all support staff and facilitates their
    understanding of whole-school issues

19. Line manage staff to secure:

           Fulfilment of their job description
           Effective implementation and development of the support services for which they are
           Successful achievement of objectives and targets
       Positive staff response and engagement within their area of responsibility
       Implementation of all school policies within their area of responsibility
       Monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of their area of responsibility

20. Manage the effective performance of agreed staff and ensure their professional development.

21. Arrange for appropriate training for, and professional development of all support staff

22. Oversee the effective recruitment, induction and probationary periods of support staff.

23. To monitor and oversee support staff sickness absence and annual leave.

24. To lead on support staff disciplinary issues and investigations

25. To lead the School’s management of Facilities Management Services, IT Support and Catering
    contracts all of which include staff transferred from the School to third parties under TUPE and all of
    whom could transfer back in house when the contracts end.


26. Plan strategically to optimise the use of the school’s financial resources, taking account of
    implications of Government Policy, local financial arrangements and long-term trends

27. To ensure that appropriate systems of accountancy and financial control are in place and adhered

28. Advise the Governing Body on financial developments, financial protocols within the Department
    for Education/Young People’s Learning Agency and the development of long-term financial strategy
    for the future development of the school

29. To write and evaluate the annual budget, ensuring the monitoring of income and expenditure
    against the budget, prepare and present analysis, statements and reports to the Governing Body
    and Leadership Team to enable strategic decision making

30. To provide budget holders with regular budget monitoring statements and to work with them to
    ensure best value, efficiency and effectiveness from budgets

31. To develop and review effective financial management and control systems and monitor their

32. To ensure the school obtains value for money from service level agreements and external contracts
    by negotiating and liaising with all external contractors

33. To secure funds to which the school is entitled, optimise the income to the school from lettings and
    grants and to lead bids for competitive funding

34. To ensure submission of all financial returns to the Local Authority and other relevant organisations,
    meeting statutory and legal deadlines and requirements
35. To co-ordinate budget allocations to the School Improvement Plans following assessment of plans
    with the Headteacher

36. To co-ordinate the assessment and outcomes of internal Business Cases

37. To support and report to the Operating Committee and Full Governors

38. To manage appropriate user access levels to the school’s on-line banking system in order to
    maintain security and integrity of the system

39. To authorise all school purchase orders

40. To authorise all school cheque or BACS payment runs

41. To manage the school’s bank accounts (but not be a cheque signatory)

42. Oversee the use of online payments to the School

43. To ensure the accounts of school funds and the Haggerston School Charitable Trust Company are
    maintained and all necessary and associated returns are completed.
44. To provide all necessary paperwork for audit purposes and to receive audit reports and
    communicate outcomes to Governors

45. To be responsible for ensuring any resulting actions from audits are completed and reported

46. To oversee the tendering of high value services and goods to secure value for money and financial


47. To plan strategically to optimise the use of the school’s human resources

48. To complete an annual review of the support staff structure to ensure best value

49. To implement and monitor safer recruitment policy and practice, including the Single Central
    Record, and ensure all safeguarding requirements are met through effective line management of
    the HR Manager

50. To ensure timely preparation and amendments of contracts of employment, salary assessment in
    line with the school’s Pay Policy, updating job descriptions and annual salary letters through
    effective line management of the HR Manager

51. To ensure confidential HR records are maintained adhering to Data Protection

52. To oversee the successful completion and submission of the annual Staff Workforce Census
53. In liaison with the HR Manager, to advise the Headteacher and Governors on pay policy, sickness
    absence procedures, other statutory leave procedures, disciplinary and grievance procedures and
    conditions of service, retirement and other aspects of HR management

54. To access advice on employment law and related procedures with regard to all school employees
    from the school’s HR provider and legal team

55. To oversee the production of reports for Governors’ HR Committee and Full Governors

56. To act as an investigating officer and adviser on disciplinary matters for staff on behalf of the

57. To be responsible for ensuring the effective administration of payroll relating to all school staff

58. To resolve all salary queries for all staff in liaison with Payroll

59. To authorise monthly staff absence returns

60. To oversee the management and administration of pensions for staff through liaison with Teachers’
    Pensions and the Local Government Pension Scheme


61. To lead and co-ordinate the efficiency, effectiveness and continuous improvement of school
    administrative systems and processes to support the school’s priorities, and compliance with local
    and national requirements

62. To ensure reception and internal administration support is developed and maintained to the highest

63. To be responsible for developing and monitoring the use of the VLE staffroom area.

64. To oversee responses to compensation claims lodged against the School in consultation with the
     Council’s insurers, risk management representatives seeking legal advice when appropriate.


65. To attend monthly FM contract monitoring meetings in order to monitor the FM Managed Service
    Contract in relation to agreed KPIs and other performance criteria

66. To ensure that the school meets all Health & Safety legislation and has the required risk assessment
    in place, and promote high standards of health and safety and risk assessment practice in staff

67. To arrange for an independent annual Health & Safety inspection

68. To lead and co-ordinate the maintenance and development of the school site, and act as school lead
    for any buildings work

69. To advise the Headteacher and Governors on the strategic development of the site to meet the
    development aims of the school
70. To hold regular meetings with the contract Premises Manager to discuss current premises issues
    and developments

71. To ensure the security of the school’s site and its resources promote high standards of security
    practice in all site users

72. To control the distribution of all security keys

73. To be manage CCTV images in accordance with School policy and Data Protection Act requirements

74. To lead on the development and management of the school’s access control system

75. In liaison with the a Senior Lead Teacher develop the school’s ICT infrastructure

76. Manage the performance of the ICT Managed Service Contract in relation to agreed KPIs and other
    performance criteria.

77. To consider requests for furniture and ICT in liaison and arrange purchases where applicable.

78. To promote the use of the school premises by the wider community by being responsible for the
    management and development of lettings of the school premises.

79. To support and report to Governors’ Finance & Premises Committee and Full Governors.


80. To attend regular catering contract monitoring meetings in order to monitor the contract in relation
    to performance criteria.

81. To lead on the development of catering through weekly meetings with the Catering Manager

82. To complete quality assurance reviews in relation to menus and offer, food quality, nutrition,
    presentation, quality of service and speed of service

83. To play a key role in the leadership and management of the lunchtime experience including systems
    for managing students

84. To lead on food and health awareness campaigns as well as managing services that celebrate
    cultural events and diversity

85. To oversee the tendering of the catering contract, typically every three years.


86. To act as Company Secretary to the Haggerston School Charitable Trust if requested by the
    company directors

87. To ensure the statutory registers are maintained
88. To ensure the company files statutory information promptly

89. To ensure board meetings are held and that formal minutes are maintained

90. To supply a copy of the accounts to every member of the company and every person who is entitled
    to receive notice of general meetings.

91. To arrange for the keeping of copies of all member’s resolutions and minutes of all proceedings and
    general meetings as the official record.

92. To sign leases on behalf of the board and act as a signatory more generally.

93. To negotiate with external advisers including accountants and lawyers.

94. The authenticate forms for submission to Companies House.

95. To arrange for appropriate insurance for the Academy Trust.


96. To lead on event management for a variety of school events and functions.

97. To lead on short-term projects as directed by the Headteacher.

98. Any other duties commensurate with the grading of the post.

99. To be committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and
    follow the safeguarding policy.

The postholder will be expected to carry out all duties in the context of and in compliance with all
School’s policies and procedures and in compliance with the London Borough of Hackney’s Equal
Opportunities Policies and Code of Conduct.


       HR Manager
       Finance Staff
       Associate Staff
       Premises Manager & Staff (contract staff)
       Catering Manager & Staff (contract staff)
       Whole School ICT element of Assistant Headteacher role
                                     Person Specification

                 1.   Degree or equivalent qualification in Business, Finance or other    Essential
                      relevant discipline

                 2.   A Certificate or Diploma or Advanced Diploma in School Business     Essential

                 3.   A recognised professional qualification in finance or accounting    Desirable
                      such as CIPFA

                 4.   A relevant higher education qualification such as an MBA            Desirable

                 5.   Safer Recruitment Certification                                     Desirable

Experience       6.   At least 3 years of sustained successful experience of leadership   Essential
                      and management in an educational or business setting including
                      financial, HR, payroll and administrative responsibilities

                 7.   Experience of managing a large budget and extensive capital         Essential

                 8.   Experience of monitoring a range of contracts such as Facilities    Essential
                      Management and/or ICT Managed Services to ensure Value for
                      Money and KPI requirements are met.

                 9.   A track record of leading and managing a diverse group of staff     Essential
                      and successful teams.

                 10. Experience of working as a member of a Senior Team                   Essential

                 11. Experience of working with Governors, Trustees or a Board of         Essential

                 12. Experience of working with a range of external partners to           Essential
                     achieve organisational aims.

                 13. Experience of managing complex projects from inception to            Essential

Knowledge and    14. The ability to work strategically and to seek and implement          Essential
Skills               creative solutions.

                 15. Strong skills in financial analysis and impact evaluation.           Essential
                16. The ability and motivation to review and improve practice            Essential

                17. Excellent leadership skills and the ability to inspire colleagues,   Essential
                    peers and teams.

                18. The ability to manage the performance of a diverse range of          Essential

                19. Excellent communication skills and the ability to act as a           Essential
                    professional and positive ambassador for the school

                20. Excellent literacy, numeracy and ICT skills                          Essential

                21. Highly effective administrative and organisational skills.           Essential

                22. The ability to prioritise workloads and to work to given             Essential

                23. Knowledge of Premises Management requirements of a large             Essential

                24. Knowledge of Health and Safety legislation.                          Desirable

                25. An understanding of safeguarding requirements of schools.            Desirable

Personal        26. Energy, drive, commitment and enthusiasm                             Essential
Qualities and
Attributes      27. To be an excellent role model.                                       Essential

                28. The ability to work collaboratively as a member of a variety of      Essential

                29. The capacity to remain calm and to cope with the unexpected.         Essential

                30. Reliable, honest and trustworthy.                                    Essential

                31. A willingness to commit to the school’s vision and to ‘go the        Essential
                    extra mile’ in order to achieve it.

                32. A commitment to equal opportunities.                                 Essential

                33. A commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of            Essential
                    children and young people.

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