TDA TRAINING BURSARY 2010-11 Full-Time PGCE

Students registered on a one year full-time PGCE course are entitled to a training
bursary as follows:

£9,000                                 Chemistry
(£1,000 per month over 9 months)       Design and Technology
                                       Food Technology

£6,000                                 English
(£667 per month over 9 months)         Geography
                                       Other Sciences
                                       Modern Languages
                                       Religious Education

£4,000                                 Primary
(£444 per month over 9 months)         Art and Design
                                       Business Studies
                                       Creative and Media
                                       Leisure and Tourism
                                       Physical Education
                                       Diploma – Applied Business
                                       Diploma – Creative and Media
                                       Diploma – Society, Health and Personal

Bursaries are paid on the 5th working day of each month, commencing 5th October.
A bursary paid on 5th October is for the month of October (i.e. not paid in arrears)
Please note the bursary is paid from October–June and you should make
arrangements to cover September as the bursary can only be paid for complete
months of study.

Business Operations Manager, Faculty of Education
January 2010
To be eligible for a teaching bursary trainee teachers must :

     be a Home or EU student (i.e. not classed as overseas for payment of fees),
     and should not be employed as a teacher or hold Qualified Teacher Status.
       For further information about eligibility see www.tda.gov.uk

To receive the bursary you must do the following:

     complete and sign an Eligibility Statement prior to registration. If you have
       previously received a TDA bursary for the purposes of an initial teacher
       training programme (either in full or in part), you must declare it. The
       eligibility statement is available to download from the Joining website. or
       can be emailed on request.
     Complete and return a BACs form. Payments will be made by BACS transfer
       directly into your bank/building society account.

        The BACs form and the Eligibility Statement should be submitted to the
        Business Operations Manager, Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ
        Church University, Canterbury, CT1 1QU, in advance or at the time of your
        registration. The form is available to download from the Joining website.

       When completing your bank/building society account details form, please
       ensure you provide the correct account number. In some cases, the number
       on the card is NOT the account number. If you are in doubt, please refer to
       your bank statement. Please note payment can ONLY be made to UK bank
       or building society accounts.

       If your bank/building society account details change at any time, PLEASE
       NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY in writing. At least 7 working days are required
       to ensure bank/building society details are amended before the next due
       payment date.

   Complete registration The initial payment of your training bursary is dependent
    upon your having completed registration for your programme. This includes
    obtaining both Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) clearance and Occupational
    Health clearance as well as providing evidence of your degree or equivalent
    qualification and required GCSE qualifications. In addition you should have
    completed a declaration form in relation to provisional registration with the
    GTCE (normally done at interview). In order to minimise any delays in payment
    of your training bursary, you are advised to complete the Occupational Health
    Questionnaire promptly and check that you can supply evidence of your
    academic qualifications when requested.

 Payment of the bursary
A bursary schedule will be processed weekly during October to meet the needs of
those students not registered in time to be paid on 5 th October. Thereafter,
payments will be made on a monthly basis until June 2010, provided students are

Business Operations Manager, Faculty of Education
January 2010
still registered on the programme. Our aim is to start paying students their bursary
as quickly as possible but no bursary can be released until the necessary checks have
been made.

If you are unable to complete registration on the allotted day, it will be your
responsibility to inform us once you have done so in order that we can initiate the
payment of your bursary. To do this you may email wendy.taylor@canterbury.ac.uk
or phone 01227 782407. We will then check you have been cleared on the
University system and add you to the next available payment run.

Note: Students who withdraw from the programme will be asked to repay any
bursary received after the date of withdrawal.


                        HAVE YOU DONE THE FOLLOWING?

Completed and returned the Occupational Health form                      □

Completed and returned the CRB form (Primary only)
along with any payment                                                   □

Completed and returned the Bursary Eligibility form                      □

Completed and returned a BACs form                                       □

Business Operations Manager, Faculty of Education
January 2010

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