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					               The Scarlet Letter
            Jackson, Spain, Terry, Vincent

Print Resources and Websites

          DESTINY—Destiny Quest!
Try the Destiny Quest for a list of websites and books. You will find that most of the websites
have been verified for accuracy,

so there is no need to Google! You can also see which books in the library discuss your subject
by using Destiny Quest. Most of

the books you will need are on the cart at the front of the lab. The SPHS Library has
information on most famous people! Just go

into Destiny and type in your subject. If nothing appropriate comes up, try typing in a search
term like “actor”, “athlete”, “politician,”

“musician.” Other search terms that relate to your subject can also help you find the right
books. Try “steroids“ or “baseball” for Barry Bonds; “Hannah

Montana” for Miley Cyrus. Don’t forget to sort by call number to make it easier to find your
book! Be sure to locate your

person in the index of any book you find, especially biographies on your person. Remember to
locate books on The Scarlet Letter

and Hester Prynne and use the indexes. We have several books of literary criticism that provide
great insight into her character.

*Take special note of the following reference sources:

       Current Biography

       Encyclopedia of World Biography

*Be sure to hit the biography section of the library, as well

as the collective biographies, located in the 920’s!

PRINT MAGAZINES—Ms. Wren and our student library aides have been marking
articles in dozens of print magazines for you to use in

this project. Look over at the shelves in the Biography section for articles about
your subject.

Electronic Resources

AVL Multiple Database Search
EBSCO Search

EBSCO Search scans all of the EBSCO databases on the AVL at one time. It can provide you with
detailed information

about your subject, along with images, graphs, and charts. Just type in your subject’s name in
the search bar and click on

“HTML Full Text” or “PDF Full Text” of the article you would like to read.


      Limit your results to “FULL TEXT” and use “SMART TEXT SEARCHING” for the best

Gale Power Search
Gale Power Search scans all of the Gale databases on the AVL at one time. Click on the
“Advanced search,” limit your

results to documents with full text, enter your subject’s name and a search term in the search
boxes, and press enter.


           Full text articles from magazines, academic journals, reference sources, and
           Magazine images with graphics
           Multimedia (images, charts)

Literature Reference Center
Looking for ideas on Hester Prynne?? Look no further than the Literature Reference Center!
You can find…

           Work overviews with detailed character studies and plot analysis
           Literary criticism
           Periodicals including scholarly journals
           Biographical information on authors
           Reliable websites

MLA Citations
There are many, many ways to cite sources. The type of source determines the proper way to
write a citation. Use the NEW MLA 7th Edition

for guidance in citing other types of sources. For example, reference books are cited
differently from biographies and most non-fiction.

A periodical article found in an electronic database is cited differently from the same article
found in the original print magazine.

If you are confused as to the proper way to cite a source after you have consulted the MLA
Handbook, see Mrs. Utz or Mr. Yates for help!!!!!!!
Periodical from a database (MLA 5.6.4—PAGE 192):

Ritson, Mark. “Phelps Will Not Go to Pot.” Marketing. 11 Feb 2009: 22. Business Source
        Premier. Web. 20 Oct. 2009.

Article from a Website (this varies—see MLA 5.6--PAGES 181-193)

Pesca, Mike. “Michael Vick Happy for New Chance in Philadelphia.” National Public Radio.

  Natl. Public Radio, 14 Aug. 2009. Web. 20 October 2009.


University of Nevada Las Vegas MLA Guide

Cornell University MLA Guide

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