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									 Application Form: CTA Support for a LanTEEAL Subscription

      1. What is TEEAL?
The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) is a full-text digital library of
over 200 agricultural journals made available at low cost to institutions in eligible low-
income countries. Journal coverage starts in the 1990s and is updated annually.
TEEAL has a searchable database of citations from CAB Abstracts, BIOSIS, Econlit
and PubMed1. TEEAL is an offline tool – no Internet or phone line required – that you
can share on a local area network (LAN), or use on a standalone PC.

TEEAL features an easy to use interface that allows you to quickly search for, save,
and print citations. You also have instant access to the full text of every single article
listed in the collection. TEEAL has information that covers many subject areas:
   * Aquaculture                              * Crop and Soil Science
   * Economics and Rural Development          * Natural Resources Management
   * Food Science and Nutrition               * Livestock Production
   * Microbiology                             * Plant Protection
   * Sustainable Agriculture                  * Veterinary Medicine

      2. CTA and this Application
The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) has
partnered with the TEEAL project of Cornell University in the United States to bring
increased access to scholarly agricultural literature to qualifying institutions. CTA is
an African Caribbean and Pacific - European Union (ACP-EU) institution working in
the field of information for agricultural and rural development.

CTA’s work focuses on three key areas: providing information products and services;
promoting the integrated use of communication channels, conventional and new, to
improve the flow of information and building ACP capacity in information and
communication management.

CTA is currently accepting applications to sponsor eligible ACP universities and
research institutions to receive TEEAL. By filling out this application form you are
hereby requesting CTA to consider your institution as a recipient for this valuable

Contact Details
Name of institution: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Physical address-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Phone: --------------------------------------------------Fax ---------------------------------------------------
Authorised signatory of Subscriber Licensing Agreement (Name & Position):-----------------
Email of authorised signatory: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    CAB Abstracts, BIOSIS, Econlit and PubMed, are scientific databases

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Library and user details
Number of library users per month: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Number of agricultural journals currently subscribed to: -------------------------------------------
List the 10 most read journals (both print and online) in your library for which
subscriptions are up-to-date:
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      3. TEEAL System Requirements
TEEAL is provided on a 500GB external hard drive equipped with a USB cable. TEEAL
can be run on either a single computer, or hosted on a server and shared over a network.
i)        Computer requirements
         Processor: 1.5 GHz or higher                     RAM memory: 1 GB or more
         Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
         Free hard disk space: At least 4 GB
ii)       Server requirements
         Operating system: Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008
         Free hard disk space: At least 500 GB (if the server has less than 500 GB of free
          space available, the TEEAL hard drive can remain connected permanently to the
          server. It will function like an internal drive and its contents will be available to
          users of the network).
If you do not have a server at your institution but still wish to share TEEAL over your
network, you can host TEEAL on a regular workstation, and network directly from the
hard drive (for further details, see: http://www.teeal.org/teeal.html).

Do you have an existing local area network from which the database can be accessed?
□     Yes      □No
If yes, how many access point PCs do you have?-----------------------------------------------------
If no, do you have a stand-alone PC to assure access?---------------------------------------------
Has your institution ever had a TEEAL set?                       (If NO, please skip the next question)

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If you answered yes to the preceding question, do you know A) when your TEEAL set
was last updated and B) where TEEAL was located at your institution?

   4. Commitment Undertaking
Your institution will receive the complete contents of over 200 journals published over
a 17 year period from 1993 to 2009. TEEAL is updated on an annual basis. Thus,
the 2009 update will be available at the end of 2010 and the 2010 update will be
available at the end of 2011. TEEAL has a total value of over US$1 million for
the 17 years worth of journals, but an initial subscription costs $5,000.

CTA will provide an initial investment (1993-2008 and 2009 updates) to improve your
library resources for the furtherance of agricultural research in your institution. In
return your institution must undertake to sign TEEAL’s licensing agreement and pay
for annual updates from 2010 onwards. The 2010 update will cost US$ 525. Prices
for 2011 will be confirmed at a later date.

If you agree with these terms and conditions, please sign the undertaking below:
   1    We hereby confirm that our institution will sign the TEEAL User License
        Agreement within 3 months after your application has been approved by
        CTA (please note that CTA will provide notification of approval)
   2    We hereby confirm that we will purchase TEEAL annual updates from
        2010 onwards once we have received the base set covering the first 17
        years (1993-2009).
   3    We hereby confirm that our institution has the necessary computer
        requirements and will make them available to operate the TEEAL
Should your institution not have signed the TEEAL User License Agreement within
this period, CTA’s offer will no longer be valid.
  Signed:                                      Signed:

 Director of the Institution or Dean of the Librarian in Charge
 Full name in letters:                      Full name in letters:

 Date                                       Date

 Stamp:                                     Stamp:

This application form is to be duly completed and sent to:
Mrs. Vivienne Oguya, Programme Coordinator, Strengthening of ACP Information
Services, E-mail: oguya@cta.int, Fax: +31 (0) 317 460067, Website: www.cta.int

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