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					Locating journals at UNH

Full text of an article may be available either as an HTML or PDF link

HTML Full Text often does not include graphics, such as photos, tables, and charts. If that is the only
option, you can read the article, and use the Check for Full Text button or the Library Catalog to search
for the periodical by Periodical Title or ISSN (that’s like an ID Number for a periodical.

If it's not in PDF or if the HTML does not have all that you need, you can check to see if we own that

journal in its paper format by clicking on         .

You should be taken to a page with options:
With Scientific American, all of the links above are EbscoHost links that do not have the
graphics, so to find out where the UNH Library’s print holdings are, click on one of these
two options:

Scroll down until you find the title that just says Scientific American, and click on the title to see
the holdings in the catalog. You should be able to view UNH Library holdings for the years we
own the journal and the location, Dimond Library or one of the branch libraries.

If held in Dimond Library you will see the CALL NUMBER. With this you can find that journal
in Bound Periodicals, Level 2. Here is a snippet:

Remember--recent issues, usually less than two years old, will be in Current Periodicals, Level 2, shelved in
ALPHABETICAL ORDER, or on the Popular Periodicals display.

Links to SOME full text articles MAY be available via the UNH Library Catalog

Click on the link to connect.

If there are different links, they may connect to different years of the journal or
different formats, so you have choices.

Ask at the Dimond Periodicals Room, Dimond Reference, or Branch Library if there is any
problem locating what you need.

UNH Dimond Library, Reference Department 8/08, mod. ELP 09/11

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