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									Advanced Line Dance: Should have mastered               Hatha Yoga: A basic learning approach to                    T’ai Chi Chih Plus: Try a potpourri of different
skills of line dance. Emphasis is on learning new       identifying specific physical, mental or emotional          styles of T’ai Chi, T’ai Chi Chih, and Qigong.
routines and dances. Intensity Level: Moderate to       needs of an individual by selecting appropriate             The student will be given an introduction to these
High                                                    techniques (body postures, breath techniques, and           different practices and focus will rotate each class.
                                                        meditation, individuals can increase strength,              Intensity Level: Low
Aerobics: Endurance, continuous movements,              flexibility and balance). Minimum Physical
combinations, strength training, and flexibility.       Requirements: able to get up and down from mat,             T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Good place to begin an exercise
Minimum Physical Requirements: able to step up          and sustain standing postures for a period of time.         program. (Forms taught: WuHao & Chen Man
and step down continuously and sustain a                Intensity Level: Moderate Ω                                 Ch’ing) Intensity Level: Low
continuous 20-30 minutes of activity. Intensity
Level: Moderate to High Ω                               Intermediate Line Dance: Should have mastered               T’ai Chi Ch’uan Level II: A style of Chinese
                                                        Vocabulary and Beginner Classes. Intensity Level:           exercise based on Chinese martial arts and
Basic Rhythms: Preparation for more advanced            Moderate to High                                            medicine; involves slow, continuous, circular,
levels of Line Dance. Language of basic steps will                                                                  extending movement to reach a full range of
be taught and explained through a "feet on"             Intro to 24 Form T’ai Chi: Beginning students               motion. Tai Chi relieves stress, improves
experience with a detailed walk-through. Upbeat         welcome; standard national 24-form of China is              circulation, flexibility, and balance while
music as we dance the cha cha, waltz, mambo, 2-         taught. Work on balance, flexibility, and leg               strengthening joints, bones, and muscles. (Forms
step, and rumba. Intensity Level: Low to Moderate       strength. Intensity Level: Low                              taught: WuHao & Yang Long Form) Intensity
                                                                                                                    Level: Low to Moderate
Beginning Line Dance: Experience and knowledge          Introductory to Wellness Classes: Restore your
of Line Dance required. Intensity Level: Low to         energy and wellness and maintain strength using             T’ai Chi for Well Being: Focus is the management
Moderate                                                primarily seated and some standing postures.                of arthritis using gentle and approved exercises.
                                                        Intensity Level: Low Ǿ                                      This program is endorsed by the Arthritis
Beginning Zumba: Zumba® fuses Latin rhythms                                                                         Foundation. Emphasis is on basic skills and
with easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind     Line Dancing for Fun: Should be able to execute             preparing you for the next level of fitness. Intensity
fitness program that will blow you away. Prior          basic steps. Intensity Level: Low to Moderate               Level: Low
dance experience is not necessary. Just wear
comfortable clothes and good supportive shoes.          Line Dance Vocabulary: Preparation for                      Tone & Stretch: Conditioning class, emphasizing
Intensity Level: Moderate Ǿ                             Beginning Line Dance. Language of basic steps               aerobics, strengthening and stretching, which will
                                                        will be taught and explained through a "feet on"            include standing and mat activities. Minimum
Belly Dancing for Women: Tuesday's Class will           experience with a detailed walk-through at your             Physical Requirements: Able to walk briskly, hop,
consist of Bellydance Combos & Choreography.            pace. Each basic step will be incorporated into a           easily move from standing position to a mat and
Classical Egyptian Bellydance moves incorporated        dance exercise that is vocally cued with                    sustain rigorous exercise for 20-30 minutes.
into fun combinations and routines. Friday's Class      music. Dance technique included, as are basics of           Intensity Level: Low to Moderate Ω
will focus on Basic Bellydance Technique & Drills.      dance types such as waltz, cha cha, rumba, tango,
A fun walk-through of basic classical Egyptian style    mambo, and two-step. Intensity Level: Low to                Total Body: Conditioning class-emphasizing
movement. Everyone is welcome. Beginners will           Moderate.                                                   endurance, strengthening, stretching, and shaping.
get a breakdown of the moves; intermediate to                                                                       Includes standing and mat activities and use of hand
advanced dancers get to refine their technique.         Meditative Flow: Very relaxing activity; helpful to         weights, and resistive tubing. Intensity Level:
Come jingle, sparkle, and experience a wonderful        individuals seeking relief from physical and mental         Moderate Ω
low impact aerobic exercise while you are at it.        stresses and an energizing lunch hour. Beneficial to
Bellydance is also a great stress reliever, and does    both body and mind. Intensity Level: Low Ω                  Yoga: Uses the physical postures, breathing
wonders for the memory. Intensity Level: Low to                                                                     practices, relaxation and meditation to harmonize
Moderate.                                               Mobility and Balance: Focus is directed towards             body, mind and spirit as well as increase strength,
                                                        improvement of balance and gentle developmental             flexibility and balance. Intensity Level: Low Ω
Exercise 1: Designed for an individual who is just      movements to enhance mobility of people with
beginning to exercise. Emphasis on stamina,             Arthritis or joint stiffness. Use of chairs for stability   Yoga Pilates: A workout that maximizes internal
stretching (range of motion), strength, balance and     may be utilized. Emphasis is on basic skills and            energy, reduces stress, improves strength, flexibility
breathing. Exercises are performed sitting and          preparing you for the next level of fitness. Intensity      and balance using combinations of Yoga, Tai Chi,
standing. This is a good place to start. Intensity      Level: Low Ǿ                                                Pilates, and Stretching. Open to men and women of
Level: Low Ǿ                                                                                                        all ages. Minimum Physical Requirements: must be
                                                        Pilates Stretch: A cross-training workout that is           able to get up and down from mat, and sustain
Exercise 2: Exercises are performed standing and        different from the others. Emphasis is on stamina,          standing postures for short periods of time.
sitting. Emphasis on flexibility, strengthening,        toning & stretching, which include mat and some             Tuesdays will emphasize fusion combining the best
balance, and stretching. Also includes rhythmic         standing activities. Intensity Level: Low Ω                 of all and Thursdays will emphasize on Yoga and
activities. Intensity Level: Low to Moderate Ǿ                                                                      Pilates. Intensity Level: Moderate Ω
                                                        Seated Yoga-pilates: Emphasis is on flexibility,
Fit ‘N Strong: Invigorating group exercise class        range of motion, strengthening, and balance.                LOW INTENSITY: Exercise range: less than 4
utilizing barbells and rhythmic movements.              Primarily seated exercises, ending with relaxing            mets (not hard or intense); walking less than 3 mph
Improve endurance, strength, as well as reshaping       activity/meditation. Goal of the class is to maintain       (not brisk). Examples: Tai Chi, Yoga, Stretching.
your body. Although this is a group exercise, it can    and enhance functioning for daily living.                   RPE = 2-3
be individualized for each participant. Intensity       Motor/fitness evaluations are available upon                MODERATE INTENSITY: Exercise range: 3-6
Level: Moderate Ω                                       request. Intensity Level: Low                               mets; walking 3-4 mph; may exercise for ~ 45
                                                                                                                    minutes; 65-80% maximum heart rate. Examples:
Get Fit: Class will incorporate cardio training with    Social Dancing: Couple Dance (Basic Steps)                  Stretch & Tone, Mat Exercise, Senior Workout,
low impact aerobics, strength training with hand        however partner not required. The first half hour of        Low impact Aerobics, Yoga/Pilates. RPE = 4-5
weights and leg weights for toning arms and legs.       class focus is on instruction, and the remainder of         HIGH INTENSITY: Exercise range: Vigorous >6
Core exercises to strengthen abs and back by            class is dancing.                                           mets; exercise substantial for cardio respiratory
utilizing floor, chair or standing. Appropriate shoes                                                               challenge; 70-85% maximum heart rate. Examples:
and clothing recommended. Intensity Level:              T’ai Chi Chih: A Western style of movement                 Aerobics, Total Body, Step Exercise, Jogging,
Moderate Ω                                              related to Tai Chi that improves well-being. The            Strength Training. RPE = 5-7
                                                        class involves slow, continuous, circular, shifting            Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale (RPE) 1-10
                                                        movement to stimulate inner energy chi flow. Will           Ǿ No floor/mat exercise
                                                        increase balance and flexibility. May be performed          Ω Floor/Mat exercises included
                                                        standing or sitting. Easy to learn. Intensity Level:

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