Property and Caretaking Supervision Level 3 overview by PUHLP0J7



The qualification

ThIS NVQ IS offered by ABBE (the Awarding Body for the Built Environment) and was approved
by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in July 2007.

Who is it aimed at?

This national qualification for property and caretaking supervision, supported by key institutions in
the property management sector and cleaning industry, has been developed by a Working Group
made up from experienced practitioners in public and private sector organisations with
responsibilities for property management and contract caretaking services. Development has
included field testing the standards with caretaking supervisors and managers

The award is designed for line supervisors who manage caretaking teams in single and multi-site
contexts. The schedule on the following page indicates the scope of the work that may be
involved and the range of potential contexts in which a person qualified with this award is likely to
be employed.

The award is designed to provide access for those who have progressed to a first line
management position from a caretaking role but could also be applicable to those who have
moved from another supervisory role into the management of a caretaking team.

The award is suitable for those working within the following industry sectors:

 Schools, Further and Higher Education establishments and halls of residence
 Sheltered/ supervised accommodation wardens
 Local Authority Housing Departments and Housing Associations
 Hospital Trusts
 Local and Central Government premises departments
 Social Services, and private and voluntary organisations residential care facilities
 Local Authority Leisure and Amenity Departments
 Ministry of Defence
 Home Office prisons and secure establishments
 National hotel groups (e.g. Grand Metropolitan)
 Airports (e.g. BAA, regional airports)
 National facilities management companies (e.g. Serco, Procord, Compass, Gardner Merchant,
 National commercial/residential property management companies (e.g. Chestertons)

ABBE Level 3 NVQ in Property and Caretaking Supervision                                             1
July 2007
What is a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)?
NVQs are a national system for measuring what competent people in a particular occupation are
expected to be able to do. They reflect the skills and knowledge needed to do your job effectively.

An NVQ differs from a ‘traditional’ academic course in that it measures what you can do rather
than simply what you know. It does this by assessing how you carry out your job in your
workplace and testing whether you have the required underpinning knowledge.

Successful completion of the NVQ will provide your actual or potential future employer, your
colleagues and clients with evidence of your competence in the workplace. It will enable your
experience to be formally recognised, and it will enhance your employability. It will also provide
some – if not all – of the evidence required to apply for membership of an appropriate
professional body.

How was this NVQ developed?
This NVQ was developed by a working group of practitioners, and overseen by a validation group
of interested organisations including professional bodies and learning experts. It was finalised
after extensive consultation with employers to ensure that it reflected current best practice in the

ABBE Level 3 NVQ in Property and Caretaking Supervision - how is it structured?

All the following ‘Core Units’ must be completed:

PS1          Assess requirements and plan service provision
PS2          Support the efficient use of resources
PS3          Co-ordinate provision of equipment for maintenance and caretaking operations
PS4          Co-ordinate provision of supplies for maintenance and caretaking operations
PS5          Maintain activities to meet requirements
PS6          Contribute to the safety, security and maintenance of the site
PS7          Lead the work of teams and individuals to achieve their objectives

The award also offers 6 ‘Optional Units’, one of which must be completed to gain the full

PS8          Manage yourself
PS9          Create effective working relationships
PS10         Respond to poor performance in your team
PS11         Contribute to the selection of personnel for activities
PS12         Contribute to the development of teams and individuals
PS13         Deal with confrontation and emergencies

Candidates may of course select more than one of the Optional Units if their job role requires it.
As each Unit can be separately certificated this can be a useful means of extending the range of
the qualification.

There is also one further ‘Additional Unit’ which does not form part of the Qualification, but is
available for those candidates who wish to demonstrate their competence in an additional related

PS14         Develop and maintain positive working relationships with customers

ABBE Level 3 NVQ in Property and Caretaking Supervision                                              2
July 2007
How is an NVQ assessed?
The NVQ is obtained through a mixture of assessment and – if there are gaps in your experience
– training. You will register with an accredited assessment centre and be assigned an assessor.
The assessor will test your knowledge, understanding and performance in the workplace through
a carefully planned programme of evidence-gathering and questioning.

How long will it take?
The NVQ does not have to be completed within a specific time period, and you can organise your
study to suit your circumstances. Depending on factors such as your precise role, your personal
motivation and the amount of support that you receive from your employer it may be possible to
complete the NVQ in as little as 6 months if you are very experienced, or perhaps 12-18 months if
you are less experienced.

Are there any entry limits?
You should be currently employed in the relevant job role for the NVQ for which you are enrolling.
There are no specific entry requirements. You can study the NVQ regardless of prior
qualifications, age, gender or race. However, it will depend on an assessment of the depth and
breadth of your experience by your chosen assessment centre.

What will it cost?
Details of fees can be obtained by contacting an assessment centre direct (via the ABBE web site
– see below).

How do I register?
You may benefit from discussing your training needs with your line manager or training officer
before signing-up to the NVQ. You will need to identify an assessment centre that supports this
qualification, serves your area and can best meet your needs. The centre will be able to advise
you on the correct procedures and paperwork.

How do I find out more?
Contact ABBE by email at by visiting the web site at The web site provides detailed information on the NVQ and links to ABBE’s
network of assessment centres.

ABBE Level 3 NVQ in Property and Caretaking Supervision                                           3
July 2007

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