26 Sept Guardianship and Related Issues by PUHLP0J7


									 Guardianship, Part II Orders and Enduring Powers of Attorney

Date    :   Wednesday, 26 September 2012            Language :      English
Time    :   9:30 am – 11:30 pm
Point   :   2 CPD points                            Venue       :   Joint Professional Centre
Fee     :   HK$810                                                  Unit 1, G/F.,
Level   :   Intermediate                                            The Center, 99 Queen’s Road
                                                                    Central, Hong Kong

                                         Course objective:

(1) To equip the legal profession with practical knowledge on managing the finance and welfare of
    mentally incapacitated person as well as the relevant orders and advance instruments that can
    be obtained for the purpose.

(2) To update the legal profession with the most recent changes of the law relating to enduring
    powers of attorney and the development of further reform of the law in the foreseeable future.

                                         About the course:

The course consists of 3 parts covering the following issues:

Part A
Guardianship - Guardianship conceptual framework, mental health law history, local ordinance and
international development, Part IVB of Mental Health Ordinance, its legal framework and application,
definition of mentally incapacitated person, criteria on guardianship, Re: C [1994] 1 WLR 290 Family
Division mental capacity law, financial powers of guardian, medical powers of guardian, case-

Part B
Part II Orders - Emergency order, section 24 Order, Committee Order and statutory will.

Part C
Enduring Powers of Attorney - Meaning and purpose, Cap. 501 and Cap 31 of Laws of Hong Kong,
1st LRC Consultation for simplication in 2007 and its Report 2008, Amendment to Cap. 501 on 21
December 2011. 2nd Consultation in 2009 and its Report on 11 July 2011, extension of scope to
Personal Care and new supervisory powers to Court and Guardianship Board.

                                       About the presenter:

                         Charles Chiu, Chairperson, Guardianship Board

Charles Chiu was appointed the full-time Chairperson of Guardianship Board of Hong Kong SAR in
February 2003. He has practised law in Hong Kong and Australia since 1981. He is a panel
arbitrator and mediator of HKIAC. Currently, he is the Chairman of Haven of Hope Hospital and
Haven of Hope Christian Service of Hong Kong. He is also a member of Hospital Authority’s sub-
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