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									LOMAS Program Overview
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      Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS) Consultations

Without effective office management, law offices frequently are run in chaotic work
environments that breed lousy office morale and attitudes, mistake-prone work product,
disgruntled clients, patience-destroying files that are either missing or disorganized, and higher
than necessary overhead expenses due to inefficiencies. LOMAS conducts an honest review of
the strengths and weaknesses of a law office with an eye toward recommending policies and
procedures that will make the office run more efficiently and effectively.

Each consultation is unique because some lawyers are willing to take the time to be totally
involved in the process and some are not. The minimum time invested for the principals of the
firm is about 45 minutes initially, followed by a summary review of results later in the day which
may take about an hour. However, in every case the partner in charge sets the parameters of the
consultation activities.

Your consultant does not arrive with a pre-arranged checklist or audit; instead, during the
initial interview with the principal(s) of the firm, an outline is created which includes what is
working, what is not, what needs attention, what are the firm’s “sacred cows”, and so forth.
Sometimes we are asked to "just take a look around and tell us what you think," and in other
situations we may be asked to "review our trust account procedures and assure us that our
established procedures will keep us in compliance." In short, problems are identified and

Typical items for review include client intake procedures, mail procedures (i.e., receipt,
distribution, etc.), accounting procedures, financial statements, billing and collections,
personnel issues, marketing, employee evaluation, file construction and retention, telephone
protocols, and technology implementation. A multitude of other varying issues also arise and
are addressed in a comprehensive, competent manner. All consultations are confidential.

Consultations are generally limited to one day (approximately five hours) and are priced
depending upon the size of the firm and the scope of the project. The beginning threshold for
a solo law firm is $2000 including travel.

Written reports are optional and may incur an additional charge depending upon the size and
scope of the project.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you as described above. If you would like to schedule a
consultation, or if you would simply like further information regarding the services of
LOMAS, please feel free to contact us toll free at (866) 730-2020. You may also e-mail us at,, or

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