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									                                                                          Fine dining service
                                                                          WE BELIEVE EVERY ELEMENT OF YOUR CATERING EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE
                                                                          MOUTHWATERING, SENSATIONALLY TANTALIZING, AND GRATIFYING FROM
                                                                          BEGINNING TO ITS CONCLUSION.

                                                                          Lagrange Catering delivers only the best, matching your every menu,
                                                                          service, and décor need. Our culinary staff is practiced in the arts of classic

                                                                          and new cuisines. We will collaborate with you on every detail to make
                                                                          your event flawless. Lagrange catering sets the table and the mood to ensure
                                                                          that your experience surpasses expectation.

Catering                                                                  Use this brochure as a guide to start planning your event today. If you do
                                                                          not see exactly what you have in mind, we will customize a menu
                                                                          specifically for you.

                                                                          For formal or informal gatherings, Lagrange Catering will create an event
                                                                          brimming with exceptional food and service. Our chef will work with you
                                                                          to design a menu highlighting traditional favorites or the newest in trends in
                                                                          fine dining.

                                                                          PICK UP SERVICE
                                                                          Are you looking for light food for your breakfast, lunch or afternoon break?
                                                                          Need a boxed meal to feed
                                                                          guests on the move? Planning an informal get-together? Lagrange’s Pick
                                                                          Up service will dazzle your
                                                                          guests, and ease your hectic schedule.

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u   Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
Table of contents                                                         Continental breakfast
Continental Breakfast                                       1             All breakfasts include regular coffee and orange juice. Decaf, hot tea and other
Breakfast Buffets                                           2             juices are served on request.
Entrée Salads                                               3
Bistro Boxes                                                4
Bistro Trays                                                5             Coffee and juice only $3.30 per person
All Day Meetings                                            6
Sandwich Plates                                             7                                               Choose one of the following $4.67 per person
Sandwich Buffets                                            8
First Course - Soups and Appetizers                         9             Choose two of the following $5.00 per person
First Course - Salads                                       10
Entrees                                                   11 - 13                                          Choose three of the following $6.32 per person
Desserts                                                    14
Buffets                                                     15            SELECTIONS:
Build Your Own Buffet                                       16            Biscuits with Butter & Jellies
Break time                                                  17            (add $1.10 per person for Ham, Bacon, Sausage or
Cold Hors d’oeuvres                                         18            Sausage gravy)
Hot Hors d’oeuvres                                          19            Banana Nut Bread and Cream Cheese
Dips and Spreads                                            20            Yogurt Parfaits
                                                                          (add $1.10 per person, Individual parfaits, include
Reception Stations                                          21
                                                                          layers of yogurt, granola and fresh fruit)
Beverages                                                   22
                                                                          Assorted Yogurt Cups
Sweet Sheets                                                22
                                                                          Fresh Fruit Tray
Catering Arrangements                                       23            (Add $2.75 per person)
                                                                          Bagels with Condiments
                                                                          Assorted individual cream cheeses and butter
                                                                          Assorted Mini Muffins
                                                                          Assorted Danish

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u   Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
Breakfast buffets                                                                                    Entree salads
All buffets include regular coffee and choice of juice. Decaf, hot tea and other juices are served   CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD
upon request.                                                                                        $10.94 per person
Let Lagrange College Catering perk up your morning with one of the following breakfast               Romaine lettuce, marinated chicken breast, shredded
buffets, specially                                                                                   parmesan, garlic croutons and Caesar dressing.
designed for the Lagrange community.
                                                                                                     CHEF SALAD
THE SOUTHERNER                                                                                       $10.45 per person
Scrambled eggs, assorted danish, fruit tray, buttermilk biscuits,                                    Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, egg quarters,
sausage gravy, breakfast potatoes, grits, bacon, sausage links,                                      sliced turkey, ham & swiss cheese.
whipped butter, cream cheese and assorted jellies.                                                   LADY OF THE HOUSE SALAD
$11.00per person                                                                                     $12.65 per person
LAGRANGE HEALTHY BREAKFAST                                                                           Baby spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons,
Seasonal sliced fresh fruit, granola, skim milk, 2% milk,                                            cheese, egg quarters topped with marinated grilled chicken
                                                                                                     breast with your choice of dressings.
assorted yogurt and muffins
$9.90 per person                                                                                     ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD
                                                                                                     $12.65 per person
LAGRANGE BREAKFAST                                                                                   Crisp baby filed greens tossed with julienne carrots, sliced
Scrambled eggs, fruit tray, buttermilk biscuits, sausage gravy,                                      cucumbers, scallions and grilled chicken, served with a
Grits and bacon.                                                                                     oriental sesame dressing.,
$9.90 per person                                                                                     Salad plates include tea, water, rolls and butter, and a choice of
THE FRENCH CONNECTION                                                                                dessert: fresh baked cookie or brownie.
Scrambled eggs, French toast & syrup, bacon, ham, breakfast                                          COBB SALAD
Potatoes and seasonal fresh fruit.                                                                   $12.10 per person
$9.90 per person                                                                                     shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, boiled eggs,
                                                                                                     diced turkey breast, crumbled bacon, blue cheese crumbles,
SOUTHWESTERN BREAKFAST BUFFET                                                                        and your choice of dressing.
Breakfast burritos with salsa, scrambled eggs, spicy sausage                                         FRIED CHICKEN SALAD
And bacon, breakfast potatoes with onions and peppers,                                               $10.90 per person
sliced seasonal fresh fruit, assorted muffins and bagels served                                      Cold strips of crispy fried chicken breast on top of torn
with cream cheese and butter.                                                                        Romaine lettuce with shaved red onions, blue cheese
$11.05 per person                                                                                    crumbles and tomatoes.
                                                                                                     SOUTHWESTERN CHICKEN SALAD
                                                                                                     $11.55 per person
                                                                                                     A garden medley of fresh greens,
                                                                                                     cherry tomatoes, jack cheese, black olives, topped
                                                                                                     with grilled chicken breast and garnished with tortilla
                                                                                                     strips and served with Fiesta Ranch Dressing.

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u                              Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
Bistro boxes                                                                                      Bistro trays
                                                            CLASSIC SANDWICHES
                                                                                                  THE CLASSIC SANDWICH COLLECTION
                                                                   Turkey Breast Caesar Wrap      An assortment of our Classic Sandwiches served with Seasonal Tossed Green
                                                                                                  Salad, Signature Side Salad, Chips, Decadent Dessert Bars, Cookies,
                                                       Shaved Roast Beef & Smokey Ham with        and Beverages
                                                             Cheddar on a Croissant               $12.08 per person
                                                                                                  COUNTRY BISTRO SANDWICH SAMPLER
                                                                                                  A variety of sandwiches from our Country Bistro collection served with our
                                                                                                  Signature Side Salad, Chips, Cookies, and Beverages.
COUNTRY BISTRO SANDWICHES                                                                         $9.88 per person
Overstuffed Turkey, Bacon & Cheese on

Shaved Roast Beef, Smoky Ham
and Cheddar on a French Roll
                                                                THE BISTRO CLASSIC
                                                          Choose a Classic Sandwich or Entrée
                                                         Salad and your box will also include a

                                                                                                  All day meetings
                                                              Side Salad, Chips, a Fresh Baked
                                                                      Cookie, and a Beverage.
                                                                              $9.88 per person
Select a Country Bistro Sandwich and
Enjoy it with Chips, a Fresh Baked                                                                FULL DAY CLASSIC $20.88 per person
Cookie, and a Beverage.                                                                           Enjoy the Morning Agenda featuring Premium Baked Goods, Fresh Fruit, Juices and Coffee.
$8.78 per person                                                                                  Round out the day with our
                                                                                                  Classic Sandwich Collection including our Classic Sandwiches, Sides, Dessert Bars, Freshly
ENTRÉE SALADS                                                                                     Baked Cookies and Beverages.
Toasted Cashew Chicken Salad
Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Penne Salad
Grilled Chicken Caesar or Chef Salad
                                                                                                  A FULL DAY COUNTRY BISTRO $14.28 per person
SIDE SALADS                                                                                       Our Signature Sunrise with Fresh Baked Goods and Coffee will begin your day. For lunch, the
$2.74                                                                                             Country Bistro Sandwich
Seasonal Tossed Green Salad                                                                       Sampler will arrive and include a variety of Country Bistro Sandwiches, a Side salad, Chips,
Signature Side Salad: Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Fruit Salad,                                     Freshly Baked Cookies and
Cole Slaw                                                                                         Beverages.

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u                           Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
                                                                                                  CHUNKY CHICKEN SALAD
                                                                                                  Our famous chicken salad
                                                                                                  $9.85 per person

                 Sandwich plates
                                                                                                  TUNA SALAD
                                                                                                  Freshly made tuna salad with sweet relish.
 All sandwiches include choice of bread, lettuce, tomato, pickle spear, sides of mayonnaise,      $9.85 per person
mustard, choice of two sides, tea, water and choice of dessert, fresh baked brownie or cookies.

SIDES: Potato salad, pasta salad, cole slaw, cucumber / tomato salad, potato chips Fresh Fruit
Salad - add $2.20 per person

BREADS: Kaiser roll, white bread, wheat bread, sub roll or baguette.
Croissant – add $1.64 per person

                                                                                                                Sandwich buffets
Roast turkey, shaved ham, onion, peppers & cheddar cheese
$10.45 per person
Hickory smoked turkey and American cheese
$9.90 per person
Italian Ciabatta Bread filled with Roasted Chicken Breast,
Provolone Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Dijon Mustard Sauce and                                               Buffets include lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, assorted breads,
Sautéed Spinach Buerre Blanc.                                                                                  choice of side, chips, assorted beverages and fresh baked cookies.
$10.45 per person
LAGRANGE CLUB (TRIPLE DECKER)                                                                                              THE CORNER DELI BUFFET
Ham, turkey, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and American
cheese on toasted white bread.                                                                                             Design your own sandwiches with a
$11.00 per person                                                                                                           Selection of premium deli meats &
SHAVED ROAST BEEF                                                                                                           Cheeses, including Roasted Turkey
Tender roast beef, cheddar cheese and                                                                                      Breast, Smokey Ham, Shaved Roast
horseradish sauce.                                                                                                         Beef, Cheddar & American Cheese.
$11.55 per person                                                                                                         Served with Fresh Baked Breads, our
CLUB WRAP                                                                                                               Signature Side Salad, Chips, Fresh Baked
                                                                                                                                 Cookies and beverages.
Turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar and a
                                                                                                                                    $14.28 per person
creamy dressing sauce, wrapped in a flour tortilla.
                                                                                                                       Grilled Chicken breast add $2.75 per person
$11.00 per person
Tender strips of grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, tomato,
parmesan cheese, and our classic Caesar dressing.
$12.00 per person
Hickory smoked ham with swiss cheese.
$9.85 per person

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u                           Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
                                                                                      PREMIUM SALADS $3.12 per person
                                                                                      Spring mix with feta cheese, toasted pecans, carrots and grape tomatoes
                                                                                      Spinach salad with artichoke hearts, olives, and hearts of palm topped with goat
                                                                                      Spring mix with mandarin oranges, toasted almonds and vinaigrette
                                                                                      Hearts of romaine lettuce with toasted walnuts and a blue cheese dressing and

                       First course                                                   topped with crumbled bleu cheese

$4.40 per person
Tomato Basil
Clam Chowder
Spicy Chili
Vegetarian Chili
Cream of Broccoli & Cheddar                                                           LET LAGRANGE CATERING ASSIST IN
                                  APPETIZERS                                          PLANNING THE PERFECT SERVED DINNER
                                  CRAB CAKE                                           All plates include chef’s choice of vegetable, house salad, rolls, butter, coffee, tea
                 Flash fried jumbo lump crab cake with a cucumber                     and water.
                                slaw and lemon aioli.                                 POULTRY
                                  $11.00 per person                                   GEORGIA PECAN CRUSTED CHICKEN $13.75 per person
                               SHRIMP MARTINI                                         Chicken breast coated in toasted pecans and oven baked served with roasted new
                     Chilled jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce,                        potatoes and orange chutney.
                                in a Martini glass                                    CHICKEN PARMESAN $13.75 per person
                                $11.55 per person                                     Flash fried breaded chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese and marinara
                                  BAKED BRIE                                          sauce on a bed of spaghetti.
                       Served with toasted pecans in a brioche                        FLORENTINE STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST $13.75per person
                       and accompanied with apples and fresh                          Baked chicken filled with sautéed spinach, feta cheese and Italian herbs, and
                                      Berries                                         finished with a roasted chicken jus.
                                  $8.74 per person                                    BOURBON-BROWN SUGAR MARINATED CHICKEN BREAST $
                       SMOKED SALMON TERRINE                                          Served with dirty rice and a bourbon demi-glaze
                           Norwegian smoked salmon and                                13.75 person
                                  Cream cheese                                        CHICKEN CORDON BLEU $13.75 per person
                                $15.34 per person                                     Breaded and baked chicken filled with ham and swiss cheese topped with sauce

                       First course
                                                                                      CHICKEN MARSALA $13.75 per person
                                                                                      Sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce.
HOUSE SALADS $2.47 per person
Romaine and Iceberg lettuce with shaved carrots, cucumber slices, tomatoes and        CHICKEN WELLINGTON $13.75 per person
choice of two dressings.                                                              Chicken and mushroom duxelle wrapped in puff pastry and baked
Dressings: Ranch, Italian, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette   golden brown served with a chicken veloute.
Light Italian, Light Ranch
Caesar Salad with croutons and parmesan cheese.
Additional dressing $.85 per person

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u               Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
                                                                                          ROLLED EGGPLANT $9.90 per person
                                                                                          Sliced Eggplant filled with Mozzarella and ricotta cheese, topped with a crushed
                                                                                          tomato sauce
                                                                                          TORTELLINI PRIMAVERA PARMESAN $11.00 per person Tri-Colored
                                                                                          Tortellini Layered with Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Herb Marinara Sauce
                                                                                          DUO OF STUFFED SQUASH $9.90 per person
                                                                                          A lightly breaded Zucchini stuffed with roasted vegetables and Parmesan Cheese.
                                                                                          Paired with a

                                                                                          roasted corn and black bean Stuffed Squash
                                                                                          FIVE CHEESE LASAGNA $9.90 per person
                                                                                          Wonderful blend of parmesan, romano, ricotta, mozzarella and fontina cheese.
 All plates include chef’s choice of vegetable, house salad, rolls, butter, coffee, tea
                                      and water.

GRILLED FLANK STEAK $17.87 per person
Marinated and grilled flank steak with garlic mashed potatoes and wild rice demi-

Stuffed with Wild Rice Mushroom Ragout, Served with a Reduced Red Wine Demi-
4oz., 6oz. or 8oz. grilled filet with mashed potatoes and pan gravy.
                                                                                          SELECT DESERTS
                                                                                          Carrot Cake $2.47
SEAFOOD                                                                                   Strawberry Shortcake $2.47
JACK DANIELS SALMON $17.87 per person                                                     Chocolate Mousse $4.01
Seared Salmon with a Sweet Jack Daniels Sauce
                                                                                          Strawberry Mousse $4.01
SHRIMP SCAMPI $18.97 per person
Shrimp tossed in a Garlic Butter Sauce over Bowtie Pasta
                                                                                          Pecan Pie $2.47
                                                                                          Raspberry Mousse $4.01

                               Entrees                                                    New York Cheesecake $2.47
                                                                                          Champagne Cake $2.47
All plates include chef’s choice of vegetable, house salad, rolls, butter, coffee, tea
and water.                                                                                PREMIUM DESERTS
PORK & GAME                                                                               Tiramisu $4.01
FIVE SPICED RUBBED ROASTED PORK LOIN $15.34 per person                                    Chocolate Pyramids $4.01
Oven roasted pork loin served with warm granny smith apple chutney.                       Black Forest Cake $4.01
APPLE STUFFED PORK LOIN $15.34 per person                                                 Caramel Apple Pie $4.01
Oven roasted pork loin stuffed with apples, pecans and Raisins, served with an            Premium Key Lime Pie $4.67
applejack brandy jus
ROASTED TURKEY $13.20 per person
Sliced oven roasted turkey breast served with cornbread dressing and giblet gravy

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u                   Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
                               Buffets                                                    Build your own buffet
                                Minimum 25 people                                   CHOICE OF TWO ITEMS
                         All buffets served with tea & water                        $14.30 per person
EVERYTHING PASTA BUFFET                                                             Sliced Turkey
Caesar salad, bowtie pasta and spaghetti, Marinara Sauce, Alfredo sauce,            Lasagna
Meatballs, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions and peppers, garlic bread and          Southern Fried Chicken
Tiramisu                                                                            Sliced Ham
$10.17per person                                                                    Home Style Meatloaf
COUNTRY BARBECUE                                                                    Baked Ziti with Italian Sausage
Pulled BBQ chicken, BBQ pork, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw,                 Chicken Pot Pie
tossed salad, buns, peach or apple cobbler.                                         Country Fried Steak
$10.17 per person                                                                                                                        CHOICE OF TWO ITEMS
PIZZA PARTY                                                                                                                                           $19.25 per person
Assorted pizzas, Caesar salad, breadsticks, assorted cookies, assorted sodas.                                                                     Chicken Cordon Bleu
$12.10 per person                                                                                                                              Broiled Stuffed Flounder
LAGRANGE GRILLE WORKS                                                                                                                                Chicken Florentine
Hamburgers, beef franks, baked beans, cole slaw, potato chips, lettuce, tomatoes,                                                                 Seasoned Roast Beef
cheese, onion, relish, pickles, buns, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and brownies.                                                                Grilled Chicken Breast
Vegetarian burgers available upon request.                                                                                                           Chicken Parmesan
$9.35 per person                                                                                                                         Apple Butter-Glazed Pork Loin
SOUTHERN REUNION                                                                                                                               Marinated London Broil
Southern fried chicken, slice ham, southern style green beans,
Garden salad, tomato, onion, hot pepper tray, corn on the cob,
macaroni & cheese, rolls, banana pudding or sweet potato pie.
$12.65 per person
Grilled chicken, seasoned beef, lettuce, diced tomato, shredded
cheese, salsa, sour cream, tostada chips, guacamole, black olives,
jalapeno peppers, Mexican rice, refried beans and key lime pie.
$12.65 per person

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u             Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
                                                                                            Cold hor d’ouevres
                                                                                  Chilled Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce $7.15 per person
                                                                                  Assorted Bouchees $5.50 per person
Seasonal Vegetables                                   Honey Glazed carrots        Phylo cups filed with a choice of fillings:
Asparagus                                             Steamed Green Beans         Choose Three: Pimento Cheese, Tuna Spread, Chicken Spread, and Egg Salad
Buttered Corn                                         Sautéed Garden Fresh Veg.   Smoked Salmon Terrine Platter $165.00 per platter
Corn on the Cob                                       Sautéed Squash Medley       Norwegian smoked salmon and cream cheese with traditional accompaniments and
Sautéed Mushrooms                                     Green Bean Almandine        mini bagels
Corn Soufflé Green                                    Peas with Mushrooms         Lady Finger Sandwich $2.75 per person
Squash Casserole                                                                  White or wheat bread with a choice of spreads:
                               STARCHES                                           Choose Three: Pimento Cheese, Tuna Spread, Chicken Spread, Egg Salad, and
Risotto Twice                                        Baked Potatoes               Cucumber Spread
Potato Au Gratin                                     Brown Rice Pilaf             Antipasto Skewer $3.57 per person
Sweet Potato Soufflé                                 Rosemary Potatoes            Fresh mozzarella, artichokes, cherry tomato, olive and basil oil.
Macaroni & Cheese                                    Cornbread Stuffing           Cheese Straws $2.75 per dozen
Mashed Potatoes                                      Garlic Mashed Potatoes       Fresh Fruit Display $2.75 per person
Wild Rice with Walnuts and Cranberries               Couscous                     Fresh Fruit Display with Yogurt Dip $3.02 per person
Rice Pilaf with Toasted Pecans                       Scalloped Potatoes           Fresh Vegetable Display with Ranch Dip $2.20per person
                                                                                  Imported and Domestic Cheese Display with assorted crackers
16 17                                                                             $3.57 per person

                        break time
                                                                                  Grilled Marinated Vegetable Display $2.75 per person
                                                                                  Includes zucchini, yellow squash, tomato, onion, eggplant and asparagus (in season)
                                                                                  accompanied by toasted bruschetta and focaccia.
Sweet Sampler: Brownies, Lemon Squares, and Cookies $3.85 per person
Mini Desserts $3.57 per person
Cookies, assorted $1.92 per person
Cookies & Punch $3.30 per person
Cookies & Sodas $3.60 per person
Whole Fruit Basket $2.50 per person
Bottled Water $1.65per person
Sodas, assorted $1.65 per person
Assorted bags of chips, pretzels, & canned
Sodas $3.57 per person
Chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate
chip cookies, chocolate brownies.
$5.77 per person

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u           Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
                                                                                      CARVED HAM $3.30 per person
                                                                                      With Honey Mustard and Dijon Sauce and rolls
                                                                                      ROASTED TURKEY BREAST $4.40 per person

            Hot hor d’ouevres                                                         With Cranberry Chutney and Giblet Gravy and rolls
                                                                                      PASTA STATION $8.25 per person
                                                                                      Bowtie and Fettuccini Pastas, Marinara and Alfredo Sauces,
Scallops Wrapped in Bacon $4.34 per person
                                                                                      Ground Beef, Grilled Chicken, Sautéed Peppers, Onions and
Stuffed Mushroom Caps
                                                                                      Mushrooms, Parmesan Cheese, red Pepper Flakes, Breadsticks.
With crab meat $3.24 per person
With sausage $3.02 per person                                                         STIR FRY STATION $8.80 per person
With vegetables $2.47 per person                                                      Steamed Rice, Peanut Sauce, teriyaki Sauce, sweet and Sour Sauce,
                                                                                      Julienne Chicken, Marinated Flank Steak, Julienne Vegetables,
Mini Egg Roll with Dip $2.14 per person
                                                                                      Mushrooms, Water Chestnuts, Bean Sprouts and Fortune Cookies.
Pork Pot stickers $4.34 per person
Mini Quiche $2.75 per person
Chicken Fingers $3.02 per person                                                                               Beverages
BBQ sauce and Honey Mustard                                                           Canned Sodas $1.65 per person
Meatballs $2.75 per person                                                            Bottled Water $1.65per person
Buffalo Hot Wings with Bleu Cheese $3.24 per person                                   Coffee $1.92 per person
Chicken Sate with a Ginger Soy Sauce $3.24 per person                                 Individual Juices $1.65 per person
Crab Rangoon $2.75 per person                                                         Fruit Punch or Lemonade $1.37 per person
Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto $3.02 per person                                      Cranberry Punch $1.65 per person
Mini Crab Cakes $4.34 per person                                                      Sparkling White Grape Juice Punch $1.65 per person
Served with a remoulade sauce                                                         Hot Cider $2.20 per person

                 Dips & Spreads
Spinach & Artichoke Dip $2.75 per person
Served with pita chips
Mexican Seven Layer Dip $2.75 per person                                                                 Sweet Sheets
Served with tortilla chips                                                            Decorated Full Sheet Cake $110.00
Brie en Croute with Raspberries $3.30 per person                                      Decorated Half Sheet Cake $70.00
                                                                                      Decorated Round Cake $50.00

            Reception stations
                                                                                      Cookies $8.25 per dozen

Stations are listed per person and include a chef attendant. These stations are
designed for groups of 50 people or more, and are intended as an appetizer portion.
BEEF TENDERLOIN $11.00 per person
With Horseradish Sour Cream and Green peppercorn Spread
And rolls.
TOP ROUND OF BEEF $6.60 per person
With BBQ sauce, Horseradish Sour Cream, Honey Mustard
And rolls.

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u               Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u
                                                                                                   EVENT AMBIENCE: Tablecloths and napkins are included in the cost of your
                                                                                                   luncheon or dinner with china service.
                                                                                                   Skirting for tables other than the food buffet, cloths for extra tables (i.e. registration table),
                                                                                                   specialty linens and napkins are available at additional costs.
                                                                                                   China for all events will be an additional charge of $2.20 per person for all non-campus related

Catering Arrangements
ON CAMPUS ROOM RESERVATIONS: For your events using the Catering
Guide selections, we recommend booking your event at least 10 days in advance to allow for
proper planning. For events needing special planning or food selections not published in the
Catering Guide, we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance. If the event is on
campus, room reservations can be made with campus schedules and reservations, (706 880-
8296. Table and chair arrangements can be made at (706) 880-8296.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
50% of the Bill is due upon booking the event and the remaining balance is the days of the
event.1.5% of the Bill per month are computed on the unpaid balance after 30 days.
Non Campus Billing – There is a 18% gratuity for all non-Lagrange College events.
Georgia sales tax of 7% will be added unless the organization is tax-exempt. In that case, a
letter of state tax exemption must be provided.
Delivery charges are as follows: main campus $5, 10 mile radius $25, and beyond 10 miles
10% of the bill.
PLANNING PROCEDURES: Please book your event at least 2 weeks in advance.
Charges for meals are based on a maximum 2-hour period. Any function lasting more than 2
hours in which our staff is required to stay or return for clean-up will have a surcharge.
Cancellations without charge will be accepted with two business days notice. Less than this
will result in charges based on costs that have been incurred.
LIABILITY: All displays and catering equipment are the responsibility of the host from the
start of the event until the scheduled pick up time. A charge will be added to the original bill
for any items not returned from the event. Due to Georgia’s Department of Health regulations
concerning temperature and proper storage, food and beverage may not be removed from the
premises following your catered event.
GUARANTEED COUNTS: A guaranteed number is required based on the schedule
below. A guaranteed number is the minimum number of guests for whom you will be charged.
If you go over your guaranteed number, you will be charged accordingly.
If we do not receive a guaranteed number by noon three business days prior, the estimated
number given at the time of the booking becomes the guaranteed number.
Guaranteed Number Deadline: Confirm by noon: For events on:
Thursday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Saturday
Thursday Sunday
There is a minimum of a $50.00 order for all non- campus related functions. For those orders
that do not meet minimums a service charge of 18% will be applied.

Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u                            Lagrange Catering 706 882 0788 Fax 706 882 5537 www.jluc@lagrange.e d u

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