2013 NHMRC Project Grants Certification Form by PUHLP0J7


									2013 NHMRC PROJECT GRANT CERTIFICATION FORM                                                         APP: _____________

 Chief Investigator (CI) Certifications must be obtained in writing prior to submission of your 2013 NHMRC Project
 Grant application to the NHMRC.

 Certification may be by handwritten signature on this form, or via email provided the email includes the relevant
 certification statement (below) and the full name, position and contact details of the person certifying.

 Written Certifications are required from CIs B to J. CIA certifies online in the RGMS application and is therefore
 not required to complete this Certification Form.

 CIA gathers the required Certifications from all other CIs on his/her team, and provides these to R&ID when
 commencing CIA Certification online in RGMS.

 The University of Queensland (UQ) will retain the Certification form/s for its records.

 UQ is not authorised to submit this 2013 NHMRC Project Grant application to the NHMRC until the application is
 complete and all CIs have Certified.

Certification by Chief Investigators on an NHMRC Project Grant application.
I certify that:
i) all the details in my Profile and CV are complete, current, and correct;
ii) all details in this NHMRC Project Grant application are complete, current, and correct;
iii) I have complied with the NHMRC Project Grants Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2013, and NHMRC Project
     Grants Advice and Instructions to Applicants for funding commencing in 2013;
iv) If the application is successful I agree to carry out the research in strict accordance with the conditions governing NHMRC
     research grants at the time, including the NHMRC Funding Agreement;
v) I understand and agree that all statutory requirements must be met before the proposed research can commence; and
vi) I acknowledge that the research contained within the application may be used for internal NHMRC quality

Signatures of Chief Investigators.

           Investigator Name                             Organisation                              Signature of
                                                                                                 Chief Investigator

Where Actual Institutions (other than UQ) are involved in the NHMRC Project Grant application, please also provide
(below) the signature of the relevant Head of Department to certify that all appropriate facilities will be available if the
application is successful.

                  Name                                   Organisation                              Signature of
                                                 (only applies where not UQ)                    Head of Department

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