Summer Reading Project by PUHLP0J7


									                                   Novel Project

                My novel project is due on September 7th, 2012.

Choose one of the following formats.
   1. Illustrate a number of important scenes (at least five) in the book on PowerPoint.
   2. Make “wanted” posters for several (at least three) of the characters in the novel.
   3. Make a bulletin board for the novel. Use a regular size poster board as your
      bulletin board.
   4. Use a collage to represent the mood of the novel or its theme. Use a regular size
      poster board as your collage. It should be full, and there should not be any poster
      board showing through the collage of pictures.
   5. Write a comic book version of your novel.
   6. Write a parody of the novel.
   7. Write an episode of jeopardy based on the plot, setting, theme, character, etc.
      from the novel. There should be thirty questions in six categories.
   8. Make a flow chart for the novel. There should be at least twelve steps.

Powerpoints can be emailed to . I DO NOT accept “flash”
drives or “jump drives.”

Novel Project must include the following:
(3 pts.) Title
(3 pts.) Author
(2 pts.) Publisher
(2 pts.) Year
(2 pts.) Pages
(2 pts.) You should read this novel: yes/no
(9 pts.) Three vocabulary words with the page number, sentence, and definition
(5 pts.) When and where does this novel take place with three examples?
(10 pts.) Theme of the novel THEME MUST BE EXPRESSED AS A SENTENCE;
ONE WORD (“football”) IS NOT A THEME!
(10 pts.) Main characters of the novel (List four choices the main character makes that
make the story move along. Explain.
(5 pts.) The turning point in the story
(3 pts.) Who is telling the story?
(20 pts.)List 10 major events in the novel in order.
(10 pts.) What is the major conflict?
(4 pts.) Find a quote from the novel that means something to you and write about it.
(5 pts.) Neatness
(5 pts.) Attractive

100 points total

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