Student Sustainability Projects Update as of November 10th 2007 by PUHLP0J7


									Student Sustainability Projects Update as of November 15th 2007

Dates and Deadlines

November 14th: (20 points). Group project outlines due.

Nov 19th - Nov 26th (we suggest you turn it in by the 19th. this way we will be able to get you
feedback sooner, however, we will accept them until Nov. 26th (10 points). This will be a full first
draft, structured according to the project description and including 10 pages of narrative text. We
expect only one draft per group. You will get feed-back through a peer review process in section as
well as from the TAs / instructors. [feedback will be provided by Nov 30th ]

December 7th: (70 points) Final Project Due. In addition to the final written project, we also
expect you to develop a way to creatively communicate your project in a group presentation done
in section. Of these 70 points for the final report, 10 points will be for your presentation grade. Also
please remember that the full project is worth 30% of your course grade. No late projects will be
accepted, please contact TA’s and instructors for assistance.

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