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Jade Sellers
        The Alchemical Theory
• Alchemy: the expansion of consciousness
  and development of insight through
• The alchemical theory can trace its origins
  back to ancient Greece
• The alchemical theory differs depending
  on the goals of the area of practice.
      The Alchemical Process
• Alchemists used the
  alchemical process to
  reach their goals in
• The process differs
  from place to place
  depending on the
  alchemists’ goals
      Misconceptions about the
         alchemical process
• Alchemy may appear to be a magical art rather
  then a science.
• Alchemy dealt with real animals, not those of
  mythology or magical origins.
• They used real chemicals and process in their
Relation to Full Metal Alchemist
• True Alchemy:         • Full Metal Alchemist:
 Require labs to        Can do alchemy
  perform alchemy         anywhere
 No human sacrifices    Human sacrifices
  needed                  needed for certain
 Philosopher’s Stone     things
  can create gold and    Philosopher’s Stone
  give the user           only enhanced
  immortality             alchemical abilities
         The Philosopher’s stone:
         Importance of the Stone
• The Philosopher’s Stone
  is the most important
  thing in alchemy.
• Alchemists would try to
  create the stone by any
  means necessary.
• The stone was sought
  after by many
  generations of
• ‘It is a stone that is not
  actually a stone’
    The Philosopher’s Stone: powers
            and appearance
•  The powers of the         • The appearance of
   philosopher’s stone are
   as follows:                 the Philosopher’s
1) Immortality                 stone is highly
2) Transmutation of base       controversial.
   metals into gold and
   silver                    • Two of the more
3) Purifying the human         common colors are
• The stone is known as a
                               crimson and clear.
   purified substance that
   is only pure after many
   different stages of
          The Emerald Tablet
• The Emerald Tablet is a special document
  written by Hermes Trismegistos, the father of
  alchemy and famous Egyptian alchemist.
• The tablet contained a secret formula in the
  language that the alchemists understood.
• The tablet was so important that all alchemists
  hung a copy of it in the place where they
  practiced their alchemy.
      The Emerald Tablet Cont.

• The tablet contains a 7
  step process in it to reach
  the goal of the tablet.
• No one is for sure about
  what the true formula is
  nor what the tablet’s
  formula achieves but all
  we know is that it was
  essential for the
  alchemists of that time.
•  During the time that alchemy was a
   major part of science there were three
   main groups that practiced the art. Those
   three groups were:
1. The Chinese
2. The Egyptians
3. The Europeans
            Chinese Alchemists:
• Chinese alchemists were the second group of alchemists
  to bring forth the science of alchemy.
• Chinese alchemists were hired by the lords of their
• They held mini ceremonies before they started their
  alchemy. The ceremonies were dedicated to a goddess
  named Stove.
• Stove was the goddess of cooking and brewing
  medicines so she was regarded as a kind of watchful
  eye over the alchemists.
• The Chinese officials decided to band the creation of
  gold through alchemical means because the people who
  hired the alchemists for that purpose were abusing the
  ability to make gold.
           Chinese Alchemists:
•    Chinese alchemists had two main goals:
1.   The creation of the elixir of life
2.   The formation of alchemical gold
•    The Chinese alchemists tried to reach
     their goals but many were failed
     attempts. Gold was made in small
     quantities but the elixir of life was found
     as unrealistic and caused the downfall of
     the practice of alchemy in that area.
         Chinese Alchemists:
       What we gained from them
• Even though Chinese alchemy wasn’t as successful as
  they would have wanted it to be, it still gave us
  something that we still use today. What we gained was
  an oxymoron to what they were trying to get; they
  wanted to prolong life but what they made had the ability
  to kill, gunpowder.
• Gunpowder was made after a number of failed attempts
  in creating the elixir of life by a man by the name of
  Tseng Kung-Liang . He later published the formula for
  gunpowder and the powder spread through the known
  world like wildfire.
         Egyptian Alchemists:
• Egyptian Alchemists were the very first
  alchemists to start the art.
• The Egyptian alchemist Hermes
  Trismegistus was the first alchemists in
  recorded history.
• Egyptian alchemists were hired by
  someone of higher power then the
  alchemist himself to create gold.
Hermes Trismegistus and Egyptian
         Egyptian Alchemists:
•   Egyptian alchemy was a little more
    complicated then the others because of
    the way that the Egyptians thought of
•   The alchemists believed that alchemy
    was a science of eternal life. This was
    also partnered with their belief that
    everything had a soul and every soul had
    a thing attached to it.
       Egyptian Alchemists:
     What we gained from them
• Egyptian alchemists played one of the
  most important roles in the history of
  alchemy because they introduced the
  science to the world.
• This science has lead to the present day
  chemistry, so, the Egyptian alchemists can
  be regarded as the creators of a primitive
  sort of chemistry.
        European Alchemists:
• Europeans learned the art of alchemy from
  the Spaniards who gained this information
  from monks who taught the Spanish
  explorers about the art and it’s purposes.
• The European Alchemists were hired by
  the kings and nobles.
• The European alchemists were the original
  wizards because of their odd experiments.
          European Alchemists:
•    The European alchemists had two main goals:
1.   To form gold through alchemical means
2.   To create the Philosopher’s stone
•    The kings and nobles would hire alchemists to
     make gold while others would work on the
     creation of the Philosopher’s stone (sometimes
     referred to as the elixir of life depending on
     what culture you are referring to)
      European Alchemists:
     What we gained from them
• The European Alchemists triggered the
  idea of chemistry and astronomy in the
  minds of the alchemists and allowed for
  those sciences to be put into place.
     Nicolas Flamel: The Immortal
     French Alchemist (1330-1418,
            assumed dead)
• One of the most known
  alchemists is the famed
  Nicolas Flamel.
• Nicolas Flamel gained his
  fame from being known as the
  first and only alchemist to
  create the Philosopher’s stone.
• Nicolas Flamel disappeared
  after he created the
  Philosopher’s stone and the
  only man that knew where he
  was died without telling
  anyone where he went or if he
  was still alive or not.
      Nicolas Flamel’s Notes
• This site shows some of Flamel’s notes he
  took while he was making the
  Philosopher’s stone.

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