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									Instructions: Request for Full-Time Position Number

Section 1: Requester Information
Date:                  Date submitted
Department:            Name of department
Requester’s Name:      Name of person requesting the new position
Extension:             Telephone extension of requester.

Section 2: Budget Information
Colleague Account Number to Fund Position:
        The account where the available budget resides for this position, e.g, Dean Jones has planned
        for this vacancy & reserved in their contractual services the available budget to fund this
        position 11.XXX.XX. 519990.XXXXX

Section 3: Position Information
Colleague Account Number for
         Primary Funding (Salary):        Colleague Account(s) funding salary
Position title:                           Title of new position
Annual salary:                            Entry level for position salary grade
Who supervises this position?
         Name:                            Name of supervisor of new position
         Position No.:                    Colleague Position number of supervisor
Does this position replace an existing position: Yes or No
Position number being replaced:           Colleague Position number of old position
Will this position be supervising others? Yes or No
Effective Date:                           Date supervising begins
What positions will be supervised:        Colleague Position numbers of supervised positions

Section 4: Authorization
Division Vice President:
Div 1:           Dr. Kathy Drumm
Div 2:           Dr. Kathy Drumm
Div 3:           Richard Zollinger
Div 4:           Dr. Marcia Conston
Div 5:           Michael Moss
Div 6:           Dr. Kathy Drumm

Helpful references:     Salary Grade Tables – Faculty, Non-Faculty, and Dean Salary Tables
                        Position Crosswalk - Positions, Vacancies, GL Account Numbers

Revised 8/30/10

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