SCCS Soccer

The School for
Athletes with
• Students must register for a full
  year of attendance with SCS.
• Duration of program:
   – Girls: 5 months
     (September to January)
   – Boys: 5 months
     (February to June)
• The day consists of
   – ½ in school instruction
   – ½ soccer instruction with academic
     subjects covered via Cyber School
               Our Philosophy
•   This program challenges the individual to
    play the game of soccer at a level required
    to compete at the provincial, collegiate,
    national and ultimately a professional
•   It is designed to promote life skills such
     – Time management
     – independence
     – organizational skills
•   The skills are reinforced through the
    holistic aspect of this program.
•   Our responsibility is to work with this
    philosophy to specifically challenge and
    develop the athletic ability of the student.
     Pursuing Athletic Excellence
• The SCCS soccer academy’s goal
  is to develop a high performance
  training program geared towards
  excellence in the areas of:
   – Speed
   – Power
   – Coordination
   – Flexibility
   – Agility
   – aerobic endurance
   – aerobic power.
      Time Management Skills
                        S    M   T   W   TH F   S

                        7    8   9   10 11   12 13

                        14 15 16 17 18 19 20

                        21 22 23 24 25 26 27

• Throughout the training, the student will
  improve the following skills required to achieve
  his/her soccer goal :
   – time management
   – independence
   – organizational skills
           Junior Program
• This program includes Grade 9-10
• The juniors will participate in
  soccer instruction during each
  morning (Monday – Friday).
• All new students in the program
  will focus on technical development
  and game training situations.
• Cyber School courses will be used
  to replace their morning classes.
• Afternoon academic classes will be
  taken at the student’s face to face
           Senior Program
• The Senior program includes
  Grade 11-12 students .
• This program will take place
  during each afternoon (Monday –
  Friday) and is geared towards
  students who have completed the
  requirements of the junior
• Cyber school courses will be used to
  fill a student’s schedule.
• Morning classes will be followed at
  the student’s face to face school.
       Student Assistance
• SCCS will assist students/athletes
  in their sports careers by:
   – Building relationships with post-
     secondary institutions
   – Supplying contacts with player
     profiles , stats and schedules.
   – Supplying videos to colleges
     requesting footage of individual
• The Program should not hinder a
  student’s ability to participate in
  other school sport activities.
             Types of Training
• Training will be focused on each of
  these areas:
   –   Goal setting
   –   Visualization
   –   Imagery
   –   Leadership
   –   Relaxation and activation
   –   Self hypnosis
   –   Focusing
   –   Self awareness
            High Academic Achievements
•   The academy strives to develop soccer and
    life skills .
•   The academy endeavors to educate each
    student/athlete and their family about
    the potential of playing College or
    University soccer.
•   The academy will provide excellent online
    courses to fulfill curricular accreditation
    and aid in the achievement of a high
    school diploma.
       Admission Requirements
1. Students must be prepared to train in
   high intensity game pace situations and
2. Students must be be individually
   motivated to train on a regular basis
   throughout the 5 month program.
3. Students must obtain two letters of
   reference, one available from a coach and
   other from an academic teacher.
4. Students must have good academic
5. Students must maintain successful
   progress reports in all subjects
6. Students must demonstrate academic
   skills allowing for a minimum of 4
   credit load during attendance in the
     What you need to succeed…
• Good academic record
• Good Study habits
• Independent Learning
• Computer skills
• Discipline, commitment
  and Dedication
           The soccer academy is…
• A unique program striving to
  enhance the elite athlete while at
  the same time encouraging
  academic excellence.

  Wow, what a concept!!
              Let’s Promote…
•   Active living
•   Academic excellence
•   Athletic excellence
•   Global thinkers

And most importantly….
Link our catholic faith into the sport
  of soccer.
 SCCS Soccer Academy

Let’s do it!!!!!

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