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Recycle_ What You Can Do


bottles to laundry detergent bottles to plastic containers of strawberries can be recycled.

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									Recycle: What You Can Do
Recycling is a great way to do your part to make our environment a better place. Recycling is easy
and free and can have a major impact on our planet not only today, but for the future generations.
When it comes to recycling, there are many things that you may already know, but there might also
be some things that surprise you. The following article contains helpful information when it comes to

1. Glass

Glass is one item that is recyclable. While some recycling locations may not recycle glass, you should
be able to find someone in your area that does. Some companies are deciding not to recycle glass
because it costs so much to transport it, and by the time it has made it to the recycling plant, the gas
and time it took to get there makes it not the best choice.

Not only can you recycle glass, but you can also reuse it. If you take the time to think about all the
uses an old jar might have, you might surprise yourself. Once you finish a jar of something,
thoroughly clean out the jar and then use it to store random items.

2. Plastic

Plastics are another material that can be recycled. If you look on the bottom or the back of most
plastic bottles, you should see the recycling symbol with a number inside it. This is the way that
recyclable plastics are categorized. Some recycling plants ask for you to separate these, but some
don't mind if they are kept together. Nearly all plastic items are recyclable. Everything from soda pop
bottles to laundry detergent bottles to plastic containers of strawberries can be recycled. Plastic bags
can also be recycled. Most stores that use these types of bags also recycle them.

Plastic is also something you can reuse. Again, use your creativity to find new uses for plastic
containers, bags or other plastic items before throwing it away and filling up the landfills.
3. Metals

Most metals can be recycled. Not only that, you can get paid for most metals. Many scrap yards want
your metal and will pay you a certain rate if you bring it to them. Aluminum cans are the most metal
items that people recycle and get paid for, but really anything you no longer want that is metal can be
recycled. Do you have an old bicycle that you no longer use and it no longer works? Sell it to your
local scrap yard.

Metals can also be reused. With your creativity and intuition, you can find a lot of different ways to
use an old metal can. For a storage container you can add a nice fabric or patterned paper to it and
have a cute little pencil cup. Also, some people like to weld and make random objects with old pieces
of metal.

Recycling is a great thing you can do for our environment. While this article only shares a few things
that you can recycle, you will find that many, many items you traditionally throw away can either be
recycled or reused.

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