Moving Toward Adulthood by P2UI42


									Moving Toward Adulthood

     Chapter 20, Lesson 2
   Physical maturity – the state at which the
    physical body and all its organs are fully
   Emotional maturity – the state at which the
    mental and emotional capabilities of an
    individual are fully developed.
   Emotional intimacy – The ability to
    experience a caring, loving relationship with
    another person with whom you can share
    your innermost feelings.
When do most people reach
physical maturity?

   In their early 20’s
Four developmental tasks of
   Developing personal independence,
    making occupational choices,
    establishing intimate relationships, and
    contributing to society.
 Erickson’s Stages of Adulthood
  19-40 years old – Goal: Develop intimacy
Description – person develops close personal
  relationships, families begin
  40-65 years old – Goal: Contribution to
Description – Caring for others
  65 and older - Goal: Satisfaction with life
Description – What is the meaning of life,
  Fulfillment, Satisfaction, or Disappointment
The development of Physical
and Emotional health.

   Family support helps a person’s physical
    growth and maturity. Positive values,
    caring, and intimacy help a person grow and
    mature. The support and guidance of
    parents help you become more emotionally
    and socially independent.

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