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The Gift of the River Nile


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									We Are Learning To…

           Know the story of
          the River Nile

           Understand the
          importance of the
          River Nile in Ancient
  Thinking Time

Brainstorm- Write down words that you identify
  with The River Nile

   The River Nile is The longest River in The World
The River begins a six month journey from Ethiopia, through Sudan
and Egypt, and finally flows into the Mediterranean Sea.
What do you notice about the land on either
side of the river Nile?
Melting snow and heavy summer rain in the Ethiopian mountains,
sends a torrent of water causing the banks of the River Nile in
Egypt, to overflow on the flat desert land.
When the floods go away, it leaves a thick, rich,
black mud called silt. This is excellent soil to plant
seeds in after it has been ploughed.
The Black Land and The Red Land

The area nearest the   Further away from
River Nile area is     the river is the Red
known as the Black     Land, which was all
land.                  desert.
Why was the River Nile so Important
for the Ancient Egyptians?

   Most, Ancient Egyptians lived near the River Nile
    and they could not have survived without it.


   Write down why you think The River Nile was so
    important to The Egyptians
The River Provided The Ancient Egyptians with:
•   Water

•   Food

•   Transportation

•   Soil for growing food
Can you work why this device called a Shaduf
       was used and what it was for?
          Land for Farming

The Egyptians settled along the river Nile as
this was the only place where they had fields
to grow their crops on.
Farmers made channels from the river
to water the crops
   Reeds called papyrus, grew along the banks
    of the Nile. The Egyptians made paper and
    boats from the reeds.

The Nile also gave the ancient Egyptians food.
 They used spears and nets to catch fish. They
  would also use nets to catch birds that flew close
  to the surface of the water. Some got breakfast,
  lunch and dinner from the river.
           Trade + Transport
The Nile was the quickest and easiest way to
  travel from place to place. They made river
  boats to move large, bulky things.

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P.5: Picture story map of the River Nile

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