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Combined cleaner_polish


									                    APPROVED ANY TIME
                    Product                                                      Manufacturer
                    2EZ2 Strike Bowling Ball Cleaner                             2EZ2 Clean Products
                    2EZ2 Strike Bowling Ball Clean-N-Shine                       2EZ2 Clean Products
                    Ball Clean                                                   American Bowling Service, Inc.
                    Absolute Cleaner                                             American Bowling Service, Inc.
                    Absolute Cleaner Mousse Type                                 American Bowling Service, Inc.
                    Absolute Remover                                             American Bowling Service, Inc.
                    Ball Conditioner                                             Andrejs Sturis
                    Tacky & Clean                                                Andrejs Sturis
                    Atomic Ball Cleaner                                          Atomic Enterprises
                    Cleaner/Rejuvenate                                           B.D.S.
                    Snap Back                                                    Baldy Products
                    Cherry Cleaner                                               Ballshield
                    Oil Magnet                                                   Ballshield
                    Instant Length ball cleaner                                  Bean’s Pro Shop
                    Magic Dust Premium Bowling ball polish                       Bean’s Pro Shop
                    Oil Off ball cleaner                                         Bean’s Pro Shop
                    Qwik Strike Citrus Gel Bowling Ball Cleaner                  BKP
                    SP 101 ball cleaner                                          Bowl Plus
                    Strike It Clean                                              Bowl Products, Inc.
                    Bowler’s Choice                                              Bowler’s Choice of Michigan, Inc.
                    Clean Edge                                                   Bowler's Edge Pty Ltd (Australia)
                    Perfect Grip                                                 Bowling Concepts
                    Brand X                                                      Brand X Distributor
                    Remove All Ball Cleaner                                      Brunswick
                    The Good Stuff                                               BSE, Inc.
                    Bowler's Edge Ball Cleaner                                   BTC
                    Bowler's Edge Reactive Resin Cleaner                         BTC
                    Captain Bob's X12 Bowling Ball Cleaner                       Captain Bob
                    Terracare APC                                                Chela, Ltd.
                    TPB Cleaner                                                  Chela, Ltd.
                    Seino Fukkatsu Bowling Ball Cleaner                          Coba Shoji Co., Ltd.

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                    Pro-Grip Reaction Ball Cleaner                     Columbia
                    Wipe 'n Strike ball cleaner wipes                  Dan-Mor
                    Ball Cleaner Wipes BW 40235                        Dan-Mor/Legend Star
                    Hylite                                             David Greco
                    X-Power                                            David Greco
                    Maz's Ball Klean                                   David Mahaz
                    Pro-Cleaner                                        Distribution 2000 Inc.
                    U-Turn Reactive Ball Cleaner                       Don Breeden
                    Super Cleaner                                      Don Carter
                    Mox                                                E&L Distributing Inc.
                    Reflections                                        E&L Distributing Inc.
                    Best Shot                                          Earth Clean Systems
                    Clean Shot                                         Earth Clean Systems
                    Clean Shot Reactive Ball Cleaner                   Earth Clean Systems
                    Hydro Cleanser                                     Elite
                    Dri-Wash 'n Guard                                  Enviro Tech Intrn'l
                    Clean All                                          Exeno Yamamizu Corporation
                    Clean All Plus                                     Exeno Yamamizu Corporation
                    Oil Remover                                        Exeno Yamamizu Corporation
                    Perfect Oil Remover                                Exeno Yamamizu Corporation
                    Petit Clean                                        Exeno Yamamizu Corporation
                    Petit Oil Remover                                  Exeno Yamamizu Corporation
                    Strike Zone                                        Felix Erickson Company
                    Fiber Cleen                                        Fibers of Kalamazoo, Inc.
                    Bowling Ball Cleaner                               Forrest Enterprises, Inc.
                    Best Shot                                          Future Clean Inc.
                    Sure-Shot Spray Cleaner                            Future Clean Inc.
                    Pro-Action Ball Cleaner                            Gary Rasanen
                    Ball Pre-Cleaner & Stripper                        Grecian Attack
                    Alley Catz                                         GT Graphics
                    Xtreme Kleen                                       GT Innovations
                    Ball Cleaner                                       Hy Hudson Pro Shop
                    Hy-Tek Reactive Ball Cleaner                       Hy-Tek Products
                    Liquid Strike                                      Innovative Bowling Products

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                    Reactive Cleaner "R"                                  Innovative Bowling Products
                    Urethane Cleaner "U"                                  Innovative Bowling Products
                    Reaction                                              INX Products
                    Bowlers Bowling Ball Wipe                             Ivancik
                    Jiffy I                                               J.F. Forsman
                    Jiffy II                                              J.F. Forsman
                    Strike King                                           Jim Roberts
                    Repel                                                 Kegel
                    Revive                                                Kegel
                    Secret Sauce ball polish                              Lane #1; Bean’s Pro Shop
                    Extreme Clean                                         Lane Concepts
                    Cleanbowl                                             L'atelier du bowling
                    Quick Clean                                           LBL Enterprises, LLC
                    Ultra Bio Clean                                       Legend Star Co., Ltd.
                    Ultra Bio Remover                                     Legend Star Co., Ltd.
                    Striking Ball Cleaner                                 Louis Cervin
                    Tac-Up                                                Maintenance Supply & Chemical Co., LLC
                    Mark's Home Brew                                      Marc Pope
                    Blast                                                 Mark Baker
                    High Performance Ball Cleaner #311                    Master Industries
                    Spray Master                                          Master Industries
                    TH-312                                                Matter of Degrees Pro Shop
                    Ultimate Clean                                        McDonogh Co.
                    Ultimate Clean Reactive Ball Cleaner                  McDonogh Co.
                    Control No. 24                                        Neo Technologies
                    Liquid Nitro                                          Neo Technologies
                    Neo-tac Foaming Ball Cleaner                          Neo Technologies
                    Ace Ball Cleaner                                      Netmark Industries, Inc.
                    Liquid Spray Ball Cleaner                             One Grand Products
                    RD3 Formula II                                        Parklane Research Corp.
                    React-A-Foam                                          Perfection Products
                    PJ's 10-In-The-Pit                                    Pete Turner
                    Adrenaline Cleaning Wipes                             Power House
                    Magic Bowling Wipes                                   Print Point Systems

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                    Pro Bite Ball Cleaner                              Pro Bite
                    Pro Clean                                          Pro Bowling Products Inc.
                    Pro-Shot                                           Pro Bowling Products Inc.
                    Wipe-n-Strike                                      Pro Edge Products
                    Ball Bite                                          Pro Packaging Inc.
                    Ball Buff                                          Pro Packaging Inc.
                    Protrac 19                                         Proline Sports Products
                    Oil B Gone                                         Pro-Tech Ind. Chem.
                    Knock Out                                          Rapid Tac, Inc.
                    MX Bio Cleaner                                     Raymond Chemical Co.
                    Ball Clean                                         Reese Brothers
                    Strike Gold                                        Rip the Rack Pro Shop
                    Strike Green                                       Rip the Rack Pro Shop
                    Lance Ice Ball Polish/Cleaner                      Rip the Rack Pro Shop
                    RIP's Motion Potion Ball Cleaner                   Rip the Rack Pro Shop
                    Redd Hott Ball Cleaner                             Ronald Gales
                    Grime Solver                                       Row-Del
                    Ole Roy's Front 9 Ball Cleaner                     Roy Lay
                    Ole Roy's Late Shift Ball Cleaner                  Roy Lay
                    Alley Catz                                         Saber Tooth
                    Ren Boll                                           Scandinavian Sport Supply
                    Strike Machine Liquid                              Simon Grenville
                    Mega Bite                                          Storm Bowling Products
                    Proacta Clean                                      Storm Bowling Products
                    Proacta Shine                                      Storm Bowling Products
                    Reacta Clean                                       Storm Bowling Products
                    Reacta Foam                                        Storm Bowling Products
                    Reacta Wipes                                       Storm Bowling Products
                    Super Concentrate Cleaner                          Storm Bowling Products
                    Super Shine Polish                                 Storm Bowling Products
                    U-Clean U-Score                                    Storm Bowling Products
                    Xtra Clean                                         Storm Bowling Products
                    Bowling Ball Speed Shine                           Strata Products, Inc.
                    Bowling Ball Spray Cleaner                         Strata Products, Inc.

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                    Strike-Mor Ball Cleaner                                       Strike-Mor Pro Shop
                    Kleen Ballz                                                   Sunrise Environmental Scientific
                    Magiclean                                                     TCB Products
                    Power Gel Clean                                               Tech-Line
                    The Perfect Cleaner                                           The Perfect Fit Pro Shop
                    Sta-Clean                                                     The Pro Stop
                    Squeaky Clean Spray Cleaner                                   The Wax Shop
                    Rev-It Cleaner                                                Today's Solutions
                    Energizer ball cleaner                                        Track Ebonite Power House
                    Power Wash                                                    Track Ebonite Power House
                    Bowling Ball Cleaner for "Sensitive Skin"                     Tropical Seas, Inc.
                    Power Kleen Bowling Ball Cleaner                              Tropical Seas, Inc.
                    Strike Wipes                                                  Turbo
                    Dry Wash Speed Shine                                          TWS Industries, Inc.
                    Black Magic Rejuvenator Particle Coverstock Cleaner           Ultimate Bowling Products Inc.
                    Pure Magic                                                    Ultimate Bowling Products Inc.
                    Ultra Ball Cleaner                                            Ultimate Bowling Products Inc.
                    Bowling Ball Quick Clean Wipes                                Velocity Wipes
                    Zapp-It                                                       Zapp It Bowling Products
                    Zapp-It Distance                                              Zapp It Bowling Products
                    Zapp-It Insta-Grip                                            Zapp It Bowling Products
                    Zapp-It Polish & Spray Remover                                Zapp It Bowling Products
                    Awesome Ball Cleaner
                    Valentino Bowling Remedy RX

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                    Castrol Super Clean
                    Denatured alcohol (Ethyl alcohol, denatured)
                    Jolt Detergent
                    Orange Clean Multipurpose Degreaser
                    Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl)
                    Simple Green
                    Spray Nine Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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                    Citrus Base Cleaner                                    3M
                    Finesse-it II                                          3M
                    Perfect-it II                                          3M
                    Lane Ice                                               A.J. Discount Proshop, Inc.
                    Delayed Reaction Ball Polish                           Advanced Polishing Products
                    Reactivation                                           AMF
                    Clean Right                                            Baldy Products
                    Ballshield 1000                                        Ballshield
                    Ballshield Base Cut & Shine                            Ballshield
                    Super Cherry                                           Ballshield
                    Brunswick Ball Polish                                  Brunswick
                    Factory Finish High Gloss Polish                       Brunswick
                    Rough Buff                                             Brunswick
                    Captain Bob's X-12 Bowling Ball Wipes                  Captain Bob
                    Degree                                                 Columbia
                    Pro-Grip                                               DBA Products
                    #1 Low % of Abrasives                                  Don Carter
                    #2 Course                                              Don Carter
                    #3 Medium                                              Don Carter
                    #4 Fine                                                Don Carter
                    Fast Work                                              Don Carter
                    Go Long                                                Don Carter
                    Performance Polish                                     Elite
                    Clean Shot                                             Future Clean, Inc.
                    Sure-Shot Polish                                       Future Clean, Inc.
                    Ball Cleaner & Wax No.III                              Grecian Attack
                    2001 Pro Roll Bowling Ball Polish                      Hi-Temp Products Co.
                    REV-Lotion Polish                                      Innovative Bowling Products
                    REV-Lotion Slip Agent                                  Innovative Bowling Products
                    REV-Lotion Compound                                    Innovative Bowling Products
                    Scrubbing Bubbles                                      Johnson & Johnson

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                    Repel Ball Polish                                   Kegel
                    Repel Ball Polish (High Gloss)                      Kegel
                    Repel Ball Polish (Matte Finish)                    Kegel
                    Repel Ball Polish (Medium Gloss)                    Kegel
                    Extreme Dull                                        Lane Concepts
                    Extreme Shine                                       Lane Concepts
                    Naturoll Finish Ball Polish                         Life Time Solutions
                    100% Natural                                        Neo Technologies
                    Control-It                                          Neo Technologies
                    Hook-It                                             Neo Technologies
                    Hook-It Plus (Liquid Sandpaper)                     Neo Technologies
                    Khameleon                                           Neo Technologies
                    Renew-It                                            Neo Technologies
                    Restore-It                                          Neo Technologies
                    Cream Ball Cleaner, Ball Polish                     One Grand Products, Inc.
                    PJ's Tacky Snap                                     Pete Turner
                    Ball Buff                                           Pro Packaging
                    Ball Cleaner & Polish                               Pro Shops of America
                    Scotch Brite Scouring Pad                           Scotch Brite
                    SD-20                                               Spartan Chemical Co.
                    Orange Power Spray & Wipe                           Steel Fingers Bowling Products
                    Moon Shine                                          Storm Bowling Products
                    Pro Finish Step 2                                   Storm Bowling Products
                    Pro Finish Step 3                                   Storm Bowling Products
                    Reacta Skuff                                        Storm Bowling Products
                    Reacta Shine                                        Storm Bowling Products
                    Xtra Shine                                          Storm Bowling Products
                    Bowling Ball Cream Cleaner                          Strata Products, Inc.
                    Power Gel Polish                                    Tech-Line Products
                    Power Gel Scuff                                     Tech-Line Products
                    Cream Cleaner                                       The Wax Shop
                    Rev-It Polish                                       Today's Solutions
                    1-Step Reactive Resin Ball Cleaner                  Track Ebonite Power House
                    2-Step Reactive Resin Ball Cleaner                  Track Ebonite Power House

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                    Clean N' Dull                                                    Track Ebonite Power House
                    Clean-n-Tacky                                                    Track Ebonite Power House
                    Delayed Reaction                                                 Track Ebonite Power House
                    Extender Polish                                                  Track Ebonite Power House
                    Factory Finish Polish                                            Track Ebonite Power House
                    Magic Shine                                                      Track Ebonite Power House
                    Particle Polish                                                  Track Ebonite Power House
                    Quick Sand                                                       Track Ebonite Power House
                    Reaction Control System Cleaner                                  Track Ebonite Power House
                    Reaction Plus                                                    Track Ebonite Power House
                    Reactive Resin Finish Polish                                     Track Ebonite Power House
                    Black Magic Particle Coverstock Resin Ball Polish                Ultimate Bowling Products
                    Black Magic XL Cleaner & Polisher for Particle and Resin Balls   Ultimate Bowling Products
                    Ultimate Plus Polish Cleaner                                     Ultimate Bowling Products
                    XXX Rated Cleaner & Polisher                                     Ultimate Bowling Products
                    Resinator                                                        Zapp-It Bowling Products
                    Soft Touch                                                       Zapp-It Bowling Products
                    Doc's Magic Bowling Ball Elixir

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                    NOT APPROVED EVER
                    Cutex (acetone OR non-acetone nail polish remover)
                    David Greco Cleaner
                    Dull It by INX Corp.
                    Ethers, esters and ketones (MEK)
                    Kerosene, gasoline, other fuels
                    Master Ball Cleaner by Master Industries
                    Most commercial solvents (xylol, lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, chloro-form, methyl hydrate)
                    Strike Power by Veterans Products
                    Ultra Clean by Tenth Frame

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