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					Home groups ………………………………………………………………….98 homes

Communicant members……………………………………………….135 homes

Non-communicants……………………………………………………….171 homes

Elders without districts

Alastair Giffen

John McKibbin

Billy Manson to be asked if he would look after home group, but no additional visits.

Michael Long

Trevor Lee

Home group leaders

John Armstrong

Geoff Gordon

Malcolm McClure/Mark Keown

Jim Reynolds

Kirk shilliday

Adam Smyth

Home groups not led by elders

Sandra Martin - no elder in group

Mark and Andrea Harbinson - Neil McDougall

Bill and Doreen Jenkinson - Billy Manson

Martin and Jacqui Gregg. - Andrew Shott
Elders available for visiting

Brian Crooks

Alan Galbraith

Susan Giffen

Matt Heaney

Geoff Kernahan

Elizabeth Lewis

Adrian Long

Karl Malcolm

Robin McCullough

Stephen McDonald

Neil McDougall- Harbinsons group?

Brian McNarry

Jim McNarry

Reg Morrow

Tom Reid

Andrew Shott-Martin Greggs group?

Brian Simons

Ian Simons

Graham Simpson

David Thompson

20 elders available BUT 3 home groups have elder member to care for group this leaves 17 for
visiting. Plus Tom Reid who is willing to keep his district.
District 1 - Brian McNarry         3 communicant homes

                                   12 non-communicant homes

                                   3 home group homes

District 2 – Stephen McDonald       7 communicant homes

                                   16 non-communicant homes    Eliz lewis to help with non-coms

                                    5 home group homes

District 3 – Matt Heaney/           14 communicant homes           to be split as they choose

               Reg Morrow           15 non-communicant homes

                                    6 in home groups

District 4 – Jim McNarry            8 communicants

                                    9 non-communicants

                                    2 in home groups

district 5 -Tom Reid               4 communicants

                                   10 non-communicants

                                    6 in home groups

District 6- Brian Simons            4 communicants

                                    22 non-communicants    needs help with non-coms

                                    1 in home group.

District 7 –    Ian Simons /       19 communicants               to be split as they choose

                Robin McCullough    9 non-communicants

                                   9 in home groups
District 8 – Brian Crooks/       15 communicants               to be split as they choose

          Geoff Kernahan         14 non-communicants

                                 17 in home groups

District 9 –Susan Giffen         8 communicants

                                 10 non-communicants

                                  6 in home groups

District 10 –Graham Simpson     7 communicants

                                 19 non-communicants       needs help with non-coms

                                  6 in home groups

District 11 - Adrian Long/      see Adrian’s list attached – leaves

           Alan Galbraith        10 communicants needs help with communicants?

                                  6 non-communicants

                                 7 in home groups

District 12 – David Thompson    11 communicants          needs help with communicants?

                                8 non-communicants

                                 12 in home groups

District 13 –Karl Malcolm       10 communicants        help needed with communicants?

                                 1 non-communicant
                                 6 in home groups

District 14 – Elizabeth Lewis    7 communicants
Combine with current district    3 non-communicants
15.                              3 in home groups
   District 1 – Brian McNarry, unchanged
     District 2 – Stephen McDonald, unchanged, Eliz Lewis to help Stephen with non-communicant
   District 3 – Matt Heaney and Reg Morrow, as before with the addition of Billy and Lorna Young,
Esther Drennan, Vina Galashan and David and Anna Morgan, all from district 4.
   District 4 – Jim McNarry, as currently set out, with above names removed.
 District 5 – Tom Reid. Dunraven Gdns, Grand Parade, Greenville Court, Lichfield Ave and
Woodcot Ave move to district 6.
   District 6 – Brian Simons, addition of streets noted above, needs help with non-communicant
  District 7 – Robin McCullough and Ian Simons,
  District 8 – Brian Crooks and Geoff Kernahan.
  District 9 – Susan Giffen
  District 10 – Graham Simpson, needs help with non-communicant visits
  District 11 - Adrian Long, still visiting current homes. Alan Galbraith remainder of district.
  District 12 – David Thompson. Needs some help with communicant visits
 District 13 – Karl Malcolm Needs some help with communicant visits
  District 14 – Elizabeth Lewis, former districts 14 and 15 to be combined. Geoff Gordon willing to
visit Orr family at Hillsborough on his way home from work. Elizabeth to help Stephen McDonald,
district 2, with non-communicant visits.

With home group members taken out, and the number of elders available for visiting, the number of
communicant members to be visited in most districts is manageable, BUT 3 districts have 10 or 11
communicant families, is this too many?

Karl Malcolm’s district involves a lot of travelling, he may need help. This is the district that Wendy
helped with before.

However the numbers of non-communicant homes to be visited is, in 2 districts too high. To help
with this, we suggest a committee member or a pastoral care team visitor be used to help with this
visiting, which will only be twice each year. Need to check with Susan about pastoral care team

Sandra Martin’s group is the only one that does not have an elder as a member. While Sandra is
capable of giving out communion tokens and she, with the Jones, can provide pastoral care, there is
no link with session for any of these homes.

Is this a problem? – if it is

do we put them back into districts, which will add to the numbers to be visited,

or is there some other solution?

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