FACULTY SENATE COUNCIL MINUTES

                                             March 10, 2010

Advising and Counseling
Jeanne Strieck                                            Science
                                                          Leoned Gines
Business/Intra-American Studies/Social                    Guy Hamilton
Sciences                                                  Amar Yahiaoui
Amelia Acosta
Betsey Barnett                                            FACTC Rep
                                                          Amy Kinsel
Georgia Pierce                                            Library/Media Services
                                                          Larry Cheng
Mimi Harvey
Dutch Henry
Jo McEntire

   1. Approval of Minutes

        Minutes of 2/24 were approved with clarification of wording for suggestion of coding undecided
        students effectively and adding Jo McEntire’s name to the attendence list . The minutes for
        2/10 were approved as written.

   2. Approval of Agenda

        Two items were added to the agenda: request for Emeritus Status and Advising Memo to John
        Backes. Agenda was approved as modified.

   3.   Faculty Emeritus Status

        Helen Hancock will be retiring at the end of Winter Quarter. She has requested approval of
        Emeritus Status. It was moved to grant her Emeritus Status. MSP Amy/Betsey

   4. Advising Memo to John Backes

        It was agreed that Guy will send out the memo once more with some recommended changes
        and ask for an email approval tomorrow.

   5. Open Comment

        Betsey announced that BUS/IAS/SS will be having an advising day on Wednesday, May 5 during
        their classes. Classes will not be cancelled but advising will be held so students can get advising
   and learn what advising means. She invited others to share the idea with their divisions and
   perhaps join in on Advising Day.

6. Residency requirements for students in the 5 college consortium

   Lee asked that the Faculty Senate Council weigh in with their thoughts about a Consortium of
   Everett, Edmonds, Lake Washington, Cascadia and Shoreline which would allow students to
   move freely between these colleges.

   Discussion includes issues of the application for admission process, residency requirements,
   international student’s requirements and the fact that visas are linked to the college that they
   apply to, differences in basic skills programs, financial aid, standardized DTA, and other student

   Currently Shoreline’s residency requirement to be granted a degree or certificate from Shoreline
   is to take at least 25 credits at Shoreline and to have their last credits earned at Shoreline. The
   students currently can take credits at other colleges and get a degree at Shoreline. These
   residency requirements are not the same at all the colleges.

   Lee would like input by next month so something can be crafted by the five colleges by
   December 2010.

   It was felt that this is an attempt to get ahead of the legislation that is requiring colleges to look
   at efficiencies of administrative complementary functions and programs in the region. It was
   stated that the legislation refers to administrative functions such Human Resources and
   Business Offices not moving students between colleges. This legislation also requires college
   presidents to involve stakeholders meaning faculty and staff.

   Faculty had many questions. What is efficiency? Is moving students even efficient? Every
   system at every college would need to be tweaked. They wanted to know why Shoreline should
   consider a 5 college consortium. If the same class was offered at two colleges and they both
   had low enrollment, which class would be allowed to go.

   The council felt that if they are asking to approve something generally, this doesn’t work. They
   would need specific proposals to look at. Faculty and Staff must be included in the discussions
   with the other campuses.

7. Discussion of the make-up of the Curriculum Committee

   Questions of membership on the Curriculum Committee were raised. Why are there three
   administrators on the committee who are voting members? Why are administrators allowed to
   be co-chairs of this committee? Curriculum is under the purview of faculty. The accreditation
   report has to show that faculty are in control of curriculum and that they set the standards.
   There is value in having administrators attend these meetings, but they should be non-voting
     and non co-chairs. Guy will take the issue to John and see what he says and bring it back to the
     Faculty Senate Council.

8. Discussion of Faculty Senate role and SCC reorganization

     Faculty expressed frustration in this current process. They have asked to be included, but it
     hasn’t happened. The Budget Committee and Strategic Planning Committee have not been
     consulted on anything. The division meetings that were held to give input were not successful
     because the deans didn’t know what was being considered. Maybe the Faculty Senate Council
     should be allowed to have someone attend the PSET meetings.

     Guy would like the council to begin to think about how Shoreline should look in the future.
     Betsey mentioned that the idea of a learning college is something we should explore. Guy
     indicated that Kenny will attend our first April meeting to talk about what it means to be a
     learning college. It includes building community, building morale and it will pay off for students.

9.   Next Meeting

     The all-campus meeting will be held on Friday, March 12 and input can be given prior to the
     April 2 all-campus meeting. Because this is the end of the quarter with finals and a break, there
     isn’t time to discuss the reorganization plan unless the council meets on March 31. It was
     agreed to add a meeting on Wednesday, March 31. This could be a time when the council could
     explore how to map processes to find inefficiencies.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00p.

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