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									                                        Merritt Island High School
                              School Advisory Council (SAC) Meeting Minutes
                                     November 12, 2008 4:00 pm N-129

            In Attendance                        Alternates Present                     Absent
Debbie Adams           Felicia Furino       Linda McMillin                   Alan Beal
Paula Kostiuk          Gary Shiffrin        Kathy Tremblay                   Nancy Lopez
Sue Lawrence           Karen Tournade       Sara Joyce-Webb                  Jake Wagner (student)
Kim Weisner            Victoria Chitko
Edith Brown            Erin Huppert
Becky Waldron          Ruth Moss
Joanna Reeg            Jay Moynahan
Jane Jollay            Adrian Laffitte
Jocelyn Downs          Blythe Grossmann
Anna Kinast

The meeting was called to order by Debbie Adams at 4:05 p.m.

    1. Minutes for the October 8 meeting were not available; they will be up for approval at the
       December meeting.

    2. Treasurer’s Report: Jay stated that not much has changed; we are still waiting for A+ money,
       which Mr. Shiffrin says should be in by the end of the month. Motion for approval made by Kim
       Weisner, seconded by Sue Lawrence. Vote to approve: unanimous.

    3.   Student Reports
                Seniors:          (Anna Kinast) Students are starting to work on prom. The panoramic
                                  picture will be held on Friday, and the second order of flip-flops should
                                  arrive shortly.
                Juniors:          (Paula Kostiuk) Juniors took first place in the Homecoming parade. They
                                  have scheduled a community service work day with Habitat for
                                  Humanity on 02/07/09. They are currently organizing a candy sale and
                                  magazine drive fundraiser.
                Sophomores:       (Joanna Reeg) Students are working on island clean-up projects. They
                                  are also finalizing t-shirt designs and organizing a candy sale for March,
                Freshmen:         (Victoria Chitko) Freshmen won second place in the Homecoming
                                  parade. They are currently working on fundraising and on finding a
                                  community service project to start.
    4. Principal’s Report
               Veteran’s Day: Mr. Shiffrin was very pleased with student behavior, as were Dr. DiPatri
                              and other guests of distinction.

                Facilities:       The front office/admin./guidance suite should be finished the first week
                                  of December. D and E wings should be completed by Nov. 21; however,
                                  moves may be later as furniture may not be here in time. The
                                  administration is in the process of assigning rooms. B and C wing
                                  renovations will stat in January.
           ACT Testing:   All juniors will take the ACT free of charge in April, 2008. Results will
                          be used to determine senior courseloads. This will offer students an
                          opportunity to see if they’re prepared for college, and to take courses that
                          will improve their readiness (hopefully in lieu of remediation courses at
                          the college-level).

           Calendar:      Dec. 22 and 23 are still on the calendar as exam days. A request to
                          forgive those days directed to the Commissioner of Education is pending;
                          he will decide once hurricane season is officially over (Nov. 30).

           Good news:     Jenora Duprey, our drama teacher, has been named Teacher of the Year.

                          Mr. Shiffrin is very glad to be here—he thanked Sue Lawrence for
                          working so hard on his campaign, and everyone who supported him.

6. Old Business
                          Homecoming: All went well. the bonfire was cut short due to the wind.
                          Our football team is district champions (4-0). We play at home next
                          Friday (11/21) vs. Tarpon Springs.

                          A+ money: We are not exactly sure when this will come in. Mr. Shiffrin
                          thinks it will be next Friday (11/21).

                          SAC/ A+ funding requests: We do not yet have information on the
                          security camera estimates. That may be paid for with leftover
                          construction funds. Other ideas were discussed: a new perimeter fence, a
                          towel service for gym, new gym lockers—health concerns are an issue.

7. New Business
                          Upcoming testing: Exams scheduled for December 22 and 23. FCAT test
                          dates are March 10- 23 (also included in Hoofnotes).

                          Parent Leadership Council: Kathy Tremblay attended the meeting; she
                          urges other parents to attend as well. Dr. DiPatri discussed budget cuts
                          (past and anticipated), and Edline involvement. The meetings are held at
                          the School Board building in Viera on the first Friday of the month. Next
                          meeting: Friday, Dec. 5, 9:30- 11:30 a.m.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, December 10 at 4:00. The meeting adjourned at 4:54. A motion
was made by Adrian Laffitte and was seconded by Sue Lawrence. Vote to adjourn: unanimous.

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