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9 March 2012
                                  NEWSLETTER 12 – ACADEMIC YEAR 2011/12
Dear Parents,

Class Photos
You will be aware that this year we changed the style of the class photos. The full size photos are currently on
display in the front entrance. We would really appreciate your feedback so that we can book again for next year.
Please let the school office know if you have a preference.

Netball match by Miss Mingay
On Monday, 27 February, I took 8 children to participate in a friendly netball game at Swaffham Prior. The team
consisting of: Jess Struthers, Charlotte Woolley, Viraj Kakhandi, Harry Winchester, Molly Farr, Zak Delanoy,
Charlie Miller and Daisy Bailey, played a forty minute game with real enthusiasm. They took an early lead in the
first quarter with Charlotte scoring three goals in succession before Swaffham Prior came fighting back.
By the final 2 minutes of the game, the teams were drawing eight goals all. Parents and teachers were on
tenterhooks! With brilliant perseverance, 2 goals were scored by Bottisham before Swaffham Prior scored one
and the game finished 10-9 to Bottisham. It was a thrilling game and thoroughly enjoyable for all. Many thanks to
all that came and supported.

Sport Relief
To support Sport Relief on Friday 23 March, we would like children to come to school wearing ‘sporty’ clothing.
This could be a favourite football strip or a track suit. At some point during the day all the children will be running a
mile using our Golden Mile track. We would like children to bring in a donation which will go to Sport Relief.

On Friday 30 March, we are planning a special Easter egg hunt on our school grounds. Every child will take part
and will receive a small Easter egg from our PTA.

Book Fair
Just a reminder that the book fair will be in the school hall until Wednesday morning.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Belzar

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