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									Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                          9.14.2010
Extended Day Clubs and Sports Teams
       Our extended day clubs start this week. There is still space in most clubs if you are interested in
signing your child up. Payments should be sent to the front office. Our football and soccer teams also
have their first games this week: football is today and soccer is Thursday.
Foreign Language Classes
        Thank you for continuing to send in your responses to the questionnaire regarding foreign
languages. At least as of right now it appears that there is strong demand at certain age levels for
Mandarin Chinese and French. As this is the first time seeing all of the responses after being gone, I will
need a few more days to evaluate the options and set the classes up. Look for a future announcement
about these classes very soon.
Basketball Coach – Helper
        If you are looking to get involved in the boys and/or girls basketball teams as an assistant to Coach
Juan Sotomayor, please contact me, Mr. Bennett, or Coach Sotomayor directly at
Mr. Z’s Fundraiser
        Our first main fundraising opportunity kicked off last week. There are many items for sale that
can be found throughout the Mr. Z’s catalogs.
        Remember that you choose which fundraising options you want to participate in to reach your
family fundraising balance. Also recall that your credit for fundraising events operates on a percentage
basis, as detailed below. If you have any questions about participating please call the front office.
Important Dates: Tuesday, Oct. 6 - Orders and money due; Friday, Nov. 6 - Day to pick up all orders
What are the fundraising percentages and why are they in place?
As part of our operating budget we truly rely upon the fundraising income generated by the various
fundraisers that we do throughout the year. Each family has at least a $300 fundraising requirement. The
percentages are in place because we only receive a portion of the total sales you make with the candy
sales, football tickets, taffy apples, etc after the costs of the product and its expenses are taken out. The
Mr. Z’s fundraiser is a 50% sale. That means that if you sell $160 in the end we only earn $80. So we
give you credit for that $80 (even though you sold $160) because this is 50% of your total sales.
School Website
         It is worth noting, in case you want to bookmark it at home and/or work, the school’s website. Our
site is You will find links to school and classroom information as well as school
forms, calendars, previous Tuesday letters, etc.
2010-11 School Handbook
        The full hard copy of this year’s family handbook is being sent home today in your folder. You
should keep this handbook as a reference regarding school policies, procedures, and information.
        We need each family to acknowledge that they have received the handbook by filling out and
returning the slip at the end of the handbook. You may rip this out and send it back to school after filling
it out.
8th Grade Trip – Bake Sale Fundraiser
        Our 8th graders are proactively trying to raise funds for a yet to be determined graduation trip.
They will be selling popsicles and baked goods this Thursday during and after school for other students
and/or family members to purchase. Your support is appreciated!
Parent Chaperone Compliance Requirements
        On the back of today’s letter please see the list of the 4 required documents or steps that must be
satisfied before you can chaperone a field trip or otherwise work individually and independently with
                               Volunteer Compliance Requirements
        There are 4 requirements for all parents, family members and guardians who wish to participate in
school events (i.e. field trips) in which they will have close unsupervised interaction with students. These
steps are required for anyone who wishes to chaperone field trips, coach a school sports team, or lead an
extended day class. At this time it is not required of anyone helping with Tuesday folders or working a
Halloween Fun Fair booth, for example. If you are unsure whether you need these steps or not, please
contact Mr. Bennett. The 4 requirements are listed below.

Background Check – This step must be done online by scheduling a time to come in and fill out an
online application and be added to our school’s database. Once registered, additional information can be
entered from any computer with internet access. It is found at, then click on “Protecting
Children” and finally click on “Background Screening”.

Virtus/Protecting God’s Children – Volunteers must attend a 3 hour class that details appropriate
behavior around children. The classes are offered very frequently (nearly every day) around the
Archdiocese. A listing of classes can be found at by going to “Protecting Children” and
then “Virtus Training”. People must go online to register for the class. This class can actually be attended
within 3 months of having volunteered.

Participants in the class must receive and give to the school the certificate of attendance.

Code of Conduct – This is a listing of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. After reading, please
fill out and sign the last page and return to office before volunteering.

CANTS form – Part of background check. Volunteers must fill out this form and submit before

~ The CANTS form and Code of Conduct papers are all in the front office of school.
  They can also be downloaded from the Chicago Archdiocesan website. Go to and click on “Protecting Children”. The forms are listed there and can
  be downloaded.

~ Once completed, these steps do not need to be repeated each year, though they can be updated.

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