Global Electroactive Polymers Market

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					   Technological improvements in the electronics and semiconductor sectors have led to the

    development of polymers that modify form on use of current.

   Electro active Polymers Product Market: Conductive plastics, Inherently Conductive Polymers

    (IDPS) and Inherently Dissipative Polymers (IDPS)

   Electro active Polymers Applications Market: OLED, Capacitors, Batteries, Organic transistors,

    Sensors, Solar cells, Actuators, Textiles and fabrics, Electromagnetic interference (EMI),

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD), Antistatic packaging, Paints and coatings and others.

   Electro active Polymers Technology Market: ICPs doping technology, Benefits of ICPs and

    technical aspects of conductive plastics
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