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									                            Charitable Causes Policy

                        Merseytravel Mission Statement

              Merseytravel, promoting an integrated public transport
              network to improve the quality of life on Merseyside.

Strategic Objective

To support one locally based registered charity per annum based on the calendar


The support offered includes;

             A fixed sum of money (£2k) to be donated at the start of the
              calendar year to the chosen charity in return for acknowledgement
              in publicity materials produced during that year of the support being
              given to the charity.

             Saveaway and other pre-paid tickets to be made available as raffle
              prizes to the charity up to a maximum of £500.

             Donations and other monies raised by staff through their own

             The support and funding will be financed and managed by the
              Merseytravel Chair’s Office.


Charitable causes will only be supported if they meet the following criteria;

             they must be registered charities
             they must be based in Merseyside
             they must support the mission of Merseytravel in improving the
              quality of life of individuals or groups of individuals within the
              Merseyside county boundary.
How to apply

Merseytravel will only support one charity within any given 12 month period. The
charity will be chosen in consultation with all staff. Applications to go on to this
list, plus evidence that charities meet the above criteria, must be made in writing
to Pat Gardner, Chair’s Office, Merseytravel, 24 Hatton Garden, Liverpool
L3 2AN by 31 August in the year prior to obtaining preferred charity status.

What happens after the year of support

After becoming our chosen charity for 1 year, charities will not be able to apply
again after for 5 years. Charities who have been unsuccessful will be able to
apply each year until they are successful.

What Merseytravel wants for their support

As a minimum Merseytravel in return for their support require a mention in all
publicity materials, produced during the year of our support.

One media opportunity on announcing our support for your organisation at the
beginning of the year.

One media opportunity reporting on the full amount of support received from
Merseytravel at the end of the year.

However Merseytravel would hope to agree additional joint PR and promotional
activities during the course of the year subject to further negotiation.

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