Certificateof Thanks by fYX8HZg


									Awarded to:
Adam King for “Fantasy Trumps”; Akaki Kuumeri for “Frog Fest”; Alf Fly Games for “One Switch
Amazing Jas for “Star Wars”; Andrew Dinmore for “Swing”; Andy Mason for “Invincible Island”;
Blitzkrieg for “Tolix”; Cali for “Save the Satellite”; CanDo Interactive for “Spaced Out”; Carlos
Ramos for “Struck Gold!!!”; Chris Thomas for “Single Switch Golf”; D. Eugene Perry for “The
Dragon’s Crystal”; Dan “DTM” for “Run Rabbit Run!”; Dan Evans for “Mission Control”; Dale
Mation for “One Hit Wing Commander”
Daniel Roth & Michael Stearns for “Sky Puppy”; Danny Boyd for “Mini Golf 1 Button Style”;
Firelight Multimedia (“Astu”) for “Spotty Storm”; Georg Rottensteiner for “Ketchup Factory”;
Generation Stars for “1 Key Cave Ship”, “1 Key Mini Golf”, “1 Key Rocket Launcher”, “1 Key
Speedy Lander” and“1 Key Turbo Car”; Gernot Frisch for “Jump Frog”; Gordon King for “Go
Monty Go”; H. Spring for “One Switch Frogger”; HavSoft.co.uk for “Alien Abduction”; Howard
Kistler for “Solglider”; Ian Price for “Pang’d”; Ilian Chentsov for “Stone Worm”; Jakub
Wasilewski for “Scorch Went Bonkers”; James Montagna for “Hazardous Heights”; Jason
Hutchens for “Quantum Light Cycles”; Jeff Lunt for “The Boat Man”; Joel Blackwell for
“Gunslinger”; Johan Halmén for “Blub & Blob”; Johan Meijer for “One Button Pitfall”; Josh
Swanson for “Scissor Ball”; Kochonkichi for “One Switch Ballz”; Leandro Correia for “Jet
Boarder”; Leonardo Sala for “Sentinella”; Malibu for “One Key Golf”; Matt Pilz for “Manik
Minis”; Michael O’Malley for “Computer Space”; Michi and Tessa for “Alice Amazed”; Mike
Hommel for “Ninja Academy”; Normo for “Space Charge”; Ovine By Design for “Flossy Siege”
and “Wunda Flossy”; Park Productions for “Chuck Rock Dance”; Patrick Becker for “Cheat 7”
and “Don’t Touch!”; Pug Fugle Games for “Orbit Racers”; Renaissance Game Studio for “Bubble
Gum Pop”; Rick Parker for “Jumpman”; Roblovski for “Mind Winder”; Scottige for “Miner
Willy”; Sergio Cornaga-Hill for “Weem”; Skeletal Software for “Bullet Speed”; Software of
Sweden for “Blob Race”; Team Steve for “Spacebar Spaceship”; Trevor Storey for “Atom
Cruncher”, “Dr. Who”, “Paper Fingy” and “Spy Hunter”; Vincent Low for “Rollin’”; Walker,
Alfieri, Stanfield, McGarry, Saucedo for “Strange Attractors”

This is to certify that the above list of international programmers
have created single switch games, taking into account gamers with
physical disabilities as part of the Retro Remakes One Switch
Competition 2005.

With huge thanks and appreciation. I hope you will continue to
consider disabled gamers in your future games.

Barrie Ellis
22nd June 2005

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