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 Boys Athletics
Football Meeting
       Coaching Staff
•Kevin Hobbs – Boys Coordinator
• Head 8th Football; 7th asst. Basketball

•Mike Delcambre– 8th asst. Football,
 Head Cross Country, Head Track

•Ryan Burum– 8th Football , Head 7th
 Basketball, Track
    Coaching Staff
Jason Martin: Head 7th Football;
8th asst. Basketball, Track

Brandon Griffith: 7th asst.
 Football, Head 8th Basketball, Track

Guy Chalhoub: 7th asst. Football,
 Track, Head Soccer
    Coaching Staff
• Coach Munsami: 7th Soccer

• Coach Maupin: Head Tennis WMS
Assistant Tennis at CHS
         Program Goals
•   Academics – This is always the first priority
    in our program. It is the reason we are
    here, to educate young minds

•   Excellence – This is different to every team.
    It is doing the best we can possibly do with
    each team. Always making constant
    improvement in our program. You are
    either getting better or getting worse, there
    is no in between. There is no substitute for
    hard work in this regard.
          Spirit Wear
• Go to
• Access Code: westerms
• T-shirts for athletes and parents with name
  on back.
• Additional items; Men’s and women’s
  polo’s; hats, ear warmers.
• Open Aug. 9th through Aug. 31st. Pay
  online and they deliver to WMS and we
  will hand to your athlete.
         Program Goals
•   Team First – To be the best we can, our
    players and coaches must have an attitude
    whereby they care more about the team
    than they do about their own individual
    success. This is the key to success in any
    walk of life.

•   Fun – We are here to work, but athletics
    were invented to be fun. We can never lose
    sight of this as coaches. We must find
    creative ways to have fun while we work
    The Role of Middle School
• Learn skills the athletes will use the rest of their
• Start to learn the terminology that is in place at
  Centennial High School.
• Start to learn CHS’s schemes, moves or plays.
• Start to learn CHS’s off-season program.
• Be invited to have a role in what goes on at the
  high school level.
• 7th Grade begins at 6:45
• 8th Grade begins at 7:00
• Athletic area doors open at 6:30. a.m. – no
  earlier. The doors will lock at 7:00 a.m.
• If an athlete is late they will be required to
  attend practice in “street clothes”
• Excessive tardiness may result in
  disciplinary action, up to and including
  removal from program.
• If a player is in attendance at school, he
  will be expected to be at practice – no
• If a player is not going to be at practice –
  he must call in (not parents) prior to
  practice time
• If absent from practice more than 2
  consecutive days, he must have a doctor’s
• Please, try to make doctor’s appointments
  for after school.
• Injured players may make an appointment
  with CHS trainers to evaluate injuries.
• If you are injured you still have a role on our
  team – you are expected to come to practice
• Any missed practice time will result in make up
• Tutoring should be done after school or the
  morning after games.
• If tutoring is mandatory, the athlete should still
  come to practice until it is time for them to leave
  for tutoring.(There are 8 opportunities to attend
  tutoring w/o missing practice). Athlete must
  provide a note from the teacher to miss practice
  for tutoring purposes.
• Everyone will shower after all a.m. workouts.
• MRSA (staph)
• Soap (Hair/Body Combo Suggested); deodorant
• Towels (BYOT!)
• Athletes are given workout clothing and coaches
  wash cloth every Friday after workout.
• Shower Shoes highly recommended.
• No aerosol sprays (TAG, AXE, etc)
• No glass
• All injuries must be reported to supervising
  coach; please do not go to the nurse first.
• If an individual has any special medical
  problems make sure the coaches are informed
  (Ex. asthma, diabetes, etc.)
• Should an injury be discovered after a
  participant has returned home, email/call Coach
  Hobbs and leave a message.
• Know the difference between a little pain and an
• If you are ill or injured, and go to school, you are
  expected to be at practice watching, if it is
  serious, call us at school.
• If the athlete has not been evaluated by the doctor or
  our high school trainer, he will be expected to workout.

• HS trainers contact information:
• John Hicks, Centennial High School
   – 469-633-5689
• Jennifer LaMabe, Centennial High School
   – 469-633-5666
     **Must make an appointment BEFORE going to see
                 Game Day
• Dress Up on Game Days
• Special Equipment
  –   Visors (only if medically necessary – not tinted)
  –   Wristbands (coach approved only)
  –   No Ankle bands
  –   Gloves
  –   Undergarments – No non-school issued clothing
      except in special circumstances. (school colors only)
• Game Day Attendance – all athletes are
  expected to attend school on game days.
              Game Day
• There will be 2 teams per grade. (Red and
• White team plays at 5:30 p.m. and the Red team
  will play at 7:00 p.m.
• Teams will be decided approximately one week
  before the first game.
• 7th grade will play on Monday nights and the 8th
  grade will play on Tuesday nights.
• Schedule is different early due to having 13
  middle schools and 7th grade having a
         24 Hour Rule and
• If an athlete quits football, he will be given
  an initial 24-hour grace period to return. If
  he quits again, they will not be allowed to
  participate until the following season
• We want to encourage our student
  athletes to participate in as many sports
  and activities as they would like.
• All Athletes are required to ride the bus to
  and from football games.
• B-team will return to Wester at conclusion
  of their game.
• Special Sign Out Procedures
• Emergency situations
• Hairstyles and clothing should not be disruptive
• Make up is disruptive
• No facial hair
• No hair in their eyes (or if it may possibly fall in
  their eyes) or below the collar.
• No hairstyles that will make you stand out.
  (Mohawks, high fauxhawks, designs, dyed, etc.)
• Tattoos must be covered.
• No earrings during athletic period, practice, and
  athletic events
 Player Development
• We are competitive
• Major goal for us is for us to prepare
  student/athletes to be successful at
  Centennial High School
• We are running the High School’s System
• We are all coming from different systems
• We are professional coaches
         Parental Role
•   Be supportive of coaches.
•   Teach respect for authority.
•   Let the Coach “coach.”
•   Model sportsmanship at games.
•   Help your child learn through failure.
•   Listen to your child, but stay rational
•   Be mindful of your role as a role model.
•   Show unconditional love
 Coaching Philosophy
• Motivate         • Teach our
• Care about our     players
  players.         • Consistency
• Constant         • Coach every
                     down of every
• Expect to          practice
         Player Rules
• Do right!!
• Be first class on field and in classroom.
• Be on time.
• Respect, Honor, Integrity, and Service are
  the core values of Wester.
• Athletes will be held to a higher behavioral
  standard by the coaching staff
 Characteristics of a Wester
      football player
• We treat the members of our football family with the
  same kind of respect in which we want to be treated.
• We are men of integrity; we do not lie, cheat, or
• We do not use drugs.
• We do not use profanity.
• We obey the law.
• We put academics first.
• We go to class.
• We celebrate together.
• We do right.
• We will Serve others with Respect, Honor, and
    Practice Procedures
–   Never sit or lay down on the field. Practice is
    always full speed.
–   We run everywhere on the practice field. Always
–   Get into condition and stay there. Remember,
    “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”
–   Only school equipment is to be worn. Have pride in
    your school
–   If it is cold you may wear something under your
    uniform. Red or white “under armours” only.
–   Any problems… Talk to your coach after practice.
–   Treat your helmet with pride.
–   Work hard on blocking and tackling! They are the
    two most important skills in football.
     Game and Sideline
•   Do not talk to spectators or opponents during a
•   Be polite to officials. “Yes sir” and “no sir” are the
    only words you are ever allowed to speak to an
•   Celebrate great plays with your team mates; we
    do not taunt our opponents.
•   If you’re not on the field physically, at least be on
    the field mentally at all times.
•   Keep your helmet on at all times during the game
•   Disrespectful or vulgar language will not be
       Equipment Rules
•   The school will loan each young man the
    equipment necessary to participate in football with
    the exception of shoes.
•   The original equipment issued to you as a
    participant must be returned at the close of the
    season. If equipment needs repair or if you need
    a change in size, tell your coach immediately.
•   You will be held responsible for any lost or
    misplaced equipment.
•   Inspect your equipment daily to make sure
    everything is ok and fits properly.
•   Payment for lost equipment will be expected
    before being allowed to participate in the next
    offered sport.
      Equipment Rules
•   Never wear someone else’s equipment.
•   All pads must be worn for each practice
    and game unless your coach tells you
•   All players must wear athletic supporters
    (or girdle), and T-shirts under their pads.
    This is for every practice and game.
•   No jewelry of any kind is to be worn on
    the field.
    Required Paperwork
• Current school year athletic physical
• UIL Steroid agreement
• UIL Acknowledgement of Rules
• UIL Concussion Form
• Wildcat Promise (last page of Athletic
• Student Travel Card (at equip. handout
  Aug 22 or first day of school.)
     Equipment Handout
•   August 22 from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m.
•   8th grade can begin at 3:00 p.m.
•   7th grade can begin at 4:30 p.m.
•   Must have Class Schedule and ALL
    athletic paperwork turned in to get
    any equipment.
Contact Information
• Kevin Hobbs
  –Office Phone Number -


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