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									                          Story Structure Worksheet
Film Title: When drawings come to life.

Author’s Name: Corrin Marjoribanks

Main Character’s Name: Charlie Williams

Main Conflict/Problem: a pencil is found and whatever is drawn comes to
life. A group of friends start to draw an evil spy when bored, the evil spy
comes to life and plans to trap the group of friends as they try to eraze the

                                     Beginning of the Story

The setting (time and place) of the story is…Set in West kings cafeteria, first
period, where a group are friends are on spare.

The main character/s involved are… a couple of friends Charlie, Barry and
the evil spy who is called Darwin.

                                      Middle of the Story

The main problem in this story is… The spy has come out of the drawing
and the friends are trying to get him back inside the paper and the only
way they can do that is by erasing the picture but the spy is causing
trouble around the school by hiding the paper in different places and by
doing so gets the friends in trouble, I,e in the principals back pocket, in the
school bullys locker and the ‘pretty popular girls’ hand bags.

Five key events in this story are:

1. the drawing coming to life.
2. the spy hiding the drawing in different places
3. the friends getting caught looking suspicious while trying to retrieve the
drawing from the principals pocket.
4.the spy grabs the drawing again and hides it in Cindy’s purse where the
friends get cought snooping through it.
5. They finally get the drawing and erase the spy away.

                                       End of the Story
The story come to a climax when… they do not know if they can get the
drawing from the girls purse without her looking, like a ticking time bomb.

The main problem is solved when… they finally get the drawing and erase
it just in time before the spy steals it again.

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