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					                              A Trip To Disneyland
        Do you remember your 1st time at Disneyland? It was the most wonderful place
I’ve ever been at and I will never forget about it, ever. First you will hear about my
memories at Disneyland, then about what I did while I was there, and finally about our
trip there and back. These are some of my most memorable experiences and I hope you
enjoy them as much as I did and still do.
        On our way to Disneyland, Mom, Dad Sister, Brother, Patti, Michelle, Miguel,
Breanna, Alexis, and me, stopped at Phoenix and planned to stay overnight to attend our
friends wedding. The wedding and the party were great, but the after party turned out to
be a total disaster. My mom’s rental car was totally crushed by some drunk in a van, so
she had to drive back here to Tucson to pick up a different car. We actually ended up
staying in Phoenix for about two days, instead of over night. One thing that I loved about
going to Disneyland was that when we were on the road, in the car, with our windows
down, the air was flowing through my hair like fingers, lots of little fingers combing out
my hair. I will never forget our encounter with the celebrity. Well, at least he looked like
Ja Rule. He was in a black dodge Durango, in the lane next to ours. He was wearing a
denim jacket and hat, he looked identical to Ja Rule, but even though I doubt it was, I like
thinking that it was really him.
        At Disneyland there were so many thing s and places to see, I didn’t even know
what to d. I guess you can say that I panicked. I can still remember the cries of excited
children, but what I remember the most is the different races I saw and the different
languages I heard. It was so cool because I got to play a role in one of detective Mickey
Mouse’s play. I was suspected of kidnapping/dog napping Pluto, when Pluto was
sleeping under a desk all along. The ride that I liked the most was Splash Mountain. We
went on round little boats and all I remember was the water that came out of nowhere,
getting us soaking wet, I got on it six times. I would get on, get soaking wet; wait for my
clothes to dry, and then get on again. This was absolutely a moment that I will never
        Our stay at California was awesome. Other then being able to go to either
Disneyland or California Adventures for two days, we also went to local parks and our
cool Hotel. I would say that the hotel stay was the most fun. We stayed at the Radisson
Hotel, which was only 5-10 minutes away from Disneyland, and we were staying in two
rooms. We could hear everything from our rooms, the people next door, and the people
above our rooms. We would travel back and forth from room to room and floor to floor,
it was great. We also went back and forth at Disneyland and California Adventures. After
we got bored on one ride or park, we’d move onto the next until we weren’t amused. And
when we got hungry we’d go to a pizza buffet place, they had really good pizza.
        These are some great memories and moments, most of all unforgettable and
joyous, I really hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did. Disneyland was a great
place for me and my family and friends, where did your unforgettable moments take
place? Don’t have any? Well then go make some, it’s easy.

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