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Professor Seth G. Neugroschl <SN23@columbia.edu>

Alfred Sallia Fawundu <asfawundu@gmail.com>

Nancy Asanga <nancy.asanga@undp.org>

Howard Katzman <hkatzman@sprintmail.com>

Dr. Pablo Pulido <pablopulido1@compuserve.com>

Dr. Harold P. Sjursen <hsjursen@duke.poly.edu>

Heikki Hallantie <heikki.hallantie@tkk.fi>

Dear Ed:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

Many thanks also for your invitation to Dr. Msiska’s following seminar at your school;

       “Capacity Crisis for Service Delivery in Southern Africa:
       Opportunity to Stabilize Societies with Information &
       Communications Technologies”

Yes, I will attend it — it sounds very interesting, indeed.

Dear Alfred:

(2) If you will still be in NYC area on 1/25th before going back to your home town, i.e.,
Freetown, Sierra Leone, you may attend this seminar — anyway, you may know Dr.

Visit “South Africa Capacity Initiative (SACI)” at <http://www.undp-saci.co.za/>, and
click “SACI Methodology: CODESURE” in the right column. This is a wonderful document
on capacity development

Dear Nancy:
(3) Welcome to New York!!

You may also attend this seminar. You may also meet Howard and his wife — BTW, you
may know her since she operated a radio station in Freetown, Sierra Leone with the UN

Dear Alfred and Nancy:

(4) Pls let me know the date, time and place of our mtg on 1/16th or 17th — our
Columbia University seminar will be postponed to 1/24th so that I can have ample time
on 17th.

Dear Pablo:

(5) Many thanks for your phone call the other day.

Many thanks also for your invitation to the workshop for the formation of telemedicine
group which is to be held in Morristown, New Jersey.

Pls let me know if I should attend the workshop on 1/25th also, in addition to the one on
1/26th (Friday).

If I should attend the one on 1/25th, I have to figure out how to get to Stevens Institute
of Technology in Hoboken, NJ from Morristown.

Dear Harold:

(6) You may also attend this seminar — you can also meet with Ed Friedman, too.

As I told you before, Ed was a good friend of President Jerry Hultin, while he was the
president of Stevens Institute of Technology, before he joined your university.

You can report about the seminar to Jerry.

(7) I shall wait to receive tomorrow the draft of your proposal for your Polytechnic
University (my alma mater) to participate in our Global University System project which
we discussed in your office on December 18th.

Dear Heikki:

(8) During the Workshop on Global University System & E-Learning at the TOBB
Economics and Technology University in Ankara, Turkey on October 19, 2006
<http://tinyurl.com/wy5xz>, you told me that you would expect to have a group of
delegates from prominent universities in South Africa to your Helsinki University of
Technology in the following weeks.

You then indicated me your willingness to introduce our GUS project to them for their
possible creation of GUS/South Africa.

I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell me more of their activities about it since then.

Dear E-Colleagues:

(9) Pls feel free to attend Dr. Msiska’s seminar at Stevens Institute of Technology in
Hoboken, New Jersey, if possible.
Best, Tak

                                       ATTACHMENT I

On 1/12/07 3:55 PM, "Edward A. Friedman" <friedman@stevens.edu> wrote:

>   From: "Edward A. Friedman" <friedman@stevens.edu>
>   Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 15:55:51 -0500
>   To: Seth Neugroschl <sn23@columbia.edu>, "Takeshi Utsumi Ph.D."
>   <utsumi@columbia.edu>
>   Cc: <Edward.Friedman@stevens.edu>
>   Subject: Seminar Announcement
>   Seth and Tak,
>   I will be engaged in meetings during the Week of January 22nd with
>   Dr. Roland Msiska.
>   He heads the UNDP SACI group in Johannesburg.
>   He is presenting a public lecture on Thursday evening January 25th at
>   6:30 with refreshments at 5:30
>   as per the attachment.
>   The Web site for the Southern Arrica Capacity Initiative (SACI) program is
>   http://www.undp-saci.co.za/
>   I was a speaker at their e-govenment workshop in Maseru in March 2006.
>   I hope that you will both be able to attend this event.
>   Please distribute the announcement to others whom you think might be
>   interested.
>   Seth - I received your phone message. Let's save a telephone
>   conversation to the week after
>   Dr. Msiska's visit.
>   With best regards,
>   -Ed

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Alfred Sallia Fawundu
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Nancy Asanga
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Howard Katzman
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Dr. Pablo Pulido
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