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Student Life Directorate - Accommodation Services

Visitor/Guest and Party Management Policy
Whilst we appreciate some students will want to bring friends back to their accommodation
we do ask they limit the number to 2 visitors, at any one time. It is our aim to create and
maintain a harmonious living environment for all residents and having the cooperation of all
residents will help us to achieve this.

All visitors and guests should register their details with reception or security by signing them
in/out of the visitor book. If they have a vehicle the details should also be registered upon
entrance to the site.

Overnight Guests
Accommodation Services understand that residents will have visitors and guests who will
wish to stay overnight. There is no problem if a friend occasionally shares your room
overnight; for a maximum of two consecutive nights in any 7 day period.

Residents MUST notify fellow residents/flatmates if they plan on having an overnight guest. If,
at any time, a fellow resident/flatmate objects, their feelings need to be taken into

Resident Responsibility
Visitors or guests may be required to leave the premises at any time at the discretion of
Resident Life Support Officer/Customer Service Officer where they are considered to be
conducting themselves in an improper manner, or causing disruption/disturbance to other

It is the responsibility of the resident that their visitor and guest are aware of fire evacuation
procedures at the site which is detailed on the fire action notice, and the resident handbook
within each accommodation.

Residents are responsible for the conduct of their visitors and guests at all times.
Consequently, if the guests are in breach of any regulation under the Accommodation
Services Acceptable Use Policy the resident may face the appropriate penalty or action.

Party Management
Accommodation Services understand that a student may occasionally want to have a social
gathering with a number of their friends, and whilst they may not always plan this in advance
we do encourage our residents to let us know so we can help to ensure that we comply with
all health and safety/fire safety regulations.

Therefore a resident planning to hold a party or invite a group of friends should let us know of
their plans and observe some simple advice that will mean everyone can enjoy their stay
whilst in the residences:

    1. Notify the site reception in advance of your intention to hold a party, and wherever
       possible provide a list of names (this will avoid any problems with the signing in of
       guests as we can advise security of this information).

    2. Not invite more than 20 guests as permission may not be granted for them all to
       access the site. Accommodation Services need to ensure that the accommodation is
       not overcrowded under the University Fire Safety Regulations.
    3. The person organising the party will be ultimately responsible for the volume of music,
       number of guests, behaviour of guests, damage and cleaning. If we don’t know who
       the organiser of the party is, it will be attributed to all of the residents in the house/flat
       that the party is in.

    4. Observe the Accommodation Services Policy on courtesy/quiet hours at all times.
       Permission should be sought to hold a party beyond the noise curfew hours of
       11:00p.m. Sunday – Thursday, and midnight on a Friday or Saturday.

    5. Notify housemates and neighbours that you are holding a party and the date.

A party may be ‘closed down’ where there are reports of problems regarding; noise,
overcrowding, complaints from other residents, damage and/or anti-social behaviour, or
where it is deemed necessary for safety reasons.

A party may be refused if there is a strong objection from other residents, as their feelings
need to be taken into consideration.

The instructions outlined above will also apply to a party or social gathering held outdoors.

Residents are not permitted fireworks or any other hazardous material or equipment. Anyone
found in use of them will be dealt with under the Accommodation Services Acceptable Use
Policy or the Student Disciplinary Procedure.

Accommodation Services are happy to provide assistance with the provision of additional
cleaning materials and extra refuse sacks to help you clean up after a party. We also
encourage residents to recycle as much of their paper, plastic, glass and cans in the recycle
bins provided.

If you experience any problems as a result of a party or other residents visitors do not hesitate
to contact the Resident Life Support Officer on 07816 318 845.

Resident Life Support Officers are available for you at the following times:

a) Weekday evenings & during the night : 5:00pm to 08:30am
b) 24 hours at weekends : Friday 5:00 pm through to Monday 08:30am
c) Also by e-mail :

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