Friends of the Pigeon District Library by j7K4385T


									                                      Friends of the Pigeon District Library
                                           Quarterly General Meeting
                                                  August 18, 2011

Call to Order by Colleen Forman- Date: August 18, 2011, 5:05 P.M.

    I. Attendance: Jeanette Bach, Colleen Forman, Kathy Kent, Shelly Gunden, Mary Dast, Sue Herford,
       Gwynne Barry.

   II. Reading of the May meeting minutes by: All present.
                      Motion: To accept the May meeting minutes.
                      Made by: Kathy Kent; Seconded by: Mary Dast. Motion carried.

  III. Officer Reports:
                Treasurer: The May 2011 through August 2011, report begins with a balance of $2,121.03.
                  Expenses totaled $838.16. Deposits totaled $1,447.60, with an ending balance of $2,730.47.
                        Motion: To accept the Treasurer’s report.
                        Made by: Jeanette Bach; Seconded by: Mary Dast. Motion carried.

  IV.    President: nothing
   V.    Vice President: nothing
  VI.    Secretary: nothing
 VII.    Committee Reports: nothing
 VIII.   Special Reports

  IX. Old Business:
              Farmers’ Festival Used Book Sale – Jeanette Bach reported that the used book sale was a
                 success once again this year... Colleen said most people came to the book sale early and the
                 flow of customers was steady until noon. Colleen suggested that we continue to close the
                 book sale at noon on the last day so the clean up time is complete by 2:00 P.M. Jeanette is
                 going to contact Tracy Potter to confirm the festival dates of July 19-21, 2012.
              Book Purse Auction – Richard Quinn of Caseville won the book purse raffle. The FOPDL
                 raised $30.00 during the auction. Shelly Gunden will send a thank you to the person that
                 donated the book purse.
              Independent Bank Accounts – Colleen Forman and Kathy Kent were added to the bank
                 accounts at Independent Bank.

   X. New Business:
             Overdrive “FuelYourMind Digital Collection.” - Jeanette Bach reported that the barcode
                testing has begun. The Pigeon District Library is scheduled to go live in September 2011. A
                link to the collection will be added to our library’s home page, to the right of our card catalog
                information. A library patron can access the site through the card catalog by typing the word
                “overdrive” in the keyword search window and then clicking on a book title and then our
                library’s name. One can also access the site by going to http://fuelyourmind.lib.overdrive and
                entering his/her library card number to login. An online video walks you through the site
                with a question and answer section. There are 15,000 titles in the combined libraries
                directory and currently 837 audio books and 351 e-books in the FuelYourMind Digital
                Collection. Both downloadable audio books and e-books are included in the collection and
                the Kindle should be compatible with the site in the late fall. The site works like a regular
               library – titles that are available can be added to your cart and checked out (for 14 days). For
               titles that are currently checked out, one can join the waiting list if six people or fewer are
               waiting for the book. You will be notified by e-mail when the title becomes available for you
               to check out. The item will be held for 4 days after OverDrive emails the patron a
               notice that the title is available. Jeanette reported that the library would like to advertise
               the new Overdrive program on the library web site and in the newspaper so our patrons are
               aware of this exciting new program. The library will not be billed for any services until we
               go live. Jeanette suggested that we demo the Overdrive web site at the next FOPDL meeting.
              Farmers’ Festival Quilt Show – Advertising in the View was $58.00 and the Huron Daily
               Tribune was $88.50. Jeanette asked if the FOPDL would pay $73.25of this advertising.
                    Motion: To pay half of the quilt show/book sale advertising.
                    Made by: Mary Dast; Seconded by: Gwynne Barry Motion carried.
              Renewal of ALTAFF (Association of Library Trustees, Advocates and Friends and
               Foundations) Membership dues of $50.00 were paid on 7/30/11
              State of Michigan licensing and regulatory fees for 2009 and 2011 for $40.00 were paid on

XI. Announcements:
           Diane Collins of the Huron County Writers Group (HAWG) is trying to get sponsors for a
             short story writing program in Huron County. Middle and High School students will compete
             for a cash prize. The HAWG group feels this type of program will encourage students to
             write. Diane would like to know if the FOPDL would be willing to co-sponsor this event.
             Because the project does not align with the objectives of the FOPDL, the FOPDL cannot co -
             sponsor this event.
           The next meeting is November 17th. Jeanette is going to check with Sheryl Wenskay to see
             if she would like to be in charge of the Christmas book sale again this year during Pigeon’s
             Holly Day Open House.
           Jeanette received a flier for custom library ornaments; it would be very nice to have one for
             the libraries 100th anniversary in 2013. All members gave a positive response and felt that the
             ornament would be a local keepsake that contained a bit of Pigeon history. Jeanette will look
             into this before the next meeting.

XII. Adjournment by Colleen Forman
                   Motion: For adjournment
                   Made by: Kathy Kent; Seconded by: Shelly Gunden. Motion: Carried
                   Meeting adjourned at 5:59P.M.

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