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									                                                             Toddler Activity Plan for Sensational Senses: Ears Hear
           SPECIAL ACTIVITIES         MONDAY                        TUESDAY                        WEDNESDAY                      THURSDAY                     FRIDAY

       Storytime: Be creative –       Title and Author:             Title and Author:              Title and Author:              Title and Author:            Title and Author:
       use energetic voice, props,
       music, etc.

       Language/Emergent                     Listen Up!                   My Ears, Your Ears             Do You Hear It?            Ears Can Hear a Story             Listen Up!
       Literacy: Books Alive; All     Use ears to listen to some      Discover that animals have   Listen to sounds all around     Children have fun filling   Use ears to listen to some
       About the World; Signs            fun music (pg. 17).           ears just like we do (pg.   the neighborhood (pg. 17).     wagons and moving food          fun music (pg. 17).
       and Symbols                                                                17).                                            around the room (pg. 17).
       (Small Group)
       Science and Math: I               Sounds All Around                      Plip Plop               Shake and Listen                   Big Ears                 Shake and Listen
       Wonder…;Think Math;               Make noise (pg. 18).          Drop things in water and    Shake different materials       Wear paper cups on the      Shake different materials
       Mixin’ and Fixin                                                listen to the sounds (pg.    in cans and listen to the      ears to manipulate the       in cans and listen to the
       (Small Group)                                                               18).            different sounds (pg. 18).     sense of hearing (pg. 18).   different sounds (pg. 18).

       Creative Expression:                    Noisy Art                     Musical Art                Marching Band                     Musical Art               Marching Band
       Artful Explorations; All the    Create interesting sounds       Paint to music (pg. 19).      March in a band while          Paint to music (pg. 19).     March in a band while
       World’s a Stage                   by using textures as a                                         playing rhythm                                              playing rhythm
       (Small Group)                    canvas (Discovery-t-Go,                                      instruments (pg. 19).                                       instruments (pg. 19).
                                                pg. 19).
       Physical Health and               Bubble Wrap Dancing               Safety Sounds              Taking Care of Ears             Dress-Up Sounds            Bubble Wrap Dancing
       Development: It’s Good         Dance on bubble wrap and        Explore ways to keep our     Encourage children to take     Try on clothes and notice    Dance on bubble wrap and
       For Me; Movin’ and             see what happens (pg. 20).         ears safe (pg. 20).       good care of their ears (pg.   the sounds that fasteners    see what happens (pg. 20).
       Groovin’                                                                                               20).                      make (pg. 20).
       (Indoors or Outdoors)

                                       Skill: Gross Motor Skills        Skill: Self-Regulation       Skill: Health Practices        Skill: Fine Motor Skills    Skill: Gross Motor Skills
       Social/Emotional: You and             Favorite Songs                  Noisy Blocks                Knock It Down                    Diaper Tunes                 Noisy Blocks
       Me; You, Me, and the             Explore hearing while          Join friends to play with    Have noisy fun playing a       Have some one-to-one         Join friends to play with
       Community; Taking Care of      singing familiar tunes (pg.        noisy blocks (pg. 21).    game with friends (pg. 21).    learning during diapering       noisy blocks (pg. 21).
       Me                                         21).                                                                                    time (pg. 15).
       (Small Group)

Week of:                                                  Teachers:                                                                                                   Revised June 2012
                                       Region One Weekly Classroom Enhancement Plan - Toddlers
                        Planning Daily Individualized Challenges for young children and promoting a secure environment to explore and learn!

                                                                Topic     Sensational Senses             Sub-topic Ears Hear

  Toys and Manipulatives (Children will practice                    Dramatic Play (Children will explore these new props this           Science/Discovery (This discovery project will be
  playing and caring for these new materials.) plush animals        week.) group stroller or wagons, rhythm instruments, dress          offered to children.)
  with ears, toys that make music or other sounds, plastic coffee   up clothes with a variety of fasteners, noisy blocks (clean juice
  cans, metal mixing bowls, wooden and plastic spoons, wooden       cartons, show boxes, cereal boxes, etc.), noisy pins (partially     Plip Plop:
  and foam blocks, paper cups with bottoms removed, soft and        fill potato chip cans with various materials), music box or         Drop things in water and listen to the sounds.
  hard objects to shake in cans, bubble wrap, whistle               musical toy

  Art (Children can be creative with these materials.)              Library (These new theme-related books will be added to             Sensory
                                                                    our library this week.)
  Assorted pieces of textured surfaces, assorted paints and                                                                              Add assorted items to the water table to drop into water
  paintbrushes, tape,                                                                                                                   (jar lid, spoon, ball, feather, etc.).

  Naptime/Diapering/Routines:                                       Music and Movement (Children will dance and sing                    Outdoor Play (Children will play and exercise
                                                                    with these new experiences.)                                        vigorously each day.)
  Recite new poems learned in this topic:
                                                                    Dance on bubble wrap while listening to music.                      Jump on bubble wrap, hop

  Skill-based Transitions                                           Family/Community Involvement (Parents can                           Display (Look for these changes to our walls/bulletin
                                                                    help – here is an idea.)                                            boards.)

Week of:                                                 Teachers:                                                                                                       Revised June 2012
Week of:   Teachers:   Revised June 2012

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