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					                                    Library Media Student Aide – Job Description

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Job Description:
    Students may request to be or may be selected to be library/media aides. Students are trained to provide clerical
       assistance such as stamping books, shelving books, recovering books and making other minor repairs. Other
       duties that student aides may perform are left to the discretion of the individual librarians. Some library media
       specialists may choose to allow students to work at the circulation desk, checking materials in and out. In
       addition, student aides are NOT allowed to collect fines or engage in any other monetary transactions.
    Students are asked to keep patron records private. It is a violation of the Privacy Act to share circulation
       information with others.
    Students need to be aware that they are working and many times other classes with their friends may come
       in. It is not appropriate to sit and visit with your friends – they have an assignment to do and you have a
       job to do. There is a fine line to be walked here. Many teachers are offended if they feel the library aides
       are distracting to their class/students.
    Student library aides are most often assigned jobs dealing with the circulation of books and other materials. These
       include shelving materials, stamping ownership, and working at the circulation desk.
    Housekeeping and room arrangement tasks are the second most frequently assigned jobs. These entail
       duties such as keeping books upright and in order on the shelves, arranging tables and chairs, dusting, and
       putting away supplies or picking up trash.
    Students are often asked to prepare bulletin boards, posters, and set up displays to provide publicity for the library
       media center
Any job assigned by the librarian and specifically including the following:
    Scheduling the use of equipment
    Assisting with inventory and weeding procedures
    Filling teacher requests for media
    Assisting the LMC publicity
    Shelving media and keeping shelves in order
    Assisting with overdue, lost, and damaged media
    Circulation duties
    Maintain an attractive appearance of the LMC
    Operate library computer management system
    Operate various software programs (CD-ROMS, word processing)
    Work with students to maintain an orderly atmosphere.
As Needed Daily:
    Check Out/Check-In Books
    Shelve books
    Straighten shelves
    Process books
Other Assignments:
    Help stock concession stands
    Help office staff
    Basic technology help
Housekeeping Tasks
    Water plants – make sure they are not too wet (check with your fingers)
    With a damp rag – gently wipe off the leaves of the plants. Remove old dead leaves
    Dust all shelves – pull books forward (lined up on the front edge neatly).
    Vacuum along the window edges and along the bottom shelves of the library.
    Dust and/or vacuum underneath the all of the library furniture.
    Move objects as needed by librarian

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