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									            GUARDBRIDGE GAZETTE
                                                                                                     March 2011

                  Another busy term at Guardbridge        Milk, Meals & Breakfast
                  School is nearing completion and we
                                                          Following price increases on 1 April, the
                  are all looking forward to the Spring
                                                          costs are as follows:
                                                          Milk:              £0.17 daily (£0.85 per week)
                                                          Meals:             £1.70 daily (£8.50 per week)
Hello and Goodbye                                         Breakfast:         £0.48
This term Aiden Pocha joined Primary 4 and has quickly    The envelopes containing weekly money for school
adapted to life at Guardbridge School. We are             meals, milk and breakfast club will continue to be
delighted to welcome Aiden and his family and look        collected on Mondays as usual.
forward to getting to know them.                          Vehicles
We have also said farewell to Kieran, Tiegan, Chloe,
                                                          Thank you for your co-operation when
Andrew and Georgina and wish them all well at their new
                                                          parking in Innerbridge Street and the
                                                          surrounding area, and when turning off the
Visits and Visitors                                       main road. Please continue to take care not
We have been lucky enough to have several visitors        to block driveways and garages belonging to our
again this term including:                                neighbours and to slow down where many of our pupils
 Stuart Foggo, pipe band drumming instructor             cross.
 Toni Russell, clarsach instructor                       Eco Committee
 Julia Complin, weaver
                                                                            Changes to the Green Flag Award
 Tom Weanie, Secret Food Mission
                                                                            scheme are afoot and in the future
 Christine Winstanley, volunteer
                                                                            flags will be awarded every two years
 Emma Bousie, work experience student
                                                                            after study of three specific areas.
 Gemma Sanderson, student
                                                                            This year we are continuing to look at
 Gillian Fyfe, RSPB
                                                                            all nine areas and our focus this term
 Jenna Hunter, dance taster instructor
                                                                            was Global Citizenship, Health &
 Dundee United Community Footballers
                                                                            Wellbeing, Waste Minimisation – we
 Sepa Team, High & Dry presentation
                                                          raised £112 from the Clothing Bin in School Grounds.
 NHS/Adam Smith College, Best Project
Pupils have also been out of school at the following      Global Citizenship Week
events:                                                   From 7 – 11 February our pupils held a week
 BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Multi Media             of activities to raise awareness of global
  Concert at City Halls, Glasgow (P5-7)                   citizenship, and compared their lives with
 Burns Competition at Rothes Halls                       the lives of children in other parts of the
                                                          world. The week culminated in a Fairtrade
Fundraising                                               Café and the pupils’ work also formed part of
The purpose of our Non-uniform Days is to
                                                          a Global Citizenship exhibition at Madras College.
raise money either for School or for the
many charities we try to support. If your                 Parent Council
child chooses to come out of uniform please send a        The Parent Council held a very enjoyable evening on
small donation. We suggest 50p, but gratefully accept     Tuesday 22 March in aid of funds. A representative
any amount above this. Our Non-uniform Day in             from “My Secret Garden” demonstrated their cooking
January raised £25 for Guide Dogs and in February we      products and provided lots of yummy tasters. A raffle
raised £17.55 for school funds. We were delighted to      was held and this raised £49. Sales secured a hamper
send a cheque for £25 to UNICEF following our             of goodies in commission. This is to be raffled next
Fairtrade Café in the Hall during Global Citizenship      term to further increase the monies raised.
week. In addition, school supported Red Nose Day on       The Parent Council are supporting Easter events with
18 March and were pleased to be able to send a            the generous donations and hope to work with school
donation of £100 to Comic Relief.                         next term developing the new garden.
Your support in all of these ventures is greatly
                                                                                                        March 2011

Parent Helpers                                                             As always, our advice is that girls with
Sincere thanks to Mrs Miller and Mrs Milne who have
                                                                           longer hair should keep it tied back
made an excellent job of refurbishing the School
                                                                           whenever possible and that wet combing
library – this is to be officially opened next term; to
                                                                           the hair regularly will aid early
Mrs Burt who has helped with musical accompaniments
                                                                           detection. Any instances of headlice
and to Mrs Kent who came along to help with face
                                                             should be reported to school.
painting on Red Nose Day. Mrs Muir continues to chair
the Parent Council and our thanks go to her and all the      Congratulations
Council members who support the work of the school.
                                                             Congratulations to all our pupils for the hard work and
Pupil Council                                                effort they have demonstrated this term. In particular:
Plans are progressing well for the new garden and            Workers of the Week (Successful Learners and
playground. Work will begin in earnest once the Hut          Confident Individuals) - Chloe Forbes, Sarah-Jane
goes!                                                        Watson, Emily Daykin, Lily Miller, Craig Burt, Keir
The planter outside the Infant extension is now filled       Dillon, Abigail Cousins, Louis Daykin, Emily Kennedy,
and family planters are gradually appearing planted out      Leanne Kinnear, Kayleigh Cuthbert, Aiden Pocha, Emily
for Spring and Summer.                                       Kent, Millie Reilly, Charlie Hunt
Scottish Afternoon                                           Starwriters (Succesful Learners) – Leanne Kinnear,
Unfortunately the snow at the end of                         Shannon Simms, Louis Daykin ,Emily Kent, Ross Martin,
November prevented us from hosting our                       Emily Daykin, Abigail Cousins, Keir Dillon
Scottish Afternoon on St Andrews Day but                     Special Mentions (Effective
we held the event on 28 January and                          Contributors) – Katie Leech, Chloe Forbes,
parents, carers and friends experienced                      Lily Miller, Kyle Milne, Emily Kennedy, Ross
an enjoyable afternoon of Scottish                           Martin, Joe Ruickbie, Callum Symms, Cyrus
poetry, song and dance. Winners of the Burns Poetry          Lukaszewski, Abigail Cousins, Charlie Hunt,
Reciting Competition were:                                   Kayleigh Cuthbert, Emily Daykin
Primary 4 – Abigail Cousins & Cyrus Lukaszewski              Good Citizens (Responsible Citizens) – Sean
Primary 5 – Chloe Forbes                                     Cuthbert, Sarah-Jane Watson, Lily Miller, Niamh
Primary 6 – Craig Burt                                       Snedden, Abigail Cousins, Lydia McCullough, Louis
Primary 7 – Ross Martin                                      Daykin, Emily Daykin, Chloe Forbes, Peter McCullough,
Chloe and Craig then went on to represent the school at      Patrick McCullough, Charlie Hunt, Joe Ruickbie, Emily
the Fife Burns Competition. They did the school proud        Kennedy
and enjoyed the experience of performing in front of
other schools.
                                                             House Teams
                                                                       Motray organised a Dodgeball Competition in
Night at the Movies Premiere                                              February – this was so successful that
               All pupils this term have studied the topic                  School now has an Inter House Dodgeball
                “Night at the Movies”. This has been an                     League and teams play every Friday.
                I.C.T. based topic and the pupils have                      Eden are hosting a Quiz on Friday 1 April
               worked in groups preparing short                             and Seggie are running the Easter Egg
             animations. These activities involved writing   Hunt in the School & Community Garden on Monday 25
a script, designing sets, creating characters and filming.   April.
Parents/Carers and friends will be invited to the            Captains continue to nominate team mates who have
Premieres next term. Watch out for your invitation and       made a contribution to the team on a weekly basis.
join us for this glittering event.
                                                                                                 March 2011

Absence & Lateness                                       Diary Dates
In the event of absence, please remember to notify
                                                         Finally, here are some diary dates for next term.
the school by telephone on the day of absence
                                                         More details of many of the events will follow:
and to send a note explaining the absence when
your child returns. If this procedure is not
                                                         Tuesday 19 April – Tuesday 28 June
adhered to we are obliged to treat the absence as
                                                         Swimming for Primaries 5, 6 and 7
      unauthorised. If your child is to be late for
                                                         Thursday 21 April
      any reason, again please notify the school as
                                                         Decorated Egg Competition & Easter Assembly
     soon as possible. This is vital if your child
   requires a school meal at lunchtime as we have to     Friday 22 April
advise the kitchen of our numbers first thing each       Holiday for Good Friday
morning.                                                 Thursday 28 April
                                                         Non-uniform Day
Easter Arrangements
                                                         Friday 29 April
The Decorated Egg Competition will take place on
                                                         Holiday for Royal Wedding
Thursday 21 April. Pupils should bring their
                                                         Monday 2 May
eggs to school in the morning for judging.
The winners will be announced at the
Easter Assembly in the afternoon. All                    Friday 27 May
parents/carers and friends are invited to                Non-uniform Day
the Assembly which begins at 2.00p.m.                    Monday 6 June
An Easter Egg Hunt will take place in the School &       Holiday
Community garden on Monday 25 April between              Tuesday 7 June
2.00p.m. and 3.00p.m. Again all are welcome to join in   In-Service Day
the fun!                                                 Tuesday 7 – Friday 10 June
Thanks                                                   P7 pupils to Ardroy
As always grateful thanks are extended to all            Wednesday 15 & Thursday 16 June
parents/carers, friends, staff and of course, pupils     Parent Interviews
who make Guardbridge Primary School such a special       Tuesday 14 or Wednesday 15 June
place!                                                   P7 Enterprise Events at Madras
                                                         Thursday 16 & Friday 17 June
Freedom of Information
                                                         P7 visits to Madras
If anyone has any enquiries under the Freedom of
                                                         Monday 20 June
Information Act during the Christmas break they
                                                         P7 Parent’s Evening at Madras
should e-mail or
telephone the East & Levenmouth Area                     Thursday 23 June
Education Office on 01334 659362.                        Sports Day for whole school
                                                         Friday 24 June
                                                         Leavers Assembly at 2pm
                                                         Friday 1 July
                                                         Last Day of Summer Term.
                                                         School closes at 12.30pm

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