�Friends of Judson� Celebrate Graduating Seminarians by R8VDq9


									“Friends of Judson” Celebrate Graduating Seminarians

In early April the “Friends of Judson” library, a collection of eight Judson Press titles
related to historic Baptist thought and contemporary Christian ministry, will be mailed to
each of 80 graduating American Baptist seminarians to recognize their academic efforts
and accomplishments, and to provide them with further denominational support.

The titles in the “Friends of Judson” library are:
   A New Baptist Church Manual
   Baptism Ahead
   Down by the Riverside
   Down by the Riverside – Study Guide
   The New Life
   The Work of the Bivocational Minister
   The Work of the Chaplain
   The Work of the Pastor

The “Friends of Judson” are American Baptist churches, individuals and national staff
who began a fund in 2009 to provide resources for future Baptist leaders. The launch of
the fund commemorated 400 years of Baptist witness worldwide and 185 years of
publishing ministry through Judson Press. Supporters of the fund to date are listed online
at www.friendsofjudson.org or via www.judsonpress.com.

Laura Alden, publisher of Judson Press, said, “Our hope is to continue to accrue funds
and present the library to American Baptist seminarians for many years to come.”

Founded in 1824, Judson Press publishes Christ-centered leadership resources for the
transformation of persons, congregations, communities and cultures.

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