11 October Newsletter by R8VDq9


									   Past Events:                                                                            WEB BASED SOLUTIONS : Children within the school
  Slieve Gullion Walk: P6 / R6 enjoyed a walk up Slieve Gullion last week .
                                                                                          have access to a number of web based solutions. We have
                                                                                          bought into these solutions because results and studies
  By all accounts it was a very enjoyable event. This was funded as part of our
                                                                                          have shown that when used regularly they help to raise
  Extended Schools programme.
                                                                                          standards in literacy and numeracy.
  Library Visit: R4/5 enjoyed a visit to the Library last week . Some other classes        Lexia is an online reading program to encourage reading
  will also get an opportunity to visit but please sign your child up if not already a    skills. (Years 1-7 have their own User Name ( No
  member                                                                                  password) but send email to school requesting school user
                                                                                           Mathletics is an online numeracy program which
 Football.                                   Dinners: Please ensure that all dinner       encourages improvements in numeracy. (Years 3-7 have
Year 6 and 7 children participated
  .                                          money/ after schools money is paid on a
in a recent football blitz in
                                                                                          their own User Name and Password.
Cullyhanna. There were great
                                             weekly basis. Thank you.                      Rosetta Stone is an online language learning program
performances from all of the girls                                                        which helps individuals learn a foreign language. (Send
and boys involved                               Webtext: Please make sure that the        email to school requesting an User Name and Password.)
                                              school has an up to date mobile number      Superclubs (an online learning environment for Years 3-7
                                              that we contact with through our webtext    which allows children to develop personal websites and
   INCAS: Older children will                 service/
                                                                                          communicate with other members in a safe environment).
   shortly be attempting their
   online assessments in literacy                                                         Links for all of these can be found on the school website
   and numeracy. .                            Credit Union : A reminder that the          www.stpatrickscrossmaglen.com
                                             Credit Union come to school every            E mail is mmadine527@c2kni.net
                                             Thursday . This allows children to
Dissolving Boundaries: This                  develop a good habit of saving
                                                                                          Pupil Records Data Collection Sheets: Please complete and return as
year sees P6 again embark on a               money. It’s important to have
distance learning project with                                                           soon as possible. Thank You
                                             parental permission.
Presentation Primary School
Tralee. This will involve the                                                            Uniform                               Teacher-Parent
children communicating with                                                               Children change for PE as            Meetings: These meetings
each other through ICT,                                                                  required by Dept . of                 will take place on Wed 2nd
videoconferencing and a Face to              Labelling: Please make sure                 Education guidance .It
                                                                                                                               Nov . Arrangements will be
Face visit later in the year.                all items of clothing have                  encourages independence and
                                                                                                                               the same as last year with
                                             your child’s name on it.                    develops awareness of the
                                                                                         importance of personal                parents/carers having the
 Comhaltas: The school is                                                                hygiene                               opportunity to make a
now very busy on a Tuesday                                                                                                     appointment on the
evening with the local                        Cash for Clobber: Please send in            Camogie : Coaching continues         appointment boards which
Comhaltas group on site.It is                plastic bags containing clothes, bed        on Friday afternoons 2-3pm for        will be placed at the school
great to see so many present,                linen, curtains, towels, shoes and bags.    Years 5-7. Congratulations to our     gates (or inside if wet) in the
and indeed,past pupils being                 The Eco Group will use these monies         pupils who were involved in the       upcoming weeks.
involved.                                    to help fund their programme this year.     recent victory in the U-12 camogie
Dear Parents/Carers                                                              Newsletter                            October 2011
As we enter the season of autumn most children have now settled in to the        St Patrick’s Primary School
                                                                                 Gaelscoil Phádraig Naofa
school year.
                                                                                 St Patrick’s Nursery School
 Many thanks to all of you who came along to the various meetings
(Phonics Workshop, Rang 1 and Primary 1 Meetings and the Information             54 Carran Rd
Evening) held earlier this month. The turnout was very pleasing and we           Crossmaglen
hope you find the information offered of use.                                    Newry
                                                                                 BT35 9IL
October is the month of the Rosary. We shall be acknowledging the
importance of the Rosary and the Mysteries in school. Please spend some
                                                                                 Tel: 028 30 861 667
time sharing this with your children at home.
                                                                                 Fax: 028 30 868 997
The results from the short audit held in the first term were very positive       E-mail: info@stpatricksps.crossmaglen.ni.sch.uk
with the majority of responses very supportive of what we are doing within               mmadine527@c2kni.net
our school. Over 95% responses felt that all children should finish school       Web Site: www.stpatrickscrossmaglen.com
at 2pm on a Friday. Governors have agreed to this at a recent meeting              School Closures
and the change will come into effect after the Halloween break. Another            Holidays
highlight from the audit was the very positive view of the After School Club       31st Oct and 1st Nov (Feast of All Saints-Holyday)
                                                                                    2nd Nov –Pupil parent interviews
in the Youth Club. Many thanks to all the individuals involved in this
                                                                                   October Diary
programme.                                                                          3rd Mon @730pm :Numeracy Workshop for parents of P4 and R4
                                                                                              @915am: Meeting of Friends of the School Association
Over time, and for a variety of reasons most schools tend to lose valuable
                                                                                    7th First Friday Mass in St Patrick’s Church @10am
members of their Friends of the School Association. We are no different             10th Mon: Swimming P6/R6
and we are now in the situation where our Friends Association needs new            18th Tue: Library visit for P4
members. The role of the association is wide and varied and amongst its            19th Wed: Moving on Music Performance for P4,P5 and R4/R5
roles includes fund raising, organising events, catering for special               24th Mon Swimming P6/R6
                                                                                   26th Wed: P7/R7 Our World Seminar (in school)
celebrations and providing additional opportunities for our children. We           27th Thu: Children are invited to wear Hallowe’en costume to celebrate the time
shall be sending out a letter shortly outlining the role of the Association in     of year ; the school will be organizing seasonal activities and there will be no
more detail and canvassing you to see if individuals are interested in             After School Youth Club on Thursday.
joining the committee or lending their support in various ways.                    28th Fri :Representatives of Eco Committee invited to Newry Council for a
                                                                                   Reception in Council Chambers in recognition of being awarded a Green Flag
We intend offering children the opportunity of buying the fresh fruit packs        31st Mon: Mid Term Break
that were on sale from Orchard Fruits in the summer term. Packs will cost           November
50p with a choice of apple, grape and apple/grape mix. They will be                1st Tue: Mid Term Break
                                                                                   2nd Wed: Parent progress meetings (school closed for pupils)
available from next week.                                                          Best wishes to the Rangers in their upcoming Championship Final. Children can
Enjoy the season of autumn.                                                        wear their Rangers jersey (or other GAA jersey) to school on Friday 14th
                                                                                   October to celebrate this event.


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